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15 BEST Restaurants in Cancun, Mexico

15 BEST Restaurants in Cancun, Mexico

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Cancun is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with sooo much to see and do. I mean, with gorgeous beaches, stunning ocean, and the weather being superb for most of the year, it’s hard to find something to dislike! The lively ‘only-in-Cancun’ atmosphere and the highly hospitable locals are the garnish on top of Cancun’s awesome vibe.

Speaking of food, the restaurant scene in Cancun is on a whole new level! In both the downtown core and Cancun Hotel Zone, you’ll find a selection of world-class restaurants to choose from.

There is a huge variety of restaurants in Cancun offering exquisite Mexican cuisine, as well as many others that bring in international cultures and culinary skills and fuse them with Mexican dishes. The result? Some of the best dishes you will ever try!  

Being spoiled for choice, it’s only natural that you’d be wondering where to start. So, look no further; here are some of the best restaurants in Cancun that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Don’t have time to read the full article? We had such an amazing time at Mextreme. The authentic dishes combined with a live mariachi band made this a night to remember. I highly recommend the Aztec soup – it’s so rich and flavorful, and truly unique to Mexico. But if one place doesn’t cut it, you can’t go wrong with a food tour like this 5-stop taco tour which includes transportation and is sure to make your heart and stomach happy.

The BEST Restaurants in Cancun 

1. Divina Carne  

Meals plated and meat on a stick at Divina Carne Cancun
Photo credit: Divina Carne
Wine and meat at Divina Carne Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Divina Carne
  • Location: Divina Carne – A short drive from Kukulkan Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$$
  • Come here for: The best variety of meat and exceptional fine dining 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

A 5-star meat-eating experience like no other! Divina Carne is a Brazilian restaurant in Cancun specializing in high-quality cuts of meat and preparing them to perfection. The ambiance and décor are everything you expect from a high-end establishment.  

Dan and I were blown away by the Divina Bar, which offers an extensive selection of salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, hot and cold dishes, cheeses, and superb cold cuts.  

The expertly prepared food kept coming with a flip of our card from red to green. Every mouthful was nothing short of amazing, although my tip though would be to save space for dessert! There is such a huge range to choose from, and it’d be a shame to fill up too much beforehand.

Don’t forget to wash your meal down with a glass of fine wine to complete your 5-star culinary experience. The service is top-notch, and the staff were professional and friendly. Without a doubt, Divina Carne is one of the best restaurants in Cancun! 

See the menu here!

2. KAI  

Sushi from KAI in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Kai Cancún
  • Location: KAI – Kukulcan/Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$
  • Come here for: Exceptional Japanese fusion dining, sushi, and seafood 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

KAI has taken Japanese fusion cuisine to the next level! The stylish and authentic décor is met with a friendly atmosphere and exceptional service. Their menu is just incredible, you’ll definitely need to visit this restaurant in Cancun more than once.  

The sushi bar team is expertly trained in preparing the salmon cuts just right. Your favorites are sure to be on the menu. However, there are some epic fusion pieces to try. As you’d expect, each sushi piece is fresh and melts in your mouth.  

The entrées options are vast, so this is a good chance to try a couple of them. The Tempura Red Snapper and Amazu Lobster were delicious! I savored every mouthful of my Josper Grilled Salmon main dish, and the wasabi-infused vinaigrette was the perfect finishing touch for this dish.  

Dan opted for their signature Wagyu New York steak. It was grilled to perfection and truly scrumptious.  

The dessert menu is also nothing short of decadent. I ordered the Double Chocolate Almond Cake, and Dan couldn’t refuse the Chocolate Fondant. Just the right amount of sweetness to complete our dining experience.  

If you are looking for exceptional Japanese fusion food in Cancun. This is your spot! 

See the menu here!

