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19 Amazing Things to do in Miraflores, Peru & Guide to Visiting

19 Amazing Things to do in Miraflores, Peru & Guide to Visiting

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Miraflores, Peru is a beautiful area in Lima with tons to offer visitors. Here’s everything you need to know about Miraflores including 19 amazing things to do in Miraflores, Peru!

Miraflores is a neighborhood in Lima, Peru and the area that you’ll likely stay in while visiting Lima. This is where the majority of the city’s hotels and hostels are, plus it is known as the safest area in Lima.  

While you’ll need to venture out of Miraflores to experience the best of what Lima has to offer, surprisingly, there is a ton to do right outside your hotel’s front door! That’s right, there are lots of fun and exciting things to do in Miraflores, Peru, that will keep you busy. 

Whether you can’t be bothered jumping in an Uber to explore another neighborhood or you just want to see what this area of Lima is really about, I’ve got you covered. I lived in Miraflores for over a month and did a ton of exploring in that time. Even if you’re only visiting Lima for one day, I highly recommend checking out this area.  

So here it is, the 19 amazing things to do in Miraflores, Peru including some important information about visiting. This is your complete guide to Miraflores, Peru!

Don’t have time to read the full article? Some of our top things to do in Miraflores are:

  1. Go on this historic street food tour
  2. Dine, shop, and enjoy the cliffside views at Larcomar
  3. Experience the fun nightlife on this bar crawl tour
  4. Sightsee on this epic bike tour
  5. Enjoy fresh coffee and churros at Manolo

About Miraflores, Peru 

The coastline of Miraflores, Peru
The coastline of Miraflores

Before we get into the awesome things to do in Miraflores, I wanted to give you a little background information about this incredibly beautiful neighborhood.

Back in the day, this area was for fishermen. Since Miraflores sits right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean it was mainly a fishing village. However, rich people from further inland caught wind of this gorgeous area and starting vacationing in Miraflores, Peru and then it started to develop hotels and tourism. 

Now, Miraflores is the tourist district of Lima as well as the neighborhood many upper-class Peruvians live. Many young, successful, business people call Miraflores home and this is apparent if you venture into local bars and restaurants in the evening or on the weekends. 

Miraflores, Peru got its name from the beautiful flowers that are everywhere. In Spanish, “Mira” means “to look” and “flores” means flowers, so, “to look at the flowers.” Even today this name holds true and the government spends a lot of money on the gardens and parks around Miraflores making it an incredibly beautiful part of the city – flowers everywhere you look!  

Miraflores looks like a gorgeous city even by Western standards. Between the tall sky scrappers, world-renowned restaurants, and upscale complex literally hanging on a cliff next to the ocean, Miraflores has made a name for itself as one of the best places to visit in Peru and it’s really no wonder tourists continue to stay here and explore the many things to see and do in Miraflores, Peru. 

19 Awesome Things to do in Miraflores, Peru 

1. Eat churros at Manolo 

Having a coffee and churros at Manolo
Coffee and churros in Miraflores!

Yes, I am starting this list off with churros –  don’t judge me until you try them for yourself!  

Manolo is a cute little café and restaurant that has been around since 1968. In that time, it claimed its name to fame with the “best churros in Lima!” And I must say, I believe it’s true because the churros are delicious, and every time I walked by (daily for an entire month) the place was packed! 

Manolo is located only a 5-minute walk from Parque Kennedy on the main road Avenida Jose Larco in Miraflores, Peru. They are open Monday to Thursday from 7 am to 1 am, Friday until 2 am, Saturday from 8 am to 2 am, and on Sundays from 8 am to 1 am.

2. Go on a food tour 

Four samples of Perivion Food on our Lima food tour
We tried so many amazing dishes on our Lima Food tour!

Speaking of food, Lima is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world! So, it’s no wonder that one of the things you need to do while in Lima is to go on a food tour.

The great thing is that you don’t need to venture far to experience amazing food, and many of the best food tours in Lima actually operate solely in the district of Miraflores! 

We went on an evening food tour with Lima Gourmet Company and it was one of the best tours we’ve ever done! Our guide was friendly and knowledgeable and we ate (and drank) lots of amazing things. Even having been in Lima for so long, the food we tried was new to us and the entire tour was exciting.  

