Our Stories

We love travel stories! We have so many, but these are just a few that we actually put into writing, check them out!

Some of our favourite memories

Hiking the Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala

The story of hiking up a volcano and camping overnight so see another volcano explode with lava from only 2 kilometers away!

New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro

Celebrating New Year Eve on a beach with 2 million other people was an unforgettable experience. Let me tell you know thing, Brazilians know how to party!

The Torres del Paine 5-Day Hike: Bailey's Story

It was my first ever multi-day hike, and to say it was hard would be an extreme understatement.That being said, it was worth every blister!

Is Machu Picchu Worth It?

Overly touristy, super expensive, and a headache to get it worth it? Here's our story as to why this "Wonder of the World" is worthy of that title.

Staying in a hostel is never a dull experience. Although I have had experiences with bed bugs, thieves, and down right weird people, I still love staying in hostels. Find out why, here!

On New Years Eve in Rio a group of us from the hostel all went out to celebrate together!

Crazy Experiences

Robbed in Brazil at Gunpoint

The story of how we got robbed at gunpoint during the middle of the day on our way back from the grocery store in Brazil.

A Mine Tour in Potosi, Boliva

We entered a mine where over 15,000 work everyday, risking their lives for a tiny income. A scary and memorable experience to say the least.

Crossing One of Central America's Mosr Dangerous Borders

Our bus driver told us in Spanish, "we must go fast through this area, if we stop, we might get robbed" as we hit every pot hole at full speed and I feared a flat tire.

carnival in rio

Celebrating Carnival in Brazil

Known as one of the best/biggest parties in the world, Carnival celebrations did not disappoint!

Skydiving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

While I can't say Bolivia has the greatest safety standards, I jumped out of an airplane, solo, anyways!

La Paz: Meeting an Ex-Drug Trafficker to Riding on the World's Most Dangerous Road

Our time in La Paz, Bolivia was nothing short of crazy! I mean we met an ex-drug trafficker who spent 14 years in the San Pedro Prison (ironically he goes by the names "Crazy Dave!")

The Great Outdoors!

Our Experience in the Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

We saw Howler Monkeys, Coatis, Tarantulas, a Snake, and more!

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

Five days hiking, enjoying nature, and learning about the Incas. An unforgettable experience with a passionate guide!

Volunteering in the Peruvian Jungle

We spent almost two weeks helping build an Eco-lodge in the Amazon Jungle in Peru. Without electricity we connected with nature and learned to speak Spanish!

The rest of our stories!

Our 2017 Biggest Travel Fails

From sleeping in a leaking tent in the pouring rain to getting the dates wrong for Day of the Dead, we made a few travel mistakes last year.

Our Auckland Day Trip to Piha Beach

A beautiful day on New Zealand's West Coast. We even climbed Lion's Rock!

A Week in Santiago, Chile over Christmas

We spent a week in the modern city, Santiago! It was wonderful to spend Christmas in a different country.

Two Weeks of Spanish School in Sucre, Bolivia

It was time to buckle down and learn some Spanish finally! We signed up for a two week course and settled in Sucre.

Samaipata, Bolivia

Known as Bolivia's "Little Switzerland", Samaipata had us exploring waterfalls and ancient Inca ruins.

Hitchhiking White Water Rafting in Futaleufu, Chile

One of the top 3 best places for White Water Rafting in the world is Futaleufu! But, to get there we had to hitchhike!

Brazilian Hospitality

We were lucky enough to meet a couple of Brazilians on our travels who invited us to stay with them and their family!

Florianopolis, Brazil

Exploring the southern coastal city of Florianopolis.

Puerto Iguazu and Buenos Aires, Argentina

After checking out the massive waterfall, Iguazu Falls, we made our way by bus to Buenos Aires.

Guest Authors


"You're not a mountaineer Bianca": How I survived the Acatanango Volcano Hike

“There are only two things I want you to do for me in Guatemala, Bianca, you have to go to the bakery and get the best warm chocolate croissant you will ever taste in your life...and hike Acatenango.”


An Armed Escort to Buy Water

"We asked our friend where we could get drinking water. He suggested the shop around the corner, but ordered us to wait while he organized a personal armed escort."

Kolkata To Agra – An Epic Trip To The Grand Taj Mahal

"What makes the city of Agra hold an important place in the world map is the very renowned masouleum of love – Taj Mahal! The ivory white majestic marble structure is a symbol of undying love built by Shah Jahan as a memorial for his third wife."

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