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Where to stay in Valparaiso – 10 BEST Valparaiso Hotels

Where to stay in Valparaiso – 10 BEST Valparaiso Hotels

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Valparaiso is one of the most vibrant cities in Chile. This small coastal paradise is filled with plenty of amazing things to see and do including vibrant nightlife and unique and interesting history. But deciding where to stay in Valparaiso can be a challenge!

If you’re visiting Santiago or traveling around Chile, then a stop in Valparaiso is a must and one of the most important parts of your stay is picking the best hotel in Valparaiso!

You see, Valparaiso is a large city built on a hill, and navigating this area can be difficult. Also, depending on whether you’re here to party or not will affect where you want to stay in the city because believe me, it can get pretty loud at night.

 So in this blog, I’ll guide you through exactly where to stay in Valparaiso, Chile with options to suit every traveler!

Where to Stay in Valparaiso – The Best Area!

The views of Valparaiso, Chile
The views in Valparaiso, Chile

In every city around the world, there is always an ideal area for tourists to stay. The area is usually closest to the most popular attractions or in some cities, provides the safest area for tourists to enjoy.

In Valparaiso, this is no different and for safety reasons and convenience, it’s best to stay in or around the harbor area.

For tourists, the best place to stay in Valparaiso is near the harbor in and around the UNESCO World Heritage area of the city. Here you’ll find cobblestone streets, amazing street art, bars, and delicious restaurants! Almost all of the hotels in Valparaiso I recommend below are in this particular area of Valparaiso.

Budget Tip: For budget travelers, it can be a good idea to stay a little outside of the UNESCO area of the city. The area on the outskirts is still safe and within walking distance of the attractions. This way, you can get a nicer hostel for an affordable price!

Best Budget Valparaiso Hotels (under $25 USD)

For the budget traveler, there’s plenty of options for where to stay in Valparaiso. In fact, the city is hugely popular with students and the younger generations from Santiago. However, there are a few awesome hostels that really stand out from the rest!

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1. La Casa Azul Hostel

This hostel is one of the cheapest rates you’ll find in the city! But what do you have to compromise for that? Well, La Casa Azul Hostel doesn’t really have too many negatives! There are bed curtains for privacy, a spacious balcony with views of the harbor, and excellent free wifi!

For one person you can get a dorm bed as low as $8 USD in a 6 share room. All of the rooms do have shared bathrooms but breakfast is included in the room rate. What a deal!

The location of the hostel is really good and a happy medium between being a couple of streets away from the party streets but still very close to all the attractions you want to see in Valparaiso. If you‘re wondering where to stay in Valparaiso, then I think the location and the friendly nature of other travelers at La Casa Azul Hostel are perfect!

You can check reviews and prices of La Casa Azul Hostel.

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2. La Casa Piola

La Casa Piola, Valparaiso, Chile
Photo credit – La Casa Piola, Valparaiso, Chile

La Casa Piola is one of the top-rated hostels in Valparaiso. Its location (although slightly up the hill) is close to lots of trendy bars and the hostel has a good social vibe.

Dorm beds here start at only $11 USD per night for a 4 share which also makes it one of the cheapest places. For that price, a simple but good breakfast is also included.

The hostel offers double rooms as well as family rooms for up to five people. The rooms are spacious and the hostel has large common areas that are perfect for meeting other travelers. Overall, it’s one of the best hostel choices for a budget traveler in Valparaiso.

You can check La Casa Piola’s other reviews and prices.

3. La Joya Hostel

La Joya Hostel, Valparaiso Chile
Photo credit – La Joya Hostel

The next hostel I recommend in Valparaiso is a well-designed hostel that offers a newly renovated building and fun social areas. La Joya Hostel is located a little bit outside the main tourist area but is only a short walk or 2-minute bus trip away. This means for the price, you get a nicer hostel.

Dorm beds here start at $23 USD per night for an 8 share and include a highly rated breakfast for $4 USD. Some of the best things about this hostel include large spacious rooms, an awesome rooftop common area, and an onsite restaurant and bar.

La Joya Hostel would best suit a budget traveler who enjoys a nice building and doesn’t mind spending a little more than the most budget options. In terms of where to stay in Valparaiso, La Joya is an awesome combination of affordability and comfort!

You can check La Joya Hostel’s reviews and prices.

Best Mid-range Hotels in Valparaiso, Chile ($25-80 USD per night)

Mid-range Hotels in Valparaiso are in abundance. This is likely one of the most popular hotel categories and there are plenty to choose from. But below I’ve narrowed it down to 4 specific hotels that really hit the mark when it comes to offering great value!

4. Hostal Cumming 129

Hostal Cumming 129, Valparaiso, Chile
Photo Credit – Hostal Cumming 129

If being close to vibrant bars and enjoying Valparaiso’s nightlife is important to you, then you really can’t beat Hostal Cumming 129.

This hostel is ideal for those wanting to party since it is located in the heart of the trendy party area of the city. In fact, Hostel Cumming 129 sits directly above a very lively bar!

Prices at Hostal Cumming for a double room or for an individual dorm bed both start at only $32 USD per night but don’t include breakfast.

Overall, this is a fun party hostel in Valparaiso with one of the best locations. However, be aware it can be loud at night in this area (especially on weekends.)

