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New Zealand

Having lived in and traveled around New Zealand for well over a year, we are always singing its praises.

Whether we’re lounging beachside on the North Island, hiking through the Fiordland on the South Island, or freedom camping on either side, we want everyone to experience this magical country.

If you’re interested in traveling to New Zealand – we say do it! But, before you go, read our helpful guides below. We’ve got details on road trips, our favorite activities, and specific advice based on which island you travel to. We can’t wait for you to fall in love with New Zealand!

Planning a Trip to New Zealand

Islands in New Zealand

Popular Places on the North Island

Popular Places on the South Island

New Zealand Road Trips and Vanlife

If you’re curious about taking road trips around New Zealand, or maybe even committing to vanlife, check out these blogs that go into detail about our own experiences living out of vans and traveling around the country.

We’ve got all the behind-the-scenes info so you can get right to adventuring!

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