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3. Harry’s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar

A T-Bone steak at Harry's Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar
How good does that T-Bone look? Photo credit: Harry’s Prime Steakhouse
  • Location: Harry’s – The Cancun Hotel Zone, not far from Playa San Miguelito
  • Price range: $$$
  • Come here for: The steak!
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

If you’re in the mood for a delicious steak, look no further than Harry’s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar. This upscale restaurant is located in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone and offers a variety of steak cuts, as well as seafood, pasta, and vegetarian dishes.

The steaks at Harry’s are some of the best in Mexico, and they’re cooked to perfection. Whether you like your steak rare, medium, or well-done, you’re sure to enjoy every bite.

In addition to the great food, Harry’s also has an extensive wine list and a beautiful outdoor patio. It’s the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends and is easily one of the best restaurants in Cancun.

See the menu here!

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4. Tora Cancún  

Sunset and view of the ocean at Tora Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Tora Cancun
Sushi at Tora Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Tora Cancun
  • Location: Tora Cancun – Hotel Zone  
  • Price range: $$$
  • Come here for: Contemporary Japanese cuisine, sushi, and seafood 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

This incredible restaurant in Cancun brings traditional elements of Japanese culture and fine dining together beautifully. Tora Cancun’s location is breathtaking, with an option to sit on a tastefully decorated multi-level deck! Extreme passion and talent are present in every plated meal, and my favorite part of this restaurant was their meal presentation.  

Their menu offers exclusive products, including Kaluga Queen Caviar and Blue Eye Tuna. The star of the menu must be the Ora King Salmon. This salmon is considered the finest in the world, and I was so keen to try that! The list also includes U2 tiger shrimp, Alaskan King Crab, and lobster. This selection has placed Tora as one of the best restaurants (and a personal favorite) in Cancun serving fish and seafood.  

Dan and I started our evening with some mouth-watering sushi. The Ora King Salmon main dish was fresh and every bit as good as it was said to be. Dan ordered the Bento Box for his main. This Tora signature dish is an assortment of fish and other delicious menu items, a great way to try a variety of their scrumptious delicacies.  

The “Over The Top Sundae” was an ideal dessert to share. Treat yourself to a traditional Sake to wake up your senses.  

The atmosphere is upbeat with dinner and a spectacular show, and the service was top-notch too!

See the menu here!

5. Porfirio’s Cancún  

Pulled pork sandwich from Porfirio’s in Cancún, Mexico
Photo credit: Porfirio’s Restaurante (Cancún)
  • Location: Porfirio’s – Kukulcan/Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$
  • Come here for: The flavors of Mexico in a fine dining experience 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

Porfirio’s Cancun has fused deep-rooted Mexican culinary tradition and flavors into an exceptional contemporary fine dining experience. The location and décor style is nothing short of magical! Porfirio’s also has an upbeat and party-feel atmosphere – ideal for a fun night out. On top of that, the service is professional and 5-star! 

Their menu offers all the spicy deliciousness you expect from Mexican food in Cancun. The Appetizer Guacamole Bar has a pretty impressive selection of infused choices. We tried out the “Crispy Pork Rings” option. Very yummy! The Cheese Stuffed Poblano Chili was my main dish choice. Now I’d rather not say “I stuffed my face,” however, I may have, as it was really delicious.  

Dan relished every bit of his Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork Sandwich. Packed with chili and exceptional flavor. The Ice Cream sampling was presented in a miniature traditional ice cream cart. I loved this presentation idea, and the ice cream assortment was spectacular.

On the whole, choosing to eat at this restaurant in Cancun takes your palate to every corner of Mexico! 

See the menu here!

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6. Taqueria Los Coapenitos

a plate of tacos from Taqueria Los Coapenitos in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Taqueria Coapeñitos
  • Location: Taqueria Los Coapenitos – Downtown Cancun
  • Price range: $
  • Come here for: Authentic Mexican tacos!
  • Takes reservations: No

An awesome streetside restaurant you simply have to check out in downtown Cancun is Taqueria Los Coapenitos! The seating is pretty limited, so I’d recommend eating here outside the busy rush times. There are various taco options to choose from, with some fantastic combinations. These might just be the best tacos in Cancun! 

