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Sri Lanka

Just below India in Southeast Asia is the country of Sri Lanka. Called “the pearl of the Indian Ocean,” Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly popular, and after traveling around the island extensively for over a month, we can see why!

We loved lounging on the beaches, seeing exotic wildlife in the national parks, and exploring the history and culture of Colombo. Even though Sri Lanka is a small country, there are a lot of incredible things to do here.

If you’re thinking of traveling to Sri Lanka, we’ll be the first ones to tell you to go for it. But before you hop on a plane, check out our guides below. We’ve organized them into sections to help you with whichever planning stage you’re in!

So whether you’re looking for the best attractions or recommendations on where to stay, we’ve got you! Sri Lanka is stunning and our hope is that these blogs will help make your adventure even better.

Planning a Visit to Sri Lanka

Things to do and Popular Places

Popular Activities

National Parks