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5 Absolute BEST Restaurants in Jasper with epic views & food!

5 Absolute BEST Restaurants in Jasper with epic views & food!

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Jasper is well known as an adventure lover’s paradise with tons of awesome things to see and do in both summer and winter. And after those long days exploring, you’re going to want to head into town to enjoy some of the best restaurants in Jasper. 

Although not your typical culinary destination, Jasper offers plenty of great places to eat. From classic pub-style meals to romantic dinners for two, Jasper is a great place to wine and dine! 

However, with so many options when it comes to restaurants in Jasper, it can be very hard to choose exactly where to go. Even with the many blogs out there, no one seems to narrow it down enough to make deciding where to eat in Jasper easy. There’s just so much Jasper food on offer!

That’s why, after so many visits to Jasper, I’ve decided to share my 5 absolute favorite places to eat to take out any guesswork. This list was built around adventure and includes fantastic restaurants made for the Rocky Mountains. 

5 BEST Restaurants in Jasper

1. Jasper Pizza Place

Two pizzas at Jasper Pizza Place in Jasper, Alberta
How good do the pizzas look? Photo credit: Jasper Pizza Place
  • Location: 402 Connaught Dr, in the heart of downtown Jasper
  • Type of food: Pizza and pub food
  • Average cost per meal: $25 CAD
  • Why we love it: The best pizza in Jasper with a rooftop patio

Jasper Pizza Place is an iconic restaurant in Jasper well known for its delicious oven and wood-fired pizza. Although a casual restaurant, the pizza is anything but, and it’s a favorite among visitors and locals. 

One of the key things that attract people to Jasper Pizza Place is its rooftop patio which is the only one of its kind in Jasper. From your table, you can enjoy spectacular mountain views. Thanks to the multiple heaters and fire pit, the rooftop patio is open all year round. The roof even opens and closes depending on the weather, so you’ll never get wet even if it’s raining! Enjoying a sunset up here is easily one of the best things to do in Jasper.

Of course, the number one dish to order at Jasper Pizza Place is the pizza. They have 24 different pizzas on offer separated into two categories, deep dish and wood-fired. Their deep dish is the way to go if you’re feeling hungry, and my favorite is the Hidden Valley. This pizza comes with garlic, artichokes, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and pesto sauce.

Those who can’t pass up a wood-fired thin crust pizza (my personal favorite!) need to try Bella Montagna, which has sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, olives, garlic, goat cheese, and oregano on an olive oil base. It’s so good – trust me!

Jasper Pizza Place rooftop patio with mountain views
Photo credit: Jasper Pizza Place
Two pizza as Jasper Pizza Place, Jasper

Jasper Pizza Place also serves up lots of other pub favorites including burgers, pasta, and small bites. If you’re a picky eater, don’t worry, you can also build your own pizza to your liking. They even have a gluten-free pizza base and cater to vegetarians. 

What I love so much about Jasper Pizza Place is the quality ingredients that support the local community. In fact, as much as possible, they use local produce and suppliers. 

To pair with your pizza, be sure to try some of the local craft beer from Jasper Brewing Co. Or, if you’re a cocktail lover, try some of their signature drinks, such as the Spirit Island Ice Tea or Mexican Mule. With those mountain views, the cocktails are even more enjoyable!

If you’re traveling to Jasper on a budget, be sure to visit Jasper Pizza Place on Tuesdays when they offer 2-for-1 pizza! That means two delicious 10″ pizzas for under $25 CAD! 

Jasper Pizza Place is a staple on every visit to Jasper we make. Will it be yours?

View Jasper Pizza Place’s menu online here!

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2. Fiddle River Restaurant 

Seafood at Fiddle River Restaurant in Jasper, Alberta
The best seafood in Jasper is found here! Photo credit: Fiddle River Restaurant
  • Location: 620 Connaught Drive (Upstairs) 
  • Type of food: Seafood, wild game 
  • Average cost per meal: $32 CAD
  • Why we love it: Fresh & local food with great views  

Opened in 1993, Fiddle River Restaurant started with a mission of being the top choice for seafood in Jasper. Since then, they have expanded to include tons of variety that are bound to satisfy all taste buds. Located on the main strip Connaught Drive, this second-floor restaurant also boasts the best restaurant mountain views out of all of our favorite restaurants in Jasper.  

