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15 Most Romantic Honeymoon Hotels in Sri Lanka

15 Most Romantic Honeymoon Hotels in Sri Lanka

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Heading to Sri Lanka for your honeymoon? Well, this blog is all about selecting the perfect hotel for your Sri Lanka honeymoon and includes all of the nitty-gritty details you need to make a choice!

Sri Lanka is a well-known tourist destination and it’s filled with so many beautiful places to visit. But, did you also know that it’s one of the best places to enjoy a romantic honeymoon?!

If you’ve decided to make Sri Lanka your destination for your upcoming honeymoon then I think you’ve made a wise choice!

The tiny island nation is surrounded by a stunning coastline that is home to many pristine beaches. Then inland, its national parks are filled with wildlife including over 10,000 wild elephants! And further up in the mountains, the vast tea plantations make for some pretty spectacular views!

It’s a small country with huge potential and with the right hotel, you can turn your trip into the most romantic honeymoon ever!

To help you plan your post-wedding getaway, I’ve outlined the best and most luxurious honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka. Of course, there’s a wide variety of choices for all budgets, and locations from the beaches to the mountains!

But why trust us?

Well, Bailey and I have stayed in over 250 hotels together as a couple since we began traveling full-time. We live in them, so our opinions come from experience and our keen eyes know what to look for!

*All amounts are in USD. Prices and ratings are subject to change and are sourced from

Beach Honeymoon Hotels in Sri Lanka

Our first category is for those who love the beach. These next few hotels are all about palm tree beaches, pearly white sand, and luxurious stays perfect for celebrating your love for each other.

1. Sri Sharavi Beach Villas

The poll at the Shri Sharavi Beach Villas in Sri Lanka
The Shri Sharavi Beach Villas is one of the best honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka
  • Location: 3.1km from Mirissa Beach on the southwest coastline
  • Star rating: 5-Star Hotel
  • rating: 9.4 / 10
  • Highlights: Oceanfront pool, spa and wellness center, amazing breakfast, private beach, luxurious, and modern rooms.
  • Price range: $144 – $317 per night

Our first hotel perfect for your honeymoon in Sri Lanka is located a short drive from the town of Mirissa. Mirissa is a great place to enjoy a honeymoon because of the sprawling white sand beaches and coconut tree filled hills.

There is also a lot of amazing things to do in Mirissa especially for a newlywed couple. Imagine seafood dinners on the beach and late-night cocktails before retreating to this stunning hotel!

Secret Beach in Mirissa is the best beach to relax at in Sri Lanka
Bailey, relaxing at ” Secret Beach”, one of the nicest beaches in Mirissa and only a short drive from Sri Sharavi Beach Villas.

The hotel itself is in a quiet area well out of town so you have all the peace and quiet a honeymoon deserves. The rooms are private and purpose-built for couples.

The pool is oceanfront and comes with comfortable lounge chairs for soaking up that Sri Lankan sun. They also serve amazing cocktails by the pool and the food is really something special.

This is really a great choice but honestly, don’t take my word for it and check out their reviews and book here!

2. Cape Weligama

A birds eye view of the  Cape Weligama resort and hotel in Sri Lanka
Photo Credit – Cape Weligama
  • Location: 7km from Mirissa Beach, 30-minute drive
  • from Galle Fort
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.4 / 10
  • Highlights: Rooms with private pools, 2 large pools, stunning views, fitness center, 3 restaurants.
  • Price range: $500 – $830 per night

Cape Weligama is arguably the nicest hotel in all of Sri Lanka. This hotel is for those wanting a true luxury vacation in paradise. Again, it’s located near Mirissa so you have the option of doing some daytime activities such as whale watching if you want.

However, if you’re here to enjoy the breathtaking cliff views and stunning infinity pools that’s ok too. There’s not one, but three restaurants on-site as well as bars and a spa and wellness center.

Sunrise at Coconut Tree Hill
Coconut Tree Hill is a popular attraction not so far from this hotel!

If your feeling like a romantic dinner then have your food served on your private dining terrace included in every room. There’s also an onsite fitness center for those who want to burn off all that delicious food!

If you came for luxury with breathtaking views then Cape Weligama is a spectacular hotel. It’s perfect for your honeymoon in Sri Lanka!

You can check out the reviews of the hotel and book your stay here.

