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Officially the 6th largest country in the world, Australia is on a lot of people’s bucket lists as far as vacations go. Since I’m from Perth, it’s a little easier for Bailey and me to visit more regularly, and we always try to make the most of our stays.

While most people flock to Sydney (including us!), there are a lot of amazing places to visit. Australia is home to many unique environmental landscapes ranging from coastal beach towns to stunning rainforests to arid deserts. So while it’s a long journey to get here for many, we promise it’s worth it.

On this page, we’ve separated our content by city with our favorite things to do under each place. We hope these articles will help turn your dream of visiting Australia into reality!



Planning a Trip to Sydney

Sydney Itineraries

Top Attractions in Sydney

Our Favorite Sydney Tours


Planning a Trip to Perth

Top Attractions in Perth

Our Favorite Perth Tours

Perth Itineraries


Planning a Trip to Darwin

Top Attractions and Tours in Darwin


Top Attractions and Tours in Melbourne

Melbourne Itineraries

Other Popular Places and Things to do in Australia