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12 BEST Hotels in Torres del Paine National Park (for every budget!)

12 BEST Hotels in Torres del Paine National Park (for every budget!)

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Here’s everything you need to know about the 12 BEST hotels in Torres del Paine National Park. I’ve included tons of info on these beautiful Torres del Paine accommodation options including prices, how to book, the locations, and more!

Visiting Torres del Paine National Park is a bucket list experience for almost every visitor that passes through its entrance gates. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the world I’ve had the pleasure of visiting!

However, what usually steals the show when it comes to visiting Torres del Paine National Park is the multi-day hikes around the park. Although I love these trails and have actually hiked the Torres del Paine W-Trek and the O-Circuit on separate occasions camping along the way. Not enough attention is given to the breathtaking hostels and hotels in Torres del Paine National Park.

And what could be better than sleeping in a comfortable or luxury hotel with nothing but breathtaking mountain views around you?

Without a doubt, this is one of the best things to do in Patagonia!

So in this blog, I want to show you only the best hotels in Torres del Paine National Park and guide you through what they cost, where they are in the park, and the views they offer!

But the best part?

I’ll include a range of different options to suit everyone’s budget!

Most Luxurious Hotels in Torres del Paine National Park

1. Hotel Lago Grey

Hotel Lago Grey Torres del Paine National Park
Could you imagine having a drink with this view?! Photo Credit – Lago Grey Hotel
Location:On the edge of Lago Grey. Hotel is accessible by car.
However, it is a bit of a drive from the hotel to the
start of hiking trails.
Price:$340 USD +
Best for: Luxury travelers wanting to explore the Grey Glacier.

Our first hotel in Torres del Paine National Park is a real beauty that comes with all the luxuries you could want without a crazy price tag. Hotel Lago Grey is the perfect place to base yourself to explore the west end of the National Park.

The hotel features rooms with stunning views of the national park, an amazing restaurant serving world-class food, and a bar to enjoy fine Chilean wines, beers, and cocktails. On the outside, you can enjoy the beautiful decks with a drink in hand and just stare out at the mountains around you.

Lago Grey Hotel restaurant
Hotel Lago Grey Torres del Paine National Park

All of the rooms include a fabulous breakfast and stunning private bathrooms. However, if you want views of the mountains from your room you’ll need to book a superior room.

From the hotel you can take a cruise out to the Grey Glacier and explore, spending the day navigating icebergs and enjoying the scenery of the west end of the national park. Of course, once you’re done exploring you can return to your comfortable room and enjoy a meal under the stars.

Check prices and availability at Hotel Lago Grey!

2. Explora Patagonia – All inclusive

Explora Patagonia - All Inclusive hotel in Torres del Paine National Park
Explora Patagonia – All Inclusive hotel in Torres del Paine National Park. Photo Credit – Explora Patagonia
Location:On the shores of Lago El Toro near a paved
access road. Great for easy access to hiking trails.
Price:$10,000 USD+ for 3 night all-inclusive stay for 2 poeple.
Best for:Those wanting to do lots of guided tours on a very
special trip.

Explora Patagonia is without a doubt the most luxurious hotel in Torres del Paine National Park. The all-inclusive hotel sits on the shores of Lago El Toro deep in the national park. It features panoramic views of the entire mountain range that can be seen from every room in the hotel.

The all-inclusive stay means you can enjoy as much of the amazing food and drinks served at the beautifully located restaurant and bar. You can also join any of the 40 different explorations to the national park that are included in the rate.

Explora Patagonia Hotel Torres del Paine NP
The views of Torres del Paine National park from a room at Explora Patagonia

On those nice evenings, you can enjoy a drink at one of the many jacuzzis that line the lakefront of the hotel or take a dip in the indoor pool. This hotel is all about luxury and a stay here is a once in a lifetime experience.

Check prices and availability of Explora Patagonia!

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3. Río Serrano Hotel + Spa

Río Serrano Hotel + Spa
Simply breathtaking! Photo Credit – Río Serrano Hotel + Spa
Location:Serrano River, a 30-minute drive from the most famous
hiking trails.
Price:$612 USD +
Best for:Those wanting a luxury stay and don’t mind being
a little ways away from the main area of the national park.