3. Aditya Boutique Hotel

The pool at the Aditya Boutique Hotel in Sri Lanka
Photo Credit – Aditya Boutique Hotel
  • Location: South of Hikkaduwa, 4 hours from Colombo
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.7 / 10
  • Highlights: Private plunge pools, ocean-front property, private beach, restaurant and bar, large rooms.
  • Price range: $180 – $391

Aditya Boutique Hotel is a small but luxurious hotel in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Similar to Mirissa, it’s another beautiful beachside town and there are plenty of things to do in Hikkaduwa! Some of the best activities include swimming with turtles, surfing, or eating fresh seafood.

The hotel itself has very large and spacious rooms that are both modern and well designed. Each room comes with its own private pool and that feature alone makes it the perfect romantic getaway.

things to do in hikkaduwa
Hikkaduwa Beach!

Be aware, this hotel does have family rooms so it doesn’t solely cater to couples. However, with such a large living space and private amenities, you won’t want to leave your room anyway!

You can check out reviews and book your stay here.

4. Riff Hikkaduwa

Riff Hikkaduwa, one of the best honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Riff Hikkaduwa
  • Location: Central Hikkadewa
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.3 / 10
  • Highlights: Oceanfront pool, fitness center, secluded beach, wellness center with sauna, wheelchair accessible, large luxurious rooms.
  • Price range: $145 – $216

Another hidden gem in a secluded area of Hikkaduwa is the Riff Hotel. This resort is very well priced and their king suite is only $216 per night with breakfast! All of the rooms come with ocean views and the King Suite comes with a bathtub big enough for two!

sea turtle in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
Swimming with sea turtles is one of the best things to do near this honeymoon hotel!

The rooms are large and well furnished with high-quality furnishings. The fitness room is a great feature and with the wellness center, you’re sure to leave your honeymoon feeling refreshed!

In this price range, it will be hard to find a better value hotel with so much luxury. I highly recommend getting the King Suite and enjoying your special week in style!

You can check reviews and book your stay here!

5. Calamansi Cove Villas

Birds eye view of the Calamansi Cove Villas in Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Calamansi Cove Villas
  • Location: Calamansi Cove, Balapitiya, 2 hours from Colombo
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9/ 10
  • Highlights: Oceanfront property in a secluded bay, huge villas (828 – 1550 square feet), one of the nicest beaches of any hotel on this list
  • Price range: $200 – $280

Our next hotel that’s the perfect place for a honeymoon in Sri Lanka is the Calamansi Cove Villas. This hotel is all about location, location, location!  The hotel is located on the most beautiful private stretch of beach with calm waters and is less than a 2-hour drive from Colombo.

The rooms here are huge and bigger than most people’s apartments! Each villa has a beautiful private garden perfect for a special dinner with your new husband or wife.

This hotel is also in an affordable range and is my top choice for those wanting to relax and not spend time doing activities!

You can check reviews or book your stay here!  

6. Sielen Diva

The Sielen Diva hotel in Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Sielen Diva
  • Location: Unawatuna Beach
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.5 / 10
  • Highlights: All rooms have ocean views, oceanfront infinity pool, in house spa, stunning room designs, hotel restaurant
  • Price range: $290 – $420

Ah, I love this hotel! The views from the rooms are so amazing and those floor to ceiling windows only make it better! This hotel is super modern and they have 7 different room designs to choose from giving you the power to make your honeymoon perfect!

Most of the rooms have a large spa bath that also has views of the ocean, giving you and your special one, the perfect place to spend the sunsets with champagne in hand!

stilt fisherman Sri Lanka
These Stilit Fishermen hang out on the coast not too far from Unawatuna and this hotel!

The hotel is an oceanfront property so you’re only a short walk from the beach. If your keen for an adventure, walk a little further and you’re in Unawatuna town – a busy surf town with plenty of things to do.

You can check the reviews, photos or book your stay here!

7. Sergeant House

Sergeant House, Unawatuna Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Sergeant House, Unawatuna Sri Lanka
  • Location: Unawatuna Beach
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.5 / 10
  • Highlights: Stunning pool, well priced, close to Unawatuna, surrounded by nature, spa.
  • Price range: $100 – $200

Sergeant House is located only 150m from Unawatuna Beach. It’s not exactly a beachfront property, but it’s pretty close! This hotel is still surrounded by nature and the trees give the hotel a very private feel despite being close to town.

Although on the cheaper end of this list, it’s still a great hotel that has a very interesting vibe to it. If you plan on doing daily activities on your honeymoon then the hotel is perfectly located just off the main road to Galle and Mirissa Beach.  