Dan and I were immediately drawn to the Coapenito tacos. A flavor burst of steak and chorizo topped with pico de gallo, avocado, and ground pork rind. Mouthwatering, right? They have a superb selection of beer, which cooled us down while we loaded our tacos with homemade hot sauce. 

Their menu includes suadero, pastor, coateno, lengua, tripa, and arrachera. Basically, every type of taco you could want! Each taco is expertly prepared and bursting at the seams with exceptional Mexican flavors.  

This restaurant is a must-visit for taco fans for some of the best street-style Cancun Mexican food! In addition, the ambiance is warm, with some chilled background music. Only matched with the friendly Cancun service. 

7. CAO De Tierra Y De Mar

Eat a hearty meal at CAO De Tierra Y De Mar in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: CAO Modern Mexican Kitchen
  • Location: CAO – Puerto Cancun (near the Marina)
  • Price range: $$$
  • Come here for: Upscale Mexican food
  • Takes reservations: Yes

CAO De Tierra Y De Mar is all about exquisite fine dining in Marina Puerto Cancun! One step inside, and you’ll be transported to a classy and stylish restaurant with a beautiful view of the marina. This restaurant draws inspiration from North Mexican cuisine, including all your favorites with an added twist!  

I ordered the Tuna Guacamole for my starter, and Dan opted for the Mamucas “Ramos” Guacamole with a handmade pork rind. Really tasty!  

For our mains, we wanted to try something unique, so I opted for the Salmón a la Parrilla, which is something you don’t often see on a Mexican menu. It was served with a cheese sauce which was fantastic and full of Mexican flavors. Dan ordered the Pulpo a las Brasas which is delicious grilled octopus. It was seasoned perfectly and so tender! 

This place certainly adds a fine touch to the food, and you can tell there are some seriously skilled chefs behind this restaurant. 

We didn’t opt for dessert because CAO De Tierra Y De Mar isn’t the cheapest restaurant to visit. However, the excellent food is matched with brilliant service. Plus, the ambiance is so warm and friendly!

See the menu here!

8. Bacoli Trattoria 

Dining area at Bacoli Tratoria in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Restaurante Bacoli
  • Location: Bacoli Trattoria – Hotel Zone (Emporio Hotel
  • Price range: $$
  • Come here for: Italian, Mediterranean, Sicilian, and Southern Italian 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

Bacoli Trattoria is an authentic Italian Restaurant in Cancun and is located in the Emporio Hotel. It’s like a little bit of Italy right in the Hotel Zone of Cancun! The décor oozes classic Italian appeal and the distinctly recognizable red and white checked tablecloths we know and love.

Now, let’s discuss food! In true Italian style, you can expect an excellent variety of appetizers, pasta, pizza, salads, and desserts. My eye was on the seafood pasta, which was very scrummy. Dan loves tasty cannelloni. The recommended spinach and ricotta cheese option was hearty and delicious.  

Bacoli Trattoria offers a vast selection of fine wine, too. Our choice of a Merlot was a good one! 

For dessert, the infamous Tiramisu is a must. Layers of sweet Italian excellence in each mouthful.

The staff and service are both exceptional. The Manager and staff are all on the ball and made our Italian food in Cancun experience extra special – deciding where to eat in Cancun just became a little easier! 

See the menu here!

9. Puerto Madero Cancún  

Seafood dish at Puerto Madero Cancún  
Photo credit: Puerto Madero Cancún  
Puerto Madero Cancún lamb dish with mash potatoes
Photo credit: Puerto Madero Cancún
  • Location: Puerto Madero – Kukulcan, Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$$
  • Come here for: Contemporary seafood and steak grill 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

Puerto Madero restaurant in Cancun has a superb selection of seafood, and the Carpaccio choices are fabulous. High-end steaks and grilled seafood have never tasted this good! Dan and I started our meal with an Octopus salad. The ingredients were fresh and tasty, and the portion was more than enough for two.  