Wooden beams and paneling matched with simple wooden tables and chairs give this restaurant a low-key diner that meets a cozy log cabin feel. Large glass windows allow lots of light to fill the room and provide some pretty romantic views of the trains rolling by with those famous Rocky Mountains towering in the background. I got lost staring out at the vista for a while, but the menu reeled me right back in! 

Alongside our other favorite restaurants in Jasper, Fiddle River Restaurant gets high marks for keeping it fresh and local. They pride themselves on sourcing seasonal produce from local farmer’s markets to provide the best experience for their customers. I can say without hesitation that they definitely make good on that promise! 

View from a table at Fiddle River Restaurant in Jasper
Photo credit: Fiddle River Restaurant
Seafood and wine at Fiddle River Restaurant in Jasper
Photo credit: Fiddle River Restaurant

Ranging from classic comfort foods with a twist to the wild game dishes of your dreams, you might start planning your second visit before you even order your main! Expect to be tempted by Canadian-to-the-core appetizers like Earl Grey Candied Salmon or Bison Meatballs & Fried Bannock and mains like Filo Yukon Arctic Char and Alberta Elk Stroganoff. Seafood lovers can indulge in dishes like Salt Spring Island Mussels and Pacific Rim Ceviche, all of which round out the fresh and local theme perfectly. 

Although the main theme here is seafood and meats, Fiddle River Restaurant keeps it inclusive by offering gluten-free and vegetarian options, as well as a kid’s menu. We really like that there is so much diversity on their menu so that everyone can come here to cozy up to the mountain views and enjoy some great food in Jasper. 

Last but certainly not least, we can’t sit and admire the scenery without sipping on something delicious. The cocktail menu here ranges from classic to imaginative, and I kept my choice super-Canadian with a delicious Mapletini. If cocktails aren’t really your thing, the menu also includes a great selection of wine from various regions of the world. Local companies dominate the beer menu, including beers from Jasper Brewing Co. and Folding Mountain Brewery (located in nearby Hinton, a popular stop on the drive from Jasper to Edmonton.)  

The restaurant is also newly renovated, so the decor is fresh and inviting.

Click here to take a look at Fiddle River Restaurant’s menu.  

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3. Sunhouse Cafe

The inside of Sunhouse Cafe, Jasper
The light feel to the café makes it such a gorgeous café to visit in Jasper! Photo credit: Sunhouse Café
  • Location: 610 Patricia Street  
  • Type of food: Coffee, brunch 
  • Average cost per meal: $17-$20 CAD
  • Why we love it: Great coffee and sunny vibes  

A relative newbie to the Jasper scene, Sunhouse Café was established in 2018 with the vision of bringing Aussie café culture to the Jasper food scene. Dedicated to all things fresh and local, this sunny Jasper hangout brings its A-game with killer coffee and mouthwatering meals at a reasonable price. 

An unmistakably tall sunroof makes this second-floor restaurant pretty hard to miss while strolling down Patricia Street. Once inside, you immediately feel at home in this bright, open café with minimalist décor and happy houseplants dotting the room. A quick look upwards draws your attention to the main wow factor – a tall, peaked glass sunroof that allows for blue sky views and filtered sunlight to brighten up the whole café. 

Another great feature is that the mountains are visible from the café, so you can take in the Jasper scenery whether you’re hanging out inside or on their patio during the warmer months.  

We definitely can’t talk about a café unless we start with their delicious coffee! Sunhouse Café keeps it sweet and simple with filtered coffee and espresso-based options, a few of which are also available iced. Suppose you’re not feeling the coffee vibes. In that case, they also offer a variety of other options like teas, hot chocolate, and chai lattes, including a turmeric chai latte – a delicious way to spice up a classic. If you’re feeling for something fresh and nutritious instead, you can also grab a smoothie, kombucha, or cold-pressed juice. 