On this food tour in Lima, we went to four different restaurants and sampled various dishes at each place. One of the restaurants was even overlooking the Huaca Pucllana ruins which was a memorable experience in itself. But the tour wasn’t just about trying the food, we also learned a lot about the history of Peru and how the food has come to be.  

Trust me, if you do one thing in Miraflores, Peru, let it be this food tour! It’s not only one of the best things to do in Lima, but one of the best things to do in all of Peru

My recommended food tour is a little pricey (because it is so amazing!) so if you’re on a budget, this food tour also comes highly rated and is much cheaper just because it focuses on street food instead of gourmet dishes. 

3. Explore the Larcomar 

The Larcomar shopping center in Miraflores
The Larcomar shopping center in Miraflores, Peru

The Larcomar is the coolest shopping center ever. Not only does it contain hundreds of high-end shops and restaurants, but it is literally built in a cliff. That’s right, not on a cliff or under a cliff, IN a cliff and hanging over the edge with the best views of the ocean you could imagine.  

Even if you’re not in the mood for shopping, this is a cool place to explore simply for the views or to admire the engineering (whatever you’re into!) There are also lots of nice restaurants and bars here.

Mangos is absolutely delicious and has amazing views. Popular, the name of another restaurant and bar that’s next door to Mangos, is another great place for a cocktail with an ocean view.  

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4. Hang out with cats in Kennedy Park 

Literally, dozens of cats just roam around here!

If you’ve never heard of Kennedy Park in Miraflores before, then you’re probably wondering why I am telling you to “hang out with cats.” Well, Kennedy Park (or Parque Kennedy in Spanish) is home to dozens of stray cats.  

Many years ago there was a rodent problem at Parque Kennedy so cats were brought in to take care of it. Well, the cats bred and bred and now the number of cats who live in and around Parque Kennedy is almost out of control. But don’t worry, these cats are fed and taken care of by many people and loved by visitors.  

The cats at Kennedy Park have become a tourist attraction on their own and definitely one of the most popular things to do in Miraflores, Peru.  

Kennedy Park is also a beautiful park to just walk through and explore. Surrounding the park are tons of shops and restaurants to check out too.  

5. Go drinking on Calle Berlin 

Daniel and Bailey enjoy a drink on Calle Berlin, Miraflores

Calle Berlin (or Berlin Street) is the place to go if you want to drink or party in Miraflores, or Lima in general. Any time of day and any day of the week there are tons of bars to choose from lining the street. Late at night, you can find nightclubs, but there are also Irish pubs, nice restaurants, and trendy bars to check out too.  

Lumma is one of the top places to party in Miraflores and it is one block over from Calle Berlin on the alleyway off of Pje Juan Figari. It is a high-energy club that plays a lot of salsa and bachata music and there is a place in the back behind the bar for dancing!

If you’re looking to enjoy some cocktails and meet new people the best place to go is Black Llama Rooftop! It is actually the bar at Black Llama Hostel which makes it a hidden gem. Plus, the setting and decor of the space is hard to beat. Make sure to go early before all of the good spots get taken because it will fill up.

Molly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant is one of the top Irish pubs on Calle Berlin that serves a ton of delish food, beer, and cocktails. The atmosphere has consistently good live music or DJs and sometimes there is an open mic.

If you really want to visit all the hottest spots and spend a night out with a new group of people you can join this Miraflores Bar Hopping Tour. You’ll also be saving some money on drinks because 3 shots are included on your $20 USD tour and you’ll get exclusive discounts on each bar that you visit.

Miraflores is for sure one of the best and safest neighborhoods to socialize and have a good time in Lima!

6. Bike or scooter the Malecon 

Bailey rides a scooter along the Malecon in Miraflores
What a fun way to get around Miraflores!

The Malecon is the boardwalk in Miraflores along the water. From here, you will get incredible views of the ocean and coastline. 

On a bike, you’ll be able to efficiently see the views from the boardwalk but in addition, you will conveniently be able to explore lots of the other best things in Miraflores all within a couple of hours! 

If you go to the Larcommar you will see plenty of electric scooters that are operated with an app. Alternatively, you can rent a bike for just $10 USD for 4 hours or join a bike riding tour!

On this particular tour, your guide will show you all of the most beautiful sights and landmarks in Miraflores including the Jesus Statue. No wonder it is such a highly rated experience and the best part is that it costs only $30 USD for a 3-hour guided ride – what a deal!