The recommendation of the Tuna Steak was a great one. I love a well-prepared piece of fresh Tuna, and it did not disappoint. Dan could not decide between meat or fish. So, he opted for the Surf and Turf. A perfect blend of prime tenderloin and lobster. The back bite of chili finished off this delicious dish perfectly. 

The desserts are the ideal size to share. After much debate, we decided on the Chocolatisimo Puerto Madero. A hot chocolate souffle with an aromatic coffee culi sauce “a la mode.” Sound good? It really is decadent and divine! 

Our meal was truly remarkable, and the service was professional and friendly. My favorite part of the evening was the sunset with a refreshing Margherita in hand. Book a table next to the window to take advantage of this spectacular view! 

See the menu here!

10. Mextreme

Bailey with her Mole and Mextreme in Cancun, Mexico
A waiter at Mextreme in Cancun carries 4 margaritas on his head
It’s so cool to watch!
  • Location: Mextreme – Cancun Hotel Zone not far from Coco Bongo
  • Price range: $$
  • Come here for: Traditional Mexican dishes and a fun atmosphere.
  • Takes reservations: No.

Mextreme is THE place to be for a real and genuine all-around Mexican experience. I couldn’t help to sit at the bar on one of the “bum seats” to enjoy a beer before tucking into some fantastic food in Cancun.  

The Mole sauce is excellent! I felt as though I was back in Oaxaca, which is something only the best Mexican chefs can recreate. I always go for the traditional black Mole, which, if you haven’t tried, you need to. For those who don’t know, Mole is a traditional sauce made with Cacao that is savory. It’s commonly paired with chicken but can be poured over any dish. 

The Al pastor tacos were also amazingly delicious, but the typical Aztec soup is actually what I always come here for. They are so rich and full of flavor! Plus, it’s a side of Mexican food that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Soup lovers, don’t miss it.

If you want to try another authentic dish, order a Molcajete. I’ve eaten these all over Mexico, and you can get them in seafood or meat. I personally prefer seafood, but it’s all personal preference. 

Another reason Mextreme is such a fantastic place to visit is the live music. Sip your margarita with live Mariachi – a typical Mexican band! These guys typically play at dinner after the sun sets. 

Mextreme offers more than delicious food. They invite you to immerse in their culture while putting on a fun show. I witnessed a waitress successfully carry four margaritas on her head – that’s no easy feat!

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11. Ilios Greek Estiatorio Cancun 

Lamb Skewers from Ilios Greek Estiatorio in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Ilios Restaurante
  • Location: Ilios Greek Estiatorio – Kukulcan/Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$
  • Come here for: traditional Greek cuisine and entertainment 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

You know when you visit a traditional Greek Restaurant in Cancun, you’re in for a fantastic time! Ilios Greek Estiatoria has an authentic ambiance, and the décor is stunning. The Mediterranean culture adores their food, and it’s easy to see this as soon as you step inside.

We started our course with a meze selection. I love the combination of Hummus, Baba ganoush, and Dolmathes. It was just enough to get our tastebuds going. The appetizer selection was incredible, too. We decided on some Saganaki Graviera Cheese and Baked Artichoke. Pure yumminess!  

When it comes to mains, and you’re in a Greek restaurant, lamb has to be the go-to! I loved my Lamb burger, and Dan tucked it into the New Zealand Lamb Rack. Expertly prepared the traditional Mediterranean way, and the flavors were unbeatable. 

Of course, when in “Rome,” the dessert of choice is Baklava alongside a cup of aromatic coffee. It’s a win every time! While we were eating, the entertainment was a blast – who knew plate breaking could be so much fun?

See the menu here!

