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Our Favorite Travel Stories

Mt Cook is one of the most beautiful regions in New Zealand and a scenic helicopter flight is the best way to see it! See all our amazing photos and story here!​

The Acatenango Volcano hike is the most popular trail in Guatemala. From the top you can watch the Fuego Volcano erupt almost every 30 minutes! Read about our experience here!​

We lived in our self-contained van for four months in New Zealand. It sounds like fun, but didn’t come without its challenges.​

Living in Queenstown

We went to New Zealand on a working holiday and based ourselves in the most beautiful place, Queenstown. It wasn’t cheap, but it sure was fun!

Driving a tuk tuk in Sri Lanka

We got our Sri Lankan drivers license and rented a tuk-tuk (three wheeler) for one entire month. This is how we were abe to explore the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka!

New Years Eve in Rio

Visiting Rio de Janeiro for New Years was a dream come true. During our stay we explored the city well and came up with the 19 best things to do in Rio!

Our Craziest Moments

Spanish School in Bolivia

It was time to buckle down and learn some Spanish finally! We signed up for a two week course and settled in Sucre.

Chungking Mansions, Hong Kong

Imagine, spending a few nights in one of Asia’s most vibrant cities, in one of the largest and busiest apartment building. Let’s just say, it sure was an experience!

Elephant safari in Sri Lanka

Elephant Safaris sound like tons of fun, and while it was neat to see wild elephants, there were a few things about the experience we were shocked about!

Robbed at gunpoint in Brazil

Travelling comes with risks and an unlucky encounter in Salvador, Brazil lead us to getting held up at gunpoint. Despite this, we continue to travel but the memory will live with us forever! See what happened here!

crossing the worlds most dangerous boarder

There have been times where we have made poor decisions in order to save money. Crossing one of the most dangerous boarders at night was one of them. Read about the scary journey here!

Skydiving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Skydiving was just one of the amazing things we did in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. For more, check out the 9 best things to do in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Most dangerous mine in the world

Since the mines in Potosi, Bolivia opened hundreds of years ago more than a million people have been killed here. These days it is still one of the most dangerous mines in the world. We ventured down to support the miners and deliver donations!

Carnival in Brazil

Its the biggest party in the world and we got right in the thick of it at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival celebrations!

La Paz, Bolivia

From meeting an american drug trafficker locked up in the San Pedro prison to riding the Death Road (the world’s most dangerous road) – had had some memorable experiences in La Paz , Bolivia.

The Great Outdoors

Cahuita National Park

Cahuita National Park is one of the best national parks in Costa Rica. Filled with wildlife from the ground to the sky it is a must visit! Find out what animals we saw here!​

Salkantay trail Peru

Five days hiking, enjoying nature, and learning about the Incas. An unforgettable experience with a passionate guide!

Kepler Track

The Kepler Track is arguably New Zealand’s best Great Walk. The 4 day journey was breathtaking and sharing this moment with you is really something special.

Piha Beach

Only a short drive from Auckland is one of New Zealand’s most popular beaches… Piha Beach. Piha is a spectacular place to explore and a must do! Read about our adventure here!

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The 5 day “W Trek” is one of the best ways to explore the national park and it was also our first ever hike! Find out how we went here!

Machu Picchu

Overly touristy, super expensive, and a headache to get there…is it worth it? Here’s our story as to why this “Wonder of the World” is worthy of that title.