Those who are easily overwhelmed by long food menus (like I am!) will appreciate the short and sweet list of offerings at Sunhouse Café. Although the menu is subject to change based on seasonal food availability, the vibe is upscale brunch items with affordable prices all the way. 

Daniel with his breakfast at Sunhouse Cafe in Jasper, Canada
So good!
Brunch at Sunhouse Cafe in Jasper, Canada
The view is amazing too!

I’m a French Toast girl through and through, and their Mascarpone French Toast topped generously with lemon curd, blackberry compote, and macadamia crumble was *chefs kiss* – no regrets there! An equal number of savory items appear on their menu, so no need to worry if you don’t have a sweet tooth as I do.  

Their menu is suitable for those with different dietary requirements, so everyone can definitely find something to enjoy here. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available, and they offer a bunch of different dairy-free alternatives like macadamia, oat, and coconut milk.  

Like a few other restaurants in Jasper, Sunhouse Café also prides itself on sourcing fresh products from Canadian companies, including Monogram Coffee – out of nearby Calgary. They even encourage local companies to reach out to them through their website so they can create partnerships to support local businesses.  

Heads up though, Sunhouse Café is a smaller restaurant with limited capacity and can get quite busy in the peak months. They open 8 am to 3 pm daily, but the kitchen closes at 2 pm, so make sure to get there in time, so you don’t miss out! This is definitely one of the top cafes in Jasper that you don’t want to miss!

For a peek at their current menu, click here!  

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4. The Raven Bistro  

A selection of lunch meals at The Raven Bistro Jasper
Lunch goals or what? Photo credit: The Raven Bistro Jasper
  • Location: 504 Patricia Street 
  • Type of food: Canadian-Mediterranean fusion 
  • Average cost per meal: $21 CAD
  • Why we love it: Fusion flavors and great happy hour deals 

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat in Jasper that serves up a little something different, then you should definitely check out The Raven Bistro. Tucked away on the quieter end of Patricia Street, this cozy spot mixes Mediterranean cuisine with Canadian ingredients in the best way possible. A well-known Jasper gem, The Raven Bistro boasts a mix of fusion and comfort dishes in an intimate space with friendly service to round out your dining experience.  

As you walk in, warmly lit Mediterranean-style hanging lamps and boldly patterned cushions make your mind wander to a different part of the world, while cozy plaid booths and raven paintings bring you right back to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. A wooden bar with a large central mirror sits at the back of the room, with what first looks like a ladder of delicious wines running up either side – hard to admire without getting a little thirsty! 

Both lunch and dinner menus are available here, with ample options for Vegan and gluten-free diners to boot. The menus have a great variety of options to choose from, with lunch running from 11 am to 4 pm and dinner from 4 pm to 10 pm. My favorite part about Raven Bistro is that they have a great variety of dishes, so whether you’re in the mood for something wholesome and nutritious or want to tuck into a tried-and-true comfort dish – they’ve got something to offer you! 

The Raven Bistro in Jasper drinks
Photo credit: The Raven Bistro
Food at The Raven Bistro in Jasper, Canada
Photo credit: The Raven Bistro

Popular items like Bison & Boar Belly Flatbread to Coconut Kaffir Lime Seafood Pot give you an idea of the flavor and fusion flare they dish out – it’s some of the best Jasper food I have tried. Though prices here can be a little higher than other restaurants in Jasper on this list, the portion sizes are super filling and will definitely replenish you after a day of activity in and around Jasper! 

Though the food menu keeps it international, the drinks menu keeps it just how we love it – local! Jasper Brewing Co., Folding Mountain Brewing, and Bearhill Brewing Co. are well represented here and allow you to taste your way through the Rockies without moving an inch from your table. If you’re in the mood for some cocktails, you can keep it classic with options like a Dark & Stormy or Negroni, or get crafty with the Maple Old Fashioned and the Mediterranean Mule. Wine options (remember that ladder shelf I mentioned..!) from all corners of the world are available by glass or bottle with options to suit all budgets. 