12. Lorenzillo’s 

tuna steak served with cognac from Lorenzillo's in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Lorenzillo’s
  • Location: Lorenzillo’s – Kukulcan/Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$$
  • Come here for: Caribbean, seafood, and soups 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

Lorenzillo’s is an exclusive restaurant in Cancun with a fascinating heritage. While this may be based on legend, it’s certainly nothing to sniff at… Not many restaurants can say they have been around since 1683! 

The décor is quirky, with a Caribbean touch. It’s almost like a pirate may appear from around the corner! The deck is a great place to sit and enjoy your meal on the water’s edge. When you enter a “Pirate” inspired restaurant, it only makes sense that soup and seafood are the dishes to try. 

I decided on the Trafalgar Onion Soup Au Gratin as a starter, which was rich in flavor and very enjoyable. Dan ordered “El Sextante”, cajun-infused calamari rings. They were soft and tender with a subtle bite. For our mains, it was crayfish all the way! The variety is excellent. After much deliberation, I opted for the Lobster in Coconut Milk Sauce. A superb combination of ingredients! 

Dan had lobster with a spicy Chipotle, Plum, and Tamarind Sauce. Again, a wonderful blend of ingredients, and the lobster was cooked perfectly.  

We washed our meal down with a smooth Rum beverage, keeping with the Pirate theme. If you are looking for unique food in Cancun, Lorenzillo’s is the restaurant to visit for a “hearrrrty” meal and a memorable culinary experience! 

See the menu here!

13. Restaurante Käajal 

Chocolate cake and drink from 13 Restaurante Käajal in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Kaajal Restaurante
Pizza Margarita from  Restaurante Käajal, in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Kaajal Restaurante

Restaurante Käajal is located in the Hotel Renaissance in Cancun. After a morning walk along the Hotel Zone promenade, this restaurant in Cancan must be your stop for breakfast. The setting is gorgeous. We sat on the deck right next to the swimming pool, with the shimmering ocean waters as our view. 

The menu is a fusion of traditional Mexican cuisine and international favorites. The staff is warm and tentative. As always, a great sense of humor too! I fancied something hearty and filling after our walk. After scanning the menu, Dan and I felt the Signature dishes looked terrific!  

I decided on the Xibalba Pancakes. A savory dish consists of spiced sourdough pancakes and an exquisite plantain mousse with mascarpone cheese and pitahaya syrup. It tastes as incredible as it sounds! Dan took a more traditional route and tried the South East Eggs. A delightful “Mexican twist” on the Eggs Benedict dish we are all familiar with. Very delicious! 

Accompanied by a freshly brewed cup of coffee, it was the perfect way to start our day.  

This must be your first stop for the best breakfast food in Cancan! 

See the menu here!

14. Hiromi  

Variety of sushi at Hiromi Cancun in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Hiromi Cancún
  • Location: Hiromi – Kukulcan/Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$
  • Come here for: The best sushi and fine Japanese cuisine 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

If you are looking for a delicious and rich cultural experience, then Hiromi must be on your list! The décor of this restaurant in Cancun is authentic, with some beautiful abstract appeal. The atmosphere is great, and the service is excellent. 

Special care and attention have gone into their sushi and meal plating. Each piece of sushi is immaculate and decorated beautifully. There is every piece you could possibly imagine on the menu. Also, I highly recommend the Chef specialties. There are few words to describe just how amazing this Japanese food is. Yes, it is delicious!  

Dan and I started with some sushi and sashimi pieces to share. In a word, sublime! We loved the Omakase evening, where the Chef made a set list of the most exquisite Japanese cuisine right before us. Fresh fish with all the trimmings straight from the grill onto our plates. They have an incredible selection of sake. My favorite was the raspberry flavor. It hit the spot just right.

If Omakase isn’t what you fancy, there is an extensive menu with several Japanese delicacies for you to choose from, for the sushi savants out there, you’ll want to take a look!