Located on the Serrano River this beautiful hotel gives guests amazing luxury. The Rio Serrano Hotel is a short drive from most hiking trails which puts its location a little far out, but if you have a car or plan to do guided expeditions it’s fine.

The rooms at the Rio Serrano Hotel are spacious and all come with beautiful ensuites. The indoor pool and spa are a great touch and there’s no sacrifice when it comes to enjoying breathtaking views.

The view of Torres del Paine National Park from a room at Río Serrano Hotel + Spa
The indoor pool at Río Serrano Hotel + Spa

During the day you can join the hotel’s excursions out to the park or venture out on your own. On the all-inclusive rooms, tours are included and on the standard, you can choose for a range of extras including boat trips, horse riding, and guided walks.

For the price, all rooms include an amazing breakfast with dinner and lunch options are available at the restaurant or can be added on for an all-inclusive stay. If you come to enjoy Chilean wine here in Torres del Paine National park then the huge wine selection is a great bonus.

You can check Río Serrano Hotel’s availability and reviews here.

4. Hotel Las Torres Patagonia

The view of Hotel Las Torres Patagonia
The most famous Torres del Paine Hotel! Photo Credit – Hotel Las Torres Patagonia
Location:The start of the Las Torres viewpoint hike.
Price:$415 USD (non-all-inclusive)
Best for: Perfect for those wanting to hike to the famous
Las Torres Viewpoint

Hotel Las Torres Patagonia in Torres del Paine NP is the most popular hotel in the park. Its location at the base of the Las Torres hiking trail puts it at the absolute best location to explore the east side of the park and enjoy the stunning views of the Las Torres Viewpoint to which the park got its name.

Facilities at the hotel are beautiful with spacious rooms, large bathrooms, spa, and sauna. The restaurant is also highly rated and uses most of its produce from the organic garden on the grounds of the hotel.

Comon areas in Hotel Las Torres Patagonia
The rooms at Hotel Las Torres Patagonia

Unfortunately, if you want to book a stay at this hotel you’ll need to get in early and it’s often rare to find space at the hotel in the summer season. With that said, if you get in early, you can enjoy a few nights stay at Torres del Paine National Park’s most famous hotel!

You can check Hotel Las Torres’s availability and prices!

Best Eco-Hotels in Torres del Paine National Park

5. Ecocamp Patagonia

Ecocamp Patagonia in Torres del Paine National Park
A gorgeous eco-hotel in an ideal location! Photo Credit – Ecocamp Patagonia
Location:At the base of the Las Torres viewpoint hiking trail.
Price:$616 USD all-inclusive.
Best for:Those wanting an affordable all-inclusive stay near
the Las Torres viewpoint trail.

For a truly Patagonian experience, you can’t go past an eco-hotel and Ecocamp Patagonia is one of the best. It’s located near the Las Torres Hotel putting it in as equally as amazing location – perfect for exploring and hiking to the Las Torres Viewpoint.

However, unlike the Las Torres Hotel, in this eco-hotel, you’ll sleep in a luxury dome with views of the stars. The entire hotel is also based around sustainability and aims to leave a little footprint behind. Despite the price, the hotel is great value and all rooms include breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

A beautiful room at Ecocamp Patagonia
The dinning room at Ecocamp Patagonia

During the day the staff at the hotel can help you prepare for your hikes and give you detailed information on the trails, where to go, and how to avoid the crowds. This is a very unique and appealing place to spend a few nights in Torres del Paine National Park.

Check out Ecocamp Patagonias prices and availability!

6. Patagonia Camp

Patagonia camp in Torres del Paine NP
Photo Credit – Patagonia Camp
Location:Near Lago El Toro, a little far from the main hikes
in the park.
Price:$550 USD non-all-inclusive
Best for:People wanting a quiet location in a luxury eco lodge
close to other lesserknown hiking trails

For those who just can’t sacrifice comfort for an eco-stay then Patagonia Camp is a perfect choice. Located on the shores of Lago El Toro, this eco camp is as luxurious as a 5-star hotel but surrounded by nature.