I love this hotel but do worry that some may find the amenities a little underwhelming. So, my advice is to only consider this place if you’re into the simple decor and want to spend some time away from the hotel exploring Sri Lanka.

It’s not the type of hotel you’ll never want to leave, but it’s a beautiful place to start the day! You can check the reviews, more photos and book your stay here.

8. Amaranthe Bay Resort and Spa

The pool and hotel at the Amaranthe Bay Resort and Spa
Photo credit – Amaranthe Bay Resort and Spa
  • Location: Trincomalee, near Uppuveli Beach
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 8.9 / 10
  • Highlights: Beautiful swimming pool, spa baths in junior suites, wellness center, very well priced.
  • Price range: $65 – $130

Amaranthe Bay Resort and Spa is located right on the river mouth near the beach of Uppuveli just north of Trincomalee. It has one of the cheapest rooms on this list, however, I could only recommend booking the junior suite. The junior suite comes with a spa bath perfect for a romantic getaway and stunning views of the river.

The hotel has a huge pool with a view, a wellness center, and a restaurant and bar by the pool. Being so close to Uppuveli means you’ll enjoy all the amazing things to do in Trincomalee including visiting Nilaveli Beach and Pigeon Island, a marine national park filled with turtles, corals, and even reef sharks!

As far as hotels close to Trincomalee in Sri Lanka go, this is one of the best rated! Overall a great budget option for those wanting a quiet but romantic honeymoon!

You can view the hotel reviews or book your stay here!

9. Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes

The pool and deluxe rooms at the ungle Beach by Uga Escapes
Photo credit – Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes
  • Location: 27km north of Trincomalee
  • Star rating: 5-star
  • rating: 9.3 / 10
  • Highlights: Beachfront property, Stunning pool, spa and gym, restaurant, private beach.
  • Price range: $450 – $660

The Jungle Beach Resort is located on a secluded beach far away from other hotels. Although a little out of Trincomalee, you’re still only a short drive away when you’re feeling adventurous.

The accommodation is chalet style and all guests have their own little slice of paradise that comes with a main living room, balcony, and bathroom. Some of the rooms have pools so close to your doorstep you could jump in right from your front porch

standing in the water at Marble Beach near Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
The beaches around Trincomalee are some of the best in all of Sri Lanka!

The hotel has three types of rooms all offering different styles. From their jungle chalet to their beach shack – there are some amazing options!

The Jungle Beach also has its own slice of private beach that’s calm and clean. They provide sun decks and service right to you while you sit back and enjoy a day of pampering.

This is truly a beautiful hotel in one of the most magical of settings. To me, it’s a top choice for a resort or hotel for your Sir Lanka honeymoon!

You can check out reviews or book your stay here.

10. Jetwing Surf

The pool at Jetwing Surf Sri Lanka
Photo credit: Jetwing Surf
  • Location: Arugam Bay
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 8.7 / 10
  • Highlights: Beautiful beachfront property, infinity pool, restaurant, rooms are private cabanas, large private porch.
  • Price range: $260

Jetwing Surf Cabanas is a very well-priced luxury hotel right on the beach near Arugam Bay on Sri Lanka’s east coast. Each Cabana is set out in its own little area for maximum privacy, and the traditional building methods make them absolutely stunning!

There are a few issues with this 5-star hotel though. The hotel itself is eco-friendly which means there is no air-conditioning or fridge in the room. Another issue is the beach here can be a little rough and swimming is only safe when it’s calm. However, with the large pool, it’s honestly fine.

surfing in sri lanka
Surfing is one of those things you must try if you decide to stay at Amaranthe Bay Resort!

This hotel is beautiful and anyone who loves environmental conservation will enjoy the effort this hotel makes to ensure they make ass little impact on the environment as possible.

You can check out more on the hotel or book your stay here!

11. Anantara Kalutara Resort

The pool and hotel at the Anantara Kalutara Resort in Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Anantara Kalutara Resort
  • Location: Katukurunda only 1 hour from Colombo
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 8.9 / 10
  • Highlights: Secluded beachfront property, three world-class restaurants with local and international chefs, 2 swimming pools, some rooms have private pools.
  • Price range: $200 – $1000

The Anantara Resort is a large but luxurious resort only an hour’s drive from Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. The beaches in this area are highly underrated, and the calm, cool waters are perfect for having a splash.