7. Join a free walking tour 

Graffiti on our tour in Barranco
Graffiti on our free walking tour in Barranco

Free walking tours are very popular in Lima and they are awesome because you will learn so much about the history and culture of the city.

You can choose between a variety of companies and tours offered. Most free walking tours are of downtown Lima or the neighboring area of Barranco, but there is this one free walking and food tour in Miraflores.  

However, if you want a little bit more adventure you can join a free 2-hour walking tour of downtown or Barranco (both I highly recommend) that actually starts in Miraflores. The tour companies will guide you on public transport from Miraflores to either downtown or Baranco to go on your tour – how convenient! 

I personally love nothing more than to feel connected to the cities that I visit by going on a walking tour so if this is your first time in Miraflores or Lima do not miss out on this activity!

8. Drink Craft Beer 

A tasting paddle at Barranco Beer Company
A tasting paddle at Barranco Beer Company

You might be surprised to find out that Lima has some great craft beer breweries popping up all over the place and Miraflores is really in the center of it. Go to BarBarian or Lúpulo Peruvian Draft Bar in Miraflores to drink some local craft beer is definitely one of the best things to do in Miraflores.  

If you want to venture a little further, head to the Barranco Beer Company in Barranco (a 10-minute drive from Miraflores) Their beer is delicious! 

For real beer lovers, join this craft beer tour in Miraflores. For only $55 USD your tour guide will take you to the best breweries around where you will sample 14 different beers that come from the 3 main regions of Peru!

They all have different flavor profiles due to the ingredients used from each location so this tour would be the best way to taste all of the varieties in just a few hours and discover which one you find to be most delicious.

9. Try Paragliding 

Paraglider lands in Miraflores, Lima
The paragliding area in Miraflores

Paragliding along the coast is one of the activities that Miraflores, Peru is famous for. Along the Malecon, you’ll find a large grassed area where paragliders are consistently going for a ride! You can sign up at the booth right here and join a professional for a tandem paragliding adventure with views of the Pacific Ocean and Lima – what more could you ask for?! 

The owner of Aeroxtreme has thousands of hours of flight experience and his team follows his lead with skills and safety standards so you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

Paragliding prices do vary based on the season but expect to pay around $75 USD for a ride. You can book a flight online in advance here or in person! Note, you should book online during the busy season to avoid missing out!

Why We Book Tours with Viator

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  • Free cancellation on most tours – Most of the tours on Viator allow you to cancel and get a full refund up to 24 hours in advance. This is handy in case plans change, or if booking an outdoor activity, the weather forecast is looking grim.
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Check out the Viator website here! Or, for more info, read our detailed review about Viator here.

10. Visit the Huaca Pucllana Ruins 

Huaca Pucllana Ruins, Miraflores
Huaca Pucllana Ruins, Miraflores

You actually don’t even need to leave Miraflores to see ancient ruins. Huaca Pucllana is a historical site consisting of clay pyramids with seven different platforms. While it isn’t a massive site, it is still impressive especially considering it is right in the middle of the modern city!  

You can visit on your own and pay the entrance fee (around $4 USD) or go on a guided tour.

This Miraflores Bike Tour first explores the Miraflores neighborhood before venturing out further to visit the Barranco neighborhood and several other cool landmarks that you will learn about from your guide on the way to the Huaca Pucllana. The awesome bonus you will get from booking this tour is a free night stay at the Albergue Verde Hotel in Miraflores if you stay a minimum of 2 nights (that’s BOGO)!

This experience is just $31 USD to book so you’re getting a lot of value for the money.

If you decide to visit independently of a tour there are also restaurants next to the ruins which actually look out over the ruins and make for a unique dining experience in Miraflores, Peru.  

Or if you need transport you can check out this dining experience tour overlooking the ruins! It includes a driver to pick you up and drop you off, a three-course meal, a cocktail, and of course, views of the ruins! We actually ate at this restaurant once and absolutely loved it. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was romantic, and the views of the ruins really topped it off.

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11. Go to the Market 

Large selection of fruits at Mercado Municipal 1, Miraflores
Tons of fresh produce to choose from at the market!

The Mercado Municipal 1 is only a 5-minute walk from Parque Kennedy in Miraflores. Here, you’ll find tons of fresh produce for amazing prices. The variety of fruit available at this market is incredible and chances are you will see plenty of fruits you’ve never seen before! 

