Bailey’s Top Tips for International Air Travel

​I have been on a few international LONG flights in my life – we are talking days and days of various airports and planes. The following are my top tips if you have some long international flights ahead of you. 

1. Pack Smart – while getting my luggage lost has never actually happened to me, I have heard many horror stories about bags going missing for weeks! Especially if you have multiple connecting flights be prepared that your checked baggage may not make it. With this in mind, I always pack a few certain things on my carry on baggage 1) any valuables or expensive things that you would be upset if they got stolen 2) an extra set of clothes including a couple pairs of underwear etc 3) my makeup and cosmetics that i can’t live without in my morning routine 4) chargers for electronics 
2. Seat selection is key – there is nothing worse than travelling with a friend and having to sit apart because you didn’t select your seats in advance. Some airlines charge a couple extra dollars for seat selection and I think it’s worth it. If the airline doesn’t charge, there is a chance they will change your seat between the time you purchased you ticket and when you check in. To make sure I get to choose my seat I always check in online as soon as it opens which secures the seats

3. Never allow yourself less than a 3 hour layover for international connections- While it is possible to make it if the connection time is less, the stress of the layover will not be fun. If you have multiple flights it is good to have time to walk and stretch, not to mention that flying is stressful enough without being rushed. In fact, if you have the option of staying a night or two in a a layover city I would definitely recommend it. This breaks up your travelling and allows you to check out a city you wouldn’t have normally spent money to fly to. Just remember to check Visa requirements as depending  on the country you may need a visa in adanvce. 

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4. Drink water- I have heard people saying they don’t want to drink too much before a flight because then they will need to use the washroom but this is just silly. Sitting on an airplane for hours and hours will dehydrate you and even if you are drinking lots of water you probably won’t have to use the washroom very much. To help with this, I always bring a refillable water bottle which I keep empty to go through security and then find a fountain to fill it up at after and bring on the plane. If there isn’t a fountain you can ask the flight to fill your bottle for you once you get on the plane. 

5. Last but definitely not least…International flights offer FREE WINE!!!!! Many people don’t know this, they know you can get a glass with your meal BUT you can actually get as much as you want. I suggest asking for two glasses with dinner and then if you want more press the assistance button and ask. The flight attendants are there to serve you and I have never been denied free wine (sometimes they look at me concerned that I’m getting drunk – but always come back with my wine). Wine definitely can make he flight more enjoyable and even helps put you to sleep. 

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