The hotel has very luxurious rooms and amenities including spa services and massages.

Both the beach and the pools are lined with sunbeds to enjoy, and at the hotel you’ll have everything you need to never want to leave. If your honeymoon is somewhat of an adventure around Sri Lanka, this is a perfect first, last, or only stop from the airport!

You can view more on the property and book your stay here!

Inland Jungle Honeymoon Hotels in Sri Lanka

12. Niyagama House

Niyagama House Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Niyagama House
  • Location: Niyagama, 12km inland from Unawatuna Beach
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.6 / 10
  • Highlights: Located in stunning tea plantations but still close to the beach, pool with amazing views, yoga classes.
  • Price range: $100 – $260

Niyagama House is our first hotel in this blog that’s located in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka. However, with this hotel, you really get the best of both worlds and with a 20-minute tuk-tuk ride, you can be at the famous Unawatuna Beach – one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

The hotel serves amazing food but unfortunately doesn’t serve alcohol, however, they are happy for you to bring your own from a nearby shop. This will save you money and with their budget room at only $100 a night, it’s a great choice for those not wanting to break the bank.

Although they don’t have a gym, you can join their yoga classes in a peaceful setting with uninterrupted views! All-round it’s a great hotel that’s the perfect mix of mountains and sea!

You can check reviews or book your stay here!

13. 98 Acres Resort and Spa

A birds eye view of the 98 Acres Resort and Spa in Ell, Sri Lanka
Photo credit – 98 Acres Resort and Spa
  • Location: Ella
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.3 / 10
  • Highlights: Located high in the stunning tea fields, rooms with balcony pools, mountain views, close to tourist attractions.
  • Price range: $200 – $519

If a beach honeymoon in Sri Lanka isn’t what you were searching for then maybe this place is perfect for you. The 98 Acres Resort and Spa is located in the town of Ella and surrounded by tea plantations. Perched on a hillside, the views the rooms are stunning and include Little Adams Peak and Ella Rock.

Nine Arch Bridge Ella is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka
If you’re spending your Sri Lanka honeymoon in Ella, then you need to visit the famous Nine Arches Bridge!

There are two rooms available here at two very different prices. This means its affordable for most budgets. If you can afford the Executive Suite then expect a private balcony pool, huge rooms, and amazing privacy. If you can’t, well, you still get your own personal slice of heaven to look forward to with stunning views, private balcony, and a huge bed.

Although private, the hotel is walking distance to Ella town center, this means you can head out for dinner or explore all the best things to do in Ella including the famous Nine Arch Bridge.

If a honeymoon in the hills of Ella sounds like your cup of tea then check out the reviews or book your stay here!

14. Jetwing Kaduruketha

Jetwing Kaduruketha, Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Jetwing Kaduruketha, Sri Lanka
  • Location: 21km South of Ella
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 9.1 / 10
  • Highlights: True paradise among rice fields and nature, infinity pool, mountain views, large rooms.
  • Price range: $155 – $350

Jetwing Kaduruketha is a true paradise surrounded by nature. From the rice fields that lay in front of the property to the mountains behind, you won’t find serenity like this anywhere else! Imagine breakfast to the sound of the birds, and dinners watching the sunset.

walking from liptons seat to the dambatenne tea factory
Bailey, walking the tea plantations at Lipton Seat.

The hotel is located in the area of Wellawaya, not far from Diyaluma Falls and Lipton Seat – both some of the best things to do in Sri Lanka.

Consider this place an “off-the-beaten-path” hotel in an area very few tourists visit. If you’ve ever wanted to see true Sri Lankan hospitality then this is your place!

You can check out their amazing hotel or book your stay here!

15. Jetwing Yala

Jetwing Yala, Sri Lanka is my favorite honeymoon hotel in Sri Lanka
Photo credit – Jetwing Yala, Sri Lanka is my favorite honeymoon hotel in Sri Lanka
  • Location: On the border of Yala National Park
  • Star rating: 5-star hotel
  • rating: 8.9 / 10
  • Highlights: Located on the doorstep of Yala National Park, large outdoor pool, pool bar, wellness spa, beachfront property.
  • Price range: $100 – $160

Now, I haven’t saved the best for last, but, Jetwing Yala is pretty close! Here, you have the perfect variety of a beach resort on the doorstep of Sri Lanka’s best national park.