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15. Chambao Cancun  

Baked brisket from Chambao Cancun in Cancun, Mexico
Photo credit: Chambao Cancun
  • Location: Chambao – Kukulcan/Hotel Zone 
  • Price range: $$$
  • Come here for: Sumptuous meat and seafood selections 
  • Takes reservations: Yes 

Chambao is a meat and seafood lovers’ paradise! The atmosphere has a romantic feel, and the lighting is exquisite.  

This restaurant in Cancun offers very rare and exclusive fish and seafood. Including the Ora King Salmon from New Zealand, Cuttlefish from Spain, and King Red Crab from Alaska. In the expected refined dining style, these fish dishes are expertly prepared with flavorsome complementary ingredients. 

To start, I tried the recommended crab cake. It was super fresh, and the flavors were divine! Dan decided to give the Hamachi Tiradito a try. The fruity passionfruit, lime, and apple sauce, and a distinct chili bite were outstanding.  

The selection of mains is incredible. As my eyes went down the menu, I stumbled upon their salad selection. I had to try the Champagne Artichoke Salad.  

Wow, the combination of ingredients hit my palate just right. The champagne dressing was scrumptious! Dan had to tuck in a bit too! 

For our mains, we tried the House Specials. I ordered the Tarantine Style Fish and Dan, The FCK burger. Every mouthful was a flavor-burst sensation! The delectable dessert menu could not be ignored. We shared the Pear Crisp. Pure pastry perfection!  

My favorite was the incredible selection of intriguing cocktails. You will definitely find something new to try! Our servers were prompt and on the ball. We loved the provided entertainment too.

See the menu here!

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The BEST Food Tours in Cancun

Daniel with a plate of tacos in Cancun, Mexico
Tacos come in a huge range of styles and flavors!
Tacos Barbacoa in Cancun, Mexico
Barbacoa tacos are some of my favorite!

Exploring Cancun’s restaurants by yourself can be tons of fun, but I find that there’s something really special about connecting with locals and like-minded travelers on a food tour! From street eats to sit-down-then-party tours, Cancun’s top food tours will have you sampling tantalizingly fresh and authentic Mexican flavors, all while getting to know more about the city and its food scene.

Here are a couple of our favorites!

Evening Cruise with Dinner and Entertainment

This 4-hour evening cruise was such a neat surprise – I wasn’t expecting just how cool it would be to float along the river on a traditional tranjinera (which is a bit like a long gondola)! With 3 authentic courses and a maximum of 20 people per boat, it’s such a nice setting to get to know other travelers and maybe even strike up some new friendships.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a meal in Cancun if it didn’t include a fiesta show too! There’s also music from a live mariachi and bolero band, and you can sip along with as much tequila, beer, or a soft drink from the open bar as you like…

Tickets for this tour cost a little over $117 USD per person and can be booked online here. I’d say this type of dinner would be the perfect start to your holiday in Cancun, or the perfect way to end with a bang!

5-Stop Cancun Taco Tour with Local Beer and Night Market

If trying the best tacos on dry land is more your thing, then this 5-stop Cancun taco tour will be right up your alley. Lasting around 4 and a half hours, you’ll gobble up a range of delicious starters and mains, as well as a tasty dessert (churros yum!), so it’s best to go into this one feeling hungry.

Your ticket also includes four complimentary beers and allows you to skip the lines at every stop – sweet!

Along the way, you’ll learn all about Cancun’s food scene, as well as some interesting facts about the city itself. This tour also includes hotel pick-up and drop-off, which is super convenient – especially when you’re stuffed after trying all that amazing food. You’ll also have the chance to visit Cancun’s night market, and maybe even grab a souvenir or two for the folks back home!

This 5-stop tour has a maximum of 15 participants and costs just $95 USD per person. You can check out the available dates and book your spot on the tour here.

