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Heidi’s Hut: Queenstown’s Mountain-side Dining Experience

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Heidi’s Hut: Queenstown’s Ultimate Dining Experience

Dan and I love going out to eat. But as much as I love the food, I like the overall experience of eating out just as much, that’s why when I heard about “Queenstown’s ultimate dining experience” at Heidi’s Hut I just had to check it out!

Heidi’s Hut is a small hut located on Coronet Peak just outside of Queenstown. The quaint, rustic little hut looks like nothing more than a shack from the outside, but on the inside, some of the finest food in Queenstown is served! During the daytime, this little hut serves lunchtime food and drinks for skiers and snowboarders on Coronet Peak, but on Friday and Saturday nights, it turns into a fancy dinner party setting.

heidi's hut on the side of a mountain
This building is Heidi’s Hut!

We went to Heidi’s Hut last weekend to see what the craze was all about for ourselves. Between the gorgeous setting in the snow at Coronet, fireplaces, a stunning sunset, gourmet food (and tons of it), and incredible service it truly lived up to its reputation.

This blog is our review of Heidi’s Hut so hopefully, it will help you decide to go for yourself or not and know what to expect.

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A Rustic, Mountain-side Setting

The location of Heidi’s Hut is what truly sets it apart from every other restaurant in the area of Queenstown. The hut is literally on the side of a mountain. The views are incredible and when the sun sets the sky glows!

But it isn’t just the views or the fact that Heidi’s Hut is on Coronet Peak that makes it special, it also how rustic and quaint the hut itself actually is. This little wooden lodge only seats up to 40 people. There is a fireplace inside as well as a firepit outside. The small intimate setting is unique and mixed with the location in the mountains it is the perfect place for a beautiful dinner.

the outdoor firepit at Heidi's hut


An Experience Rather Than Just a Restaurant

The location and setting definitely add to the overall experience that is Heidi’s Hut, but that isn’t all. Going to Heid’s Hut isn’t like just going to a normal restaurant, it feels almost more like an excursion or tour than anything.

We were picked up in town and met by our host who greeted us and explained how the evening would go. All of us diners were put on our own bus and then driven up to Coronet Peak and straight to Heidi’s Hut. Walking up to Heid’s Hut we were greeted with a warm fire and champagne to enjoy the sunset from outside.

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Throughout the evening the various courses for dinner came and although we all had separate tables, all of us guests started mingling and it turned into quite the little social event. The wine was flowing as many laughs were had before the evening ended and we were driven back down the mountain.

We departed Queenstown at 5:45 pm and didn’t get back until almost 11 pm, but it didn’t feel that long, the evening just flew by! I guess that is a sign that we were having a good time!

daniel enjoying some wine
Daniel enjoying some wine!

Incredible Service

I have to give a quick shout out to the staff who were friendly, inviting and made the entire experience seamless from start to finish. The service was of that of a five-star restaurant. But I guess so was the food….and the view! 

champagne upon arrival while enjoying the sunset
We were served champagne as soon as we arrived!

So Much Amazing Food!

It is hard to expect amazing quality food up on the side of a mountain, but that is what we got – and lots of it!

The evening started with a little salmon tapa, followed by soup with truffle oil and then a charcuterie board. Oh, and don’t let me forget about the cheese fondue served with bread which was to die for (anyone who knows me knows I love cheese!)

charcuterie to start with

We were served four mains to share between us. Each came as a separate course with a separate side. My personal favorite was the duck served with citrus, however, every dish was incredible. I couldn’t believe that we were fed so much!

the beef cheek with polenta
One of the mains was beef cheek served with polenta!

Dessert finished off with a chocolate lava cake, lemon tart, and affogato which was really unique as it involved pouring an expresso and liqueur mixture over ice cream and then eating it with a biscuit.

lemon meringue pie
The lemon tart!

I knew the food was amazing, and Daniel couldn’t have been happier with the sheer amount of it but our opinions were validated by the man who sat next to us, he was actually a chef from Australia and he was extremely impressed as well!

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Worth the Price tag?

So, what does something like this cost? Surprisingly it is really quite reasonable considering everything you get in my opinion. For $135 NZD you get the ride to and from Heidi’s hut, all 15 dishes, as well as a glass of champagne.

The 2018 Heidi's hut menu
The menu, we were served everything listed here!

An Experience to Remember

Dan and I are all about spending our money on experiences, not things, and our trip to Heidi’s Hut was just that. It was an experience from beginning to end with incredible views, amazing company, new friends, and food that blew our minds!

Our visit to Heidi’s Hut will be something we always remember as a special evening and is an experience we would hands-down recommend to anyone visiting Queenstown!

For more information or to book Heidi’s Hut for yourself, click here!

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