One day you could be relaxing on the beach having cocktails, and the next making unforgettable memories spotting elephants and other wildlife in Yala National Park.

3 elephants standing toegther with a baby in Sri Lanka
A family of elephants in Sri Lanka

As far as the hotel goes its very good value for money considering the price range. Even their cheapest room is large and luxuries with everything you could need for a great stay. However, for the small upgrade, you can enjoy a place with a sea view and spend your nights listening to the waves break!

This hotel is a favorite of mine and when you take in its location, rooms, service, and price, it’s sure to be a tempting choice!

You can check out more photos, reviews or book your stay here!

Why we use

relax inn hikkaduwa pool
Enjoying some downtime at our hotel pool!

Everyone has a booking website they know and love. It can be hard to change, I mean you get used to the website and know how to find a great place. To be honest though, I’ve used them all and is by far the best when it comes to price and selection (with the exception of using Hostel World for budget party hostels).

Here are a few other reasons we book our hotels using

They price match

They also price match which means until you’ve checked in you can send them a price on another website and they’ll match it. This actually happened to some friends of mine. This one website had a sale so I emailed to match this sale pice and my friend saved $500 on a $1500 booking (30% off)!

It means you can check prices last minute and if they’ve had a cancelation (and decide to put it on sale last minute) you get that same deal even months after you booked.

They have a “genius” booking rewards system

Make 3 bookings (and complete them) in one year and you’re a “genius.” This means up to 15% discounts, free breakfasts, and early and late check-in’s on participating hotels. This literally saves us so much! Many of the hotels above offer genius savings!

Getting Around Sri Lanka

tuk tuk parked at the beach in mirissa sri lanka
We rented a tuk-tuk for our entire trip around Sri Lanka.
Watching sunsets in Sri Lanka from our tuk tuk
Tuk-tuk is a great way to get around Sri Lanka.

To visit all of the best places in Sri Lanka, you’re going to need a mode of transport. You have a few choices when it comes to getting around Sri Lanka:

Rent a Tuk-tuk

Easily the most popular (and most fun) way to travel around Sri Lanka. We actually rented a tuk-tuk on our trip and absolutely loved it! Tuk-tuks are easy to drive, cheap to rent, and the freedom that comes with your own wheels is unmatched.

If you do decide to rent a tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka, be sure to go with a reputable company that provides quality tuk-tuks, such as Tuktuk Rental (who we rented from.) These guys not only offer an amazing service, but their tuk-tuks are actually rented from local families, providing income for the local community.

If you decide to rent from Tuktuk Rental, be sure to use the coupon code ‘DEST‘ for 5% off!

For more info, read our blog: The Truth about Renting a Tuk-tuk in Sri Lanka.

Hire a Driver

If you’re only planning on going to a couple of destinations, then a private driver is not a bad idea. In the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle, your driver can take you to your next destination. All you have to do is sit back and relax!

You can hire highly-rated drivers in advance to pick you up right from the airport when you arrive in Sri Lanka. This driver will take you to your hotel in Mirissa, Galle, Bentota, or Unawatuna. Whereas this driver will take you to Kandy.

Of course, every time you want to change destinations you will have to arrange for another driver (unless you book this driver who will drive you around for an entire week). Car transfer can easily be organized through your hotel.

Take Public Transport

This is a choice I only recommend for those on a very tight budget and with plenty of time. Public transport is everywhere in Sri Lanka in the form of public buses and trains. It is also very cheap, costing less than a couple of dollars per journey.

However, it isn’t the most comfortable way to travel. The buses don’t have air conditioning and neither do many train services. They can also be slow-moving, stopping every couple of minutes to pick up more passengers.

With that said, public transport is popular with budget backpackers, and it is mostly safe. This is one way to travel for those who want to get around as the locals do!

Before you go!

Bailey and Daniel selfie at a beach
Thanks for reading our blog!

If you’ve already decided Sri Lanka is going to be your destination for your honeymoon then you’ve made the right choice. I’ve traveled to many countries and Sri Lanka is still one of the best places I have ever been to.

I hope this article on the best honeymoon hotels in Sri Lanka helped you pick out an amazing hotel for your romantic week away. If you need help planning your trip or just want some more advice, leave us a comment below and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

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Hello! What would you recommend the most Yala National Park or Udawalawe?


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I would recommend Udawalaweif you are only planning to do one day in the park. If you want to do an overnight or multi-night trip in the park, go to Yala.

Hope this helps Daniel