Other Activities to do While You’re in Cancun

Bailey and Daniel look at a Sting Ray at the MUSA dive site in Cancun
A stingray at MUSA!
Bailey looks out the window of the Cancun Scenic Tower in Cancun, Mexico
Views for days at the Cancun Scenic Tower!

Between bites of the amazing food in Cancun, there’s plenty to do and see! I’ve been coming to Cancun since I was a kid and I never get tired of visiting. There are so many fun things to do in Cancun, that will make for an amazing vacay. So if you’re looking for even more activities, check out some of my favorites below!

  • Cancun Scenic Tower – As if Cancun wasn’t scenic enough, there’s another way to enjoy the views here! The Cancun Scenic Tower gives you amazing views of the Caribbean! The entire viewing deck lifts up, so you won’t even need to climb any stairs to get this view.
  • Swim with whale sharks – For a totally unique and memorable experience, jump in the water to swim with whale sharks near Cancun! These gentle giants feast on plankton and fish, so you can relax on this whale shark tour and just admire these giant fish (they aren’t actually sharks!). Whale shark season is from May to September, so if you’re here at a different time of year, this half-day sailing trip is another way to get out on the water and cruise the beautiful ocean!

Where to Stay in Cancun

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun
Photo credit: Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun

If you’re going to be vacationing in Cancun, then you’ll need a place to stay! Below are some of the best hotels (for every budget) in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Selina Cancun Laguna Hotel Zone – $

For budget travelers, the Selina Cancun Laguna Hotel Zone is one of my personal favorites! While some people online found their stay to be hit-and-miss, I really enjoyed my stay here, plus for the price and fun atmosphere, you really can’t go wrong! It’s also located right in the heart of the Hotel Zone, meaning you’re right where all the action is, and they even have an outdoor pool and a bar.

They offer a range of room types, with a bed in a large dorm starting as low as $24 USD and a standard room at around $97 USD per night. To reserve your spot in advance, you can check out Selina Cancun Laguna over on Hostelworld or

JW Marriott Cancun Resort – $$

For somewhere in the mid-range category, I absolutely love the JW Marriott Cancun Resort. While it’s not all-inclusive, I personally think that’s a plus since you get to explore the wonderful restaurants in Cancun! That said, the hotel has no less than 6 incredible restaurants on-site, so if you’re feeling like a well-deserved evening in, then you’re spoiled for choice.

Talking of pampered evenings (and mornings!), JW Marriott also has a world-class spa offering a host of treatments, as well as three gorgeous pools. Located right on the beachfront, every room in this hotel has a 32-inch flat-panel LCD TV, as well as the softest bedding to rest your head after a busy day out exploring.

Rooms here at the JW Marriott Cancun Resort average between $350-500 USD per night depending on the time of year. To check availability and reserve your room, you can secure your spot over on

Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun – $$$

Of course, we all love a luxury all-inclusive stay and for that, the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun is among the best of the best. It really is its very own oasis in paradise where you can rest, relax, and try the most delicious food in any of the six fine-dining restaurants, including an AAA Five Diamond french dining experience!

When you fancy going for a dip, there’s a huge outdoor pool which is nothing short of mesmerizing at night when it’s lit up. Seriously, you have to see it for yourself! If that wasn’t enough, Grand Fiesta also boasts a 40,000 sq. ft (3,716 sq. m) full-service spa, with a ton of treatment and massage options. A word of warning though – once you stay here, you’ll never look at luxury the same way again.

Of course, with a luxury hotel comes a luxury price tag, with rooms ranging from $500-800 USD per night depending on the room category and time of year. I’d recommend booking your stay in advance to secure the best rates.

More of a luxury traveler? Learn about the absolute best resorts in Cancun to choose from!

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie with beers in Cancun, Mexico
Thanks for reading!

In conclusion, wonder no more about where to eat in Cancun. All these local and international fine dining experiences are a magical journey from the source to your plate. These culinary memories are sure to last you a lifetime! 

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