Drinking Tequila in the Town of Tequila

the town of tequila was one of my mexico highlights

Around the world Mexico is known for three things: Tacos, Corona and Tequila! Having spent a few weeks in Mexico, I had already enjoyed eating large amounts of Tacos and washing them down with ice cold Coronas, however, Tequila hadn’t even crossed my mind. Well, that was until I stumbled upon the town called “Tequila” one day online. Tequila to Mexicans is like Champagne to the French – only Tequilas made in the region are able to claim the name. For me it was a chance to visit the oldest and first Tequila distilleries in the world and the beautiful town that the drink was named after! Though after visiting I realized Tequila doesn’t attract large amounts of international tourists. It was challenging to find valuable information online about Tequila tours in Mexico or the town itself!

Visiting Tequila turned out to be one of my favorite times in Mexico. For any travelers in the area it’s really something you should not miss. The town itself is beautiful and the surrounding landscape makes you feel like you’re in the “real Mexico” (you know, the Mexico you see in the movies!) For most visitors a trip to the town of Tequila is done in one day and involves a large bus packed with tourists and about 5 hours of driving. Though for those who have the time, Tequila is the perfect place to stop for a few nights. Take it easy and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Mexico. Here is our guide to Tequila tours in Mexico and everything you need to know to enjoy your stay in the town of Tequila!

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Getting to the Town of Tequila

Getting to Tequila is most easily done via the city of Guadalajara. From the Guadalajara simply head to the ‘Tequila Plus’ bus station (the location is in the picture below). Tickets are 107MXN each way though if you purchase a round trip ticket you can save yourself 40MXN. The bus takes around 2 hours depending on traffic and buses leave every hour or so in both directions. Click here to access the official Tequila Plus timetable.

the town of Tequila offers the best Tequila tours in Mexico
Welcome to the town of Tequila!

Where to Stay

There are many places to stay in Tequila. Like with most cities, staying closest to the center is nicer but also pricier. That being said, Tequila is a small place and you can pretty much walk from anywhere in town to the main plaza, so if you’re on a budget I wouldn’t stress about staying close to the square. For us we picked a place only 5 minutes walking from the Plaza called Hotel Emil. We found the hotel to be really nice and for only 400MXN a night. This was for a private room with bathroom for two, it was well worth the short walk.

exploring the town of Tequila
Walking around Tequila!

Tequila Tours in Mexico

The main attraction in the town of Tequila is visiting some amazing Tequila farms and distilleries. Here you can see how everything is done and of course try some tequila! I did lots of research into the various tequila tours in Mexico and below is my recommendation on two companies I found that may interest you!

Casa Suaza

Casa Suaza is the third oldest distillery in the world and the second largest tequila producer. For those who want to get the best value for money I found Casa Suaza to be the best choice. They offer a few different tours that can be viewed on their website by clicking here. The most generic tour involves visiting an Agave plantation where you will be able to plant your own Agave, a tour of the distillery, free tastings and a free Margarita in their beautiful gardens. One thing I will note is that during the first free tasting you will get a chance to try their top shelf Tequila. While we were there they even had a barrel of that Tequila specifically for Barrack Obama!

Cost – The traditional tour is 160MXN, the other tours need to be booked 48 hours in advance on their website.

Other info – Finding the distillery is a little tricky however there gift shop is located in the main plaza and they can show you the way from there.

on the Tequila tour in Mexico
Bailey planting an Agave!

The town of tequila

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La Rojena

La Rojena is the distillery where the most famous Tequila is made, Jose Cuervo! It is also the oldest distillery in the world and the largest producer supplying 33% of the world’s Tequila. We didn’t attend this specific tour however we did visit the building, and wow it is absolutely stunning! Their tour is called the Jose Cuervo Tequila Tour and is the most popular in town. The tour includes the same as Casa Suaza (although it is said that most people leave the Jose Cuervo Tequila Tour drunk!)

Cost – 385MXN for the Jose Cuervo tour.

Other Info – Although most people have tried Jose Cuervo Tequila at the distillery you will have the chance to try lots of other Tequilas you won’t find at home!
on the tequila tour in mexico!

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Other popular distillery tours include “Don Julio” and “Tequila Fortaleza” and information can be found on their websites. Also many other distilleries offer their tours for sale in the main plaza with transport to the distillery included. Just make sure you can get an English guide before handing anyone your money!

a famous painting in the town of Tequila
A painting representing the use of Tequila when it was first discovered.

The town of Tequila although known only for its Tequila, is also a great place to relax and unwind. The beautiful town is filled with friendly locals, great places to eat and drink with some beautiful architecture. I would rate the town of Tequila as one of the top destinations in Mexico for its unique and beautiful landscape – and of course, it the best place for Tequila tours in Mexico!

I hope you enjoyed and found this guide to Tequila tours in Mexico helpful! If you have any feedback at all we would love to here it in the comments below!

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– Daniel

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