You can check Hostal cumming 129’s reviews and prices here.

5. La Galería B&B

La Galería B&B Valparaiso
Photo credit – La Galería B&B Valparaiso

La Galeria B&B is located in the heart of the touristic area of Valparaiso on a quiet cobblestone street that’s simply stunning! Since it’s in the UNESCO part of the city, the building is old but it’s been beautifully restored and is very inviting.

The views from the B&B are also really good and you can stare out at the old city of Valparaiso enjoying all the colorful buildings and views of the ocean.

Private rooms here start at only $29 USD per night and include a fabulous breakfast. Overall, La Galeria is a centrally located hotel on a beautifully quiet and safe street.

You can check La Galería B&B’s reviews and prices.

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6. Hostal Escalera al Puerto

A room at Hostal Escalera al Puerto Valparaiso
Photo credit – Hostal Escalera al Puerto Valparaiso

Hostal Escalera al Puerto is located outside the UNESCO World Heritage part of the city, but only just! However, this means the building can be renovated in a new style which gives is a very clean-cut look and feel.

The hotel is a small family-run business and the service is very personal. Guests say it’s a small, quiet hotel. Rooms here start at around $72 USD per night and include an amazing breakfast.

The location is nice too and although slightly up the hill, it is a central place to explore the UNESCO part of the city. Plus, from the hotel, you can enjoy views of the city and the ocean!

This is a newly renovated, clean friendly hotel perfect for a comfortable stay in Valparaiso. You can check their reviews and prices.

7. Puerta Escondida Bed & Breakfast

A room at Puerta Escondida Bed & Breakfast
Photo credit – Puerta Escondida Bed & Breakfast

Our next hotel is one of my favorites! Puerta Escondida Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful hotel located in the UNESCO World Heritage area of Valparaiso. The hotel is well decorated and offers a modern stay in an old building.

As far as reviews go, this is one of the top reviewed hotels in Valparaiso and has a 9.4 on out of around 100 reviews! Despite this, you can get a budget room here for only $81 USD per night with an amazing breakfast included!

For a quiet couple or family wanting a nice stay in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage area, this is the perfect place to stay in Valparaiso!

You can check their reviews and prices.

Although Valparaiso isn’t home to the largest collection of luxury hotels, there are still a few that will make your stay in the city extraordinary. And the best thing is they come at a fraction of the price of other luxury hotels around the world!

Here are my top picks for where to stay in Valparaiso if you’re traveling with a big budget!

Best Luxury Hotels in Valparaiso ($100+ USD per night)

8. Augusta Hotel

The view from Augusta Hotel
Photo credit – Augusta Hotel

The Augusta Hotel is a beautiful hotel in a perfect location. The hotel offers large spacious rooms with private balconies or terraces as well as in-room seating and kitchenettes. It’s pure luxury but comes at a really reasonable price starting at $126 USD per night including breakfast.

If you can, I recommended upgrading to the rooms to include the amazing views of the harbor and city. These make for an enjoyable place to spend your nights on the balcony with a drink in hand while watching the sunset.

The Augusta Hotel is a great affordable luxury option that comes at a steal considering the quality! You can check their reviews and prices.

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9. Casa Galos Hotel & Lofts

A room at Casa Galos Hotel & Lofts Valparaiso
Photo credit – Casa Galos Hotel & Lofts

Casa Galos Hotel & Lofts has one of the most appealing designs and décor of any hotel in Valparaiso. Every detail here is immaculate and the rooms are large enough that they also have in-room seating and a kitchenette.

The hotel is just on the outskirts of the UNESCO area but still in a central location to explore the city. From some rooms in the hotel the views are amazing and you can look out at the entire city. The bathrooms here are also something special to note and some even come with a large bath.

Despite this, the hotel starts at only $137 USD per night for their standard room which includes a superb breakfast. You won’t regret spending a few nights at Casa Galso Hotel & Lofts while in Valparaiso!

You can check their amazing reviews and prices.

10. Hotel Casa Higueras

The pool at Hotel Casa Higueras
Photo credit – Hotel Casa Higueras

Last but certainly not least on our where to stay in Valparaiso guide is Hotel Casa Hugueras. This fabulous hotel is one of the best in Valparaiso. My personal favorite part about the hotel is the pool. This infinity pool overlooks the entire harbor and makes for a great place to spend the hot summer days.

The rooms themselves are very spacious and come with amazing bathrooms, however, if you want a spectacular view then you’ll need to upgrade to a premium room. For relaxing, the large and well-furnished common areas with breathtaking views are perfect.

Of course, all of this won’t come cheap and rooms here start at $348 USD per night with an unbeatable breakfast included. This hotel is one of the most luxurious in Valparaiso so if that’s what you’re after check out Hotel Casa Hugueras for yourself!

Thanks for reading!

Bailey and Daniel ride in a golf cart
Bailey and I in South America

Valparaiso is an amazing place to visit and is my all-time favorite city in Chile – definitely one of my Chile highlights! While there, be sure to join a historical walking tour as the history of this city is very interesting!

I hope this blog has helped you pick where to stay in Valparaiso. If you have any questions then please leave them below in the comments section and we will get back to you!

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