Daniel and I actually made an effort to try lots of new fruits and we found some we loved, and others, not so much.

You can also purchase fresh seafood at this market. If you have a kitchen in your accommodation this market is a great place to come to purchase fresh local ingredients for cooking! 

For the exact location of the market, check out Google Maps here. The market is open daily from 7 am to 7 pm except for Sunday when it closes early at 5:30 pm.

12. Visit Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Lima

The Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Lima
The Parque del Amor in Miraflores, Lima

Parque del Amor in Miraflores is one of the most beautiful parks in Miraflores. The entire gardens are filled with flowers and the interesting statues are sure to catch your attention.

At Parque del Amor you can relax on the grass and enjoy the views or get a crepe at the nearby creperie. Regardless and relaxing walk at Parque del Amor in Miraflores is a great activity on a beautiful day.

There is plenty of space to have a romantic picnic with your partner, just bring some snacks and a blanket to sit down on!

13. Make Chocolate 

Making chocolate at Choco Museo, Miraflores
Roasting the beans!

Peru grows some of the highest quality cocoa beans (used to make chocolate) in the world! So, why not learn about the entire process while making your very own chocolate bar? In Miraflores, the Choco Museo offers chocolate-making workshops.

We did their Bean to Bar class which taught us about the entire chocolate-making process as we made chocolate paste from scratch used to make the best hot chocolate ever! We also made chocolate bars that we were able to take home afterward.  

The workshop was also really good value at only $25 USD per person. I’d say we left with close to 30 soles worth of chocolate each anyway. The entire experience lasted for just over two hours.  

14. Eat traditional Ceviche at Rustica 

Traditional Ceviche at Rustica in Miraflores
So yummy!

One of the food items you simply must try while you’re in Peru is ceviche, and there is no better place to try it than in Miraflores! Nearly every restaurant you go to in Miraflores will offer ceviche, but speaking from experience, not all ceviche is created equal. Some ceviche I’ve had is amazing while some is well, not so amazing. 

In Miraflores, the restaurant Rustica in Parque Kennedy does really tasty fresh ceviche served with traditional sides. Trust me on this, just go try it! 

For an extra special experience, join this tour where you will make your very own ceviche before following up with a lesson on how to make the perfect pisco sour!

The cost begins at only $36 USD and it is a brief 1 hour 30 minute lesson so you’ll have plenty of time left in the day to move on to other exciting places in Miraflores.

15. Try Surfing 

Surfing in Miraflores Beach, lima
The waves in Miraflores are great for beginners.

If you head to the beach in Miraflores you can go surfing! There are literally dozens of vendors renting surfboards or offering surfing lessons. You can opt for a private or group lesson and give surfing a go if you’ve never tried it before. 

You can either book a surfing lesson online in advance that includes hotel pick up, or just head to the beach and negotiate your own price with an instructor.

You’ll start off by stretching before learning basics with your board on the beach such as popping up, paddling, and balance. Then, it’s time to head to the water and try to catch a wave! The online lessons cost $32 USD for a 1.5-hour class.

Just be warned, the ocean water in Miraflores is not warm and you will definitely want to wear a wetsuit (they come with the lessons) to stay warm! 

Related Read: Check out my guide if you are looking to go surfing in San Juan del Sur! It’s a location that is suitable for all skill levels.

16. Pisco Tasting Tour 

A bartender makes a pisco sour on our Pisco Sour Tours
Making a Pisco Sour!

Pisco is the national spirit of Peru. It is a clear alcohol that is typically very strong (upwards of 38%). Pisco can be drunk on its own or made into a variety of cocktails including the very famous Pisco Sour.  

The best way to try the best Pisco and Pisco cocktails is with a professional who knows where to go and what to order. On this particular pisco tasting tour not only will you get to try the best Pisco and a wide variety of it, but you don’t need to worry about getting back to your hotel after you’ve had a few too many thanks to your trusty guide! 

The tour begins with a traditional light show with Peruvian music at the Magic Water Circuit at “Parque de la Reserva” and from here your guide will lead you to the historical center for pictures of the buildings lit up at night before entering one of the locally acclaimed bars to try a delicious pisco sour! If you are hungry your guide will be sure to detour so you can try some street food from the market.