All rooms have the option of being all-inclusive meaning all you have to do it sit back and let Patagonia Camp take care of your stay. The lamb dinners are a specialty and very highly reviewed. And just in case you’re feeling a little sore after your hikes they even have an outdoor jacuzzi to relax your muscles for the next day ahead.

One of the rooms at Patagonia Camp
The outdoor spa at Patagonia Camp

Although the hiking trails are a short drive away, this is this beautiful eco-hotel it’s the perfect place to relax after your day’s adventures watching the sunset and the stars come alive!

You can check the availability and price of Patagonia Camp here

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Best mid-range Hotels in Torres del Paine National Park

7. Pampa Lodge, Quincho & Caballos

Pampa Lodge, Quincho & Caballos hotel in Torres del Paine national Park
PhotoCredit – Pampa Lodge, Quincho & Caballos
Location:Serrano River. A 30-minute drive to main hiking trails.
Price:$360 USD
Best for:Those wanting to do horse riding tours and don’t mind a
short drive to hiking trails.

Located on the Serrano River, Pampa Lodge is the perfect hideaway in Torres del Paine National Park. Although a little further from the action, the hotel provides guests with a comfortable stay with amazing views.

All of the rooms here include a fabulous breakfast and for other meals, you can enjoy the amazing onsite restaurant that serves all your Patagonian favorites. The rooms have also been built with the views in mind and the windows provide the perfect viewpoint from the comfort of your bed.

Te dining room at Pampa Lodge, Quincho & Caballos
The rooms at Pampa Lodge, Quincho & Caballos

During the day the hotel offers lots of day excursions to the park with the horseback riding being one of the top-rated here. On the tours, you’ll cross rivers and explore a very remote part of Torres del Paine National Park.  

Overall a great luxury option without the ridiculous luxury price tag. Check the availability and prices of Pampa Lodge!

8. Pehoe Hosteria

Pehoe Hosteria on the edge of Lake Pehoe
to me, this hotel has the most scenic view! Photo Credit – Pehoe Hosteria
Location:Pehoe Lake, a short drive to the main hiking trails but
close to other lesser-known trails.
Price:Low season prices starting from $120 USD (1 person)
Best for:Those wanting a beautiful location for a great price who
don’t mind an old hotel.

Pehoe Hosteria is one of the best mid-range budget options that almost falls into the budget category. The great thing about this hotel (aside from the magnificent views from Pehoe Lake) is the fact you can book single rooms, doubles, and triples. This makes it a great choice for families!

However, this is not a luxury hotel and the building is very old but still comfortable. Despite the location being a little far from the main hiking trails, it’s close to other hiking trails such as Mirador Condor.

Pehoe Hosteria on the shores of Lake Pehoe
The views from the lake at Pehoe Hosteria

All of the rooms include breakfast and there is also a restaurant at the hotel for other delicious meals. For those with their own car, this hotel is one of the best mid-range choices with an ideal location and as a photographer, I’d recommend this hotel.

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9. Konkashken Lodge

Konkashken Lodge
One of the best options for Lodging in Torres del Paine. Photo Credit – Konkashken Lodge
Location:Serrano River
Price:$240 USD for a double room (dorms are the same price
per person)
Best for: Those who love a great family run hotel with amazing
service and basic rooms.

If amazing customer service and supporting small family businesses is what you love then you can’t go past Konkashken Lodge on the Serrano River. This small lodge caters to solo travelers, families, and couples for a non-luxurious but comfortable stay in a family-run lodge.

They offer a family room for around $300 USD meaning per person it’s a great deal. However, once again this place is a little from the main hikes in the park. But for the price, its views, service, and friendly atmosphere it’s perfect for budget travelers.

A bedroom in Konkashken Lodge
Konkashken Lodge

At Konkashken Lodge you can sit back knowing Santi and his family will do all they can to make your stay in Torres del Paine National Park amazing. And, at the same time, meet lots of like-minded travelers!

