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We love to travel destinationless, or without ever having to stop. Find out how we are able to afford our travels.

Make Travel Easier With Some of Our Travel Tips


Tips for International Air Travel

Let's be honest, nobody likes long flights with long layovers to get around the world. It's stressful tiring, and boring all at the same time! These tips won't make the journey fun but they will be helpful


Best Apps for Travelers

Apps make traveling easier (how did our elders travel without a smartphone?!?) In this blog we suggest the best map app, currency converter, booking app, and more.


South America Safety Tips

While traveling in South America we learned (the hard way most of the time) some great safety tips. These tips aren't just useful for South America, but all over the world!

cooking in hostels isn't so bad

6 Tips That'll Make Cooking in Hostels Better

Cooking in hostels is never fun, but it is often necessary to save money or eat healthy. These are our tips that'll make braving the hostel kitchen more bearable.

Inspiring Travel Advice

Robbed in Brazil: How Travel Changed

After getting robbed at gunpoint in Brazil, we were scared. But, we figured out a way to move on and let if affect us as little as possible.

The Good with the Bad: An Encounter with Bed Bugs

We had a tough go at the beginning of our trip in South America, the worst part though - bed bugs! This is our advice on taking everything bad with a smile.

The Truth About Long Term Travel

Sometimes we get tired, grumpy, or even homesick! Long-term travel isn't always an ideal holiday, and it's normal to want to call it quits from time to time.

Reasons to Travel Solo

A Guest Post written by a fellow blogger and solo traveler. Some inspiring reasons to try your first solo trip!

A Lesson Learned from Travel

Life in other parts of the world are so different to ours, most people are very community oriented and although many are dirt poor, they can be the happiest people you meet. In a massive way it has taught me to put money last and life first.

snowbaording and skiing at mt hutt

Can't Afford to Travel? Go on a Working Holiday!

If you can't save enough money to go on a long-term vacation consider going on a working holiday instead. Here is how to do it!

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