If you’re in the mood for finger foods and shareable plates (or if your pockets need a lil break), Raven Bistro also has Happy Hour daily from 3 to 5:30 pm. Some pretty sweet deals like pints for $5 CAD and half-price wine and Scotch are available to help brighten your day. We enjoyed our happy hour on their patio, soaking up some afternoon sunshine and people-watching, but you can also sit inside and soak up the atmosphere.  

Though open every day of the week, their great reputation and intimate space mean that The Raven Bistro can get busy, so be sure to visit their website to browse their lunch and dinner menu and to make reservations – especially if you’re visiting Jasper in December or other busy months like July and August.

5. Syrahs of Jasper 

A delicious dinner with wine at Syrahs of Jasper
For a romantic and elegant meal visit Syrahs of Jasper. Photo credit: Syrahs of Jasper
  • Location: 606 Patricia Street 
  • Type of food: Canadian, wild game, steak, seafood 
  • Average cost per meal: $40 CAD
  • Why we love it: Creative dishes in a warm, cozy space 

If you ask anyone where to eat in Jasper for your honeymoon, Syrahs of Jasper will undoubtedly top the list of recommendations for spots serving up gourmet dinners. Owner and chef Jason Munn and his team are known for their fresh creative dishes using local ingredients. After visiting, we agree that this is definitely the case! Luckily, you don’t have to go far to seek out this gem – Syrah’s is in the heart of Jasper on Patricia Street.  

Compared to other restaurants in Jasper we visited, Syrahs of Jasper was the most romantic and relaxed feeling – perfect for a date night. The dining room is warmly lit and has about 15 tables that make it feel cozy and chill. The bar has exposed brick and cleverly used oak barrels. It made me feel like I was hanging out in a beautiful wine cellar – which is exactly the vibe they were going for.  

A glance at the menu shows that the Canadian wild game is well represented here with starters like Elk Carpaccio and mains like Smoked Bison Ragout served with Parmesan Potato Gnocchi (which I still dream about!). Pescetarians and vegetarians will be happy with fresh, regional options like Pan-Seared Steelhead Salmon or the Wild Mushroom Loaf. On top of that, almost half of the menu is available gluten-free upon request, which I thought was a nice touch.  

Wine on a table at Syrahs of Jasper
Photo credit: Syrahs of Jasper
Syrahs of Jasper steak in Jasper
Photo credit: Syrahs of Jasper

A little fun fact I learned while dining here: “Syrah” is another spelling variation of “Shiraz”. The wine has several offerings of Syrah by the bottle and continues onto red and white wines from all over the world with lots of Canadian options. Wines are mostly sold by the bottle and if you can’t quite finish one, the restaurant will re-cork it for you to go. A wine doggy bag, if you like! 

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not a wine drinker though – the cocktail menu has plenty to keep you occupied. I happily put to test one of the most reviewed options – the Boar Bacon Caesar! It was delicious with just the right amount of spice and came topped with pickled asparagus and candied boar bacon to balance it out. If a Caesar is not your thing, I highly recommend that you try this one out! If not, try one of the other cocktails they offer that all follow suit with Syrah’s creative touches on classic drinks.  

I highly recommend making a reservation because Syrah’s is such a popular choice (and with good reason!). They ensure fresh, quality food by offering only a limited number of each dish per night – so the earlier you get there, the better your chances of having your pick from the full menu. They are open 7 days a week from 5-9:30 pm, with the last seating at 8:30 pm. To get an idea of their culinary creativity, view their menu here.  

Join a Jasper food tour!

A lady eats a sandwich in Jasper town
One of the benefits of being in Jasper town is the amazing food!

Want to take your food experience in Jasper to the next level? Then consider joining one of the best tours in Jasper – a food tour!

This 3-hour food tour will take you through historic Jasper to visit four incredible restaurants. At each stop, you’ll try some delicious, local food that is paired with a boozy drink (sorry, no kids on this one!) You’ll also hear some of the wild and mysterious stories about Jasper’s colorful and fun history. It’s a great way to spend a few hours, make new friends, and explore Jasper! The cost is $100 CAD and includes an expert guide and all food and drinks.