You can check the reviews and prices of Konkashken Lodge!

Best Budget Hotels and Hostels in Torres del Paine National Park

10. Cabañas Lago Tyndall

An overview of Cabañas Lago Tyndall
These bungalows are super affordable for groups of families! Photo Credit – Cabañas Lago Tyndall
Location:Serrano River
Price:$150 USD (4 person bungalow)
Best for:Families or groups on a budget with a car or planning
on doing guided walks.

Another favorite for families and groups is the Cabanas Lago Tyndall. This hotel is also situated on the Serrano River and offers bungalows perfect for groups of up to 4 people at extremely cheap prices.

The views from the grounds of the hotel are breathtaking and you can see all the amazing peaks that makeup Torres del Paine National Park. Each cabin has its own kitchen so you can cook your own meals and save some much-needed money in this expensive part of the world.

One of the rooms at Cabañas Lago Tyndall
Cabañas Lago Tyndall

 Although this hotel isn’t anything special luxury-wise, for the price per person it’s the cheapest place you’ll find in Torres del Paine National Park without camping. Also with kitchens in every bungalow, you can cook all your own meals saving you even more money!

Check out Cabanas Lago Tyndall’s availability and prices!

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11. Pampa Hostel

The view from Pampa Hostel in Torres del Paine National Park
The views from the hostel! Photo Credit – Pampa Hostel
Location:Serrano River
Price:$135 USD per bed
Best for:Solo traveler with transport wanting a nice new hostel.

The Pampa Hostel is a beautiful hostel once again located on the Serrano River. Despite being in the budget category, the hostel isn’t actually that cheap, but it’s a great mix for a solo traveler who enjoys a little more comfort than a very basic hostel.

The rooms here are beautiful and the hostel building is new. The reviews are amazing too (notably the service and included breakfast.)

Pampa Hostel
Te rooms at Pampa Hostel

From the hostel, you can enjoy stunning views of the Torres del Paine and also you can venture out on day trips to different areas of the park.

Overall, a great option for solo travelers or groups looking for a comfortable hostel with a social atmosphere! You can check Pampa Hostel’s prices and availability!

12.  Goiien House

Goiien House hostel
It’s not fancy, but it’s cheap! Photo Credit – Goiien House
Location:Laguna Amarga just outside the entrance gate (around
10 km from Las Torres Viewpoint trail)
Price:$75 USD per dorm bed
Best for:Those wanting to hike the Las Torres viewpoint trail who
are on a budget.

Last but certainly not least is Goiien House. Now, this place isn’t amazing and neither are the reviews, but when I said there’s a hotel in Torres del Paine National Park for everyone, I meant it. So if you’re on a tight budget, traveling alone, and looking for the cheapest accommodation near Torres del Paine National Park (aside from camping) then Goiien House is it.

A dorm bed here will only cost you $75 a night in the summer season making it super cheap compared to your other options.

The views from Goiien House Hostel
The dorm rooms at Goiien House

Its location is actually quite good and isn’t far from Hotel Las Torres and can be reached by a little walking and a $4 bus. The views from the hostel aren’t amazing but for the price, location, and facilities it’s the best budget hotel option in Torres del Paine National Park.

You can check reviews and prices for Goiien House.

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Getting to the Hotels

renting a car in patagonia
We rented a car in Southern Patagonia and found that it was a very convenient and enjoyable way to travel!

Most of the hotels in this blog are very remote – meaning you need to figure out a way to get to them! The easiest and more comfortable way is by renting a car!

We rented a car for a couple of weeks in Patagonia and it was awesome! Use the website Discover Cars to search for an affordable and suitable car rental to help you get around easily and enjoy your freedom at the same time.

Before you go…

I hope this guide has helped you find the perfect hotel in Torres del Paine National Park. There are plenty to choose from, but in every category, I’ve chosen the best!

If you have any questions about Patagonia or the hotels in the Torres del National Park, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you!

If not, then you can check out all our Patagonia blogs here or check out a few of our favorites below:

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