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15 Absolute BEST Restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico (2024 Guide!)

15 Absolute BEST Restaurants in Sayulita, Mexico (2024 Guide!)

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The small town of Sayulita is gaining much interest among travelers, surfers, and epicures alike. Located North of Banderas Bay, you can expect to find funky art, excellent surfing conditions, and a variety of delicious cuisine. In my experience, the restaurants in Sayulita are popping up at a rapid rate – and there are plenty of good ones to choose from!

As you walk through the streets adorned with colorful flags, known as “Ojos de Dos” and “Papel Picado,” you cannot help but feel uplifted and inspired. The locals are eager to entice visitors and travelers with their food offerings, including a few international options when you need a little taste of home.  

The vibe in this town is fabulous. You can expect outstanding hospitality and friendly local smiles. So whether you’re visiting Sayulita on a tour from Puerto Vallarta or on your own time, finding your favorite spot to eat is super easy. All you need do is explore the streets, one restaurant in Sayulita at a time. In addition, you can expect some really great prices for exceptional food. 

The sun is shining, and the locals are smiling. So, let’s get down to fantastic Sayulita dining! 

Don’t have time to read the full article? Everywhere you look, delicious food is sure to be in sight all throughout Sayulita. Check out El Itecate on the main street which has some seriously mouth-watering burritos, but in the place of your tortilla, it’s a wrap made of deliciously melted cheese.

The Best Restaurants in Sayulita  

1. Chaman Creative Kitchen – Mexican/American Fusion Cuisine

Tacos from Chaman Creative Kitchen in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Chaman Creative Kitchen
  • Location: North side of town, Google Maps location here 
  • Price Point: Average 200 