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Other Activities to do while you’re in Jasper

A person canoes around Spirit Island on Maligne Lake, Canada
Take a cruise on Maligne Lake to see this famous spot!

Jasper National Park is just filled with fun things to do and see! So besides visiting Maligne Lake, there are a few other activities that we recommend that you check off your to-do list. They are:

  • Spirit IslandMaligne Lake is arguably the most famous lake in Jasper National Park. At Maligne Lake you can hike, canoe on the lake, or eat at a lakeside restaurant. However, the best activity at the lake is this scenic Maligne Lake Cruise which takes you out on the water for the best vantage point. The cruise also takes you to the famous Spirit Island, which is so picture-perfect that you’ve likely seen it on Instagram before.
  • Explore Maligne Canyon – Located on the edge of Jasper town is the beautiful Maligne Canyon, where you can hike alongside and peer down into the deep canyon. There are also a few bridges you can walk on to really take in the views. In the winter, we highly recommend doing an icewalk in the canyon where you put on ice cleats and explore frozen waterfalls, ice caves, and walk in the middle of the frozen canyon!
  • Visit Pyramid LakePyramid Lake is a calm lake that offers reflections of the surrounding mountains including the symmetrical Pyramid Mountain. In the summer you can swim, hike, canoe, and SUP on the lake. In winter, go ice skating or ride in a horse-drawn sleigh. For an extra special treat, spend the night lakeside at the Pyramid Lake Resort.

Where to Stay in Jasper

The spa at the Whistler Inn in jasper
What a view! This photo is taken from the gorgeous Whistlers Inn.

When compared to Banff (and the dozens of hotels in Banff), there actually aren’t that many to choose from in Jasper. That’s right, accommodation in Jasper is limited, and therefore it’s important to book your stay as far in advance as possible!

Here, I’ve handpicked some of my personal favorite hotels in Jasper suitable for any type of traveler with any type of budget!

Jasper Downtown Hostel (Budget Backpackers)

Jasper Downtown Hostel is the best place to stay for those on a tight budget. The central location just a couple blocks from shops and restaurants, shared facilities, and a friendly atmosphere make it a great place to stay. They offer budget dorm beds as well as affordable private rooms ranging from $45 – $179 CAD.

You can book Jasper Downtown Hostel on either or Hostelworld.

Whistlers Inn (Moderate Budget)

Whistlers Inn is the perfect place to stay if you are looking for a nice escape right in town and only a short walk from popular bars, restaurants, and attractions in Jasper. They also have a rooftop hot tub (pictured above) – need I say more? Because of its reasonable price of $300 CAD or less, it books up quickly so make sure to try and reserve as soon as you can!

You can check prices and availability on

Forest Park Hotel (Moderate to High Budget)

Forest Park Hotel is a great place to stay if you want a comfortable stay for a reasonable price right in town. There are some standard rooms, as well as some units with kitchenettes.

The rate for a queen room with two beds averages around $400 CAD. The hotel has an indoor pool and spa on-site as well as a gym and two restaurants. One is for breakfast and another for dinner and drinks – be sure to order their Detriot-style deep-dish pizza!

You can check prices and book Forest Park Hotel on

Pyramid Lake Resort (Luxury)

This place is beautiful, and it is set in an even more beautiful location! Pyramid Lake is the perfect place for hiking, swimming, kayaking, or even skating in the winter.

Pyramid Lake Resort doesn’t cut any corners and it’s a highly-rated hotel. It’s also a popular place to stay for couples – some rooms have a cozy fireplace to snuggle up around.

There is also a gym and hot tub to make use of! Prices vary based on the time of year but expect a room during the summer to run around $400 CAD a night.

You can check availability and book on

For more detailed info on the best hotels and areas to stay in Jasper, read our blog!

Thanks for reading!

Dan and Bailey take a selfie in Jasper
Thanks for reading!

Jasper is one of my favorite mountain towns to dine out and enjoy delicious meals. But, of course, I’m sure you already knew that after reading the list above!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our guide to the best restaurants in Jasper. I hope by writing a smaller list focused only on our favorite places to eat, choosing a place to eat is now easy! 

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