It’s a fun way to spend a night and get acquainted with Peru’s national cocktail. Easily a very fun activity in Miraflores, Peru!

You can easily book this tour online in advance here.

17. Eat at San Martin “Market” 

Mercado San Martin, Miraflores
The market is full of life and great food!

San Martin Market isn’t a market like the one I mentioned before with produce, it is actually a market of restaurant stalls all serving different food. The idea of a place like this is that you can go out with a group of people and all order the type of food you want from a selection of several different restaurants. In fact, you can order your starter from one place, your main from another, and dessert from another. 

To me, it is kind of like a food truck market, except it isn’t outside and is a permanent market! The San Martin Market is open every single day from 6 am to 8 pm.

18. Enjoy a sunset cocktail at Boulevard Bordemar

Boulevard Bordemar, Lima

Boulevard Bordemar is a beautiful little strip along the ocean offering a variety of restaurants and bars. It is trendy with some of the best views of the ocean in all of Lima.

Boulevard Bordemar isn’t necessarily in Miraflores, but actually right beside it in Barranco. However, it is still well within walking distance (although down a hill so you may want to catch an Uber back to your hotel afterward.)

My best advice would be to come to watch the sun go down. Then, stroll the boulevard under the fairy lights and find somewhere tasty to eat!

19. Eat seafood at La Rosa Nautica 

Birds eye view of La Rosa Nautica, Miraflores, Lima
La Rosa Nautica, Miraflores

From the Larcomar if you look down at the ocean you will see a large building at the end of a pier – this is a restaurant called La Rosa Nautica. It is the only restaurant in Lima with this unique setting literally in the middle of the ocean.

La Rosa Nautica is famous for, you guessed it, seafood! And surprisingly when we went there, we discovered it wasn’t too expensive either. You can get a main for around 40-60 soles including fresh seafood ($11 to $17 USD).

It is a casual restaurant but be warned, they will not let you in if you’re wearing “beach attire.” So, no flip-flops, swimsuits, or board shorts.

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Where to Stay in Miraflores, Peru

Miraflores in Lima, Peru
The Mariott Hotel


Puriwasi Hostel – Puriwasi Hostel is the most popular and famous party hostel in Miraflores. It’s the perfect hostel to let loose and meet other travelers. You can book Puriwasi Hostel on Hostelworld starting at just $15 USD for a basic shared dorm whereas a private room will cost around $65 USD a night.

Selina Miraflores – Selina has hostels all over Latin America and I’ve personally stayed in lots of them. The Selina in Miraflores is a beautiful hostel in a great location with dorm beds starting from $29 USD per night. You can book the Selina on either or Hostelworld.


Larq’a Park Rooms – This beautiful hotel with an on-site bar and a daily continental breakfast is an option with great reviews that’s money priced on the lower end of a mid-range budget. The location is right next to Parque Kenedy and the rooms are modern, clean, and comfortable. It’s an exceptional value for money.

You can book Larq’ Park Rooms on

Tierra Viva Miraflores Centro – This hotel is my top pick in Miraflores, Lima. The hotel has a solid 9.2 on and is perfectly located, comes with either a king bed or two singles, is clean, and includes breakfast. The 24-hour front desk staff will be more than happy to arrange a shuttle service for you to get to places that are a bit further away. The best part is that it is only $71 USD per night.

You can book Tierra Viva Miraflores Centro on


JW Marriott Hotel Lima – The Marriott Hotel Lima is located right behind the Larcomar shopping center with amazing views of the sea. The location is perfect! The rooms are luxurious and have everything you’d expect from a Marriott Hotel including top-class service. They serve both Peruvian and Asian fusion dishes at their restaurant. Prices average around $237 USD a night.

You can book the JW Marriot Hotel Lima on

Belmond Miraflores Park – This hotel is located near the Marriott and has the same amazing sea views that you can see from select rooms or the panoramic pool. At some point, make sure to pamper yourself at the spa! The rooms are very luxurious and well-furnished. This place is pure luxury but that is reflected in the price tag which averages around $495 USD a night!

You can book the Belmond Miraflores Park on

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Thanks for reading!

llamas in peru
Thanks for reading from me and this llama!

So there it is, 19 fun things to do in Miraflores, Peru that prove you don’t need to venture far from your hotel to have a good time in Lima! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them below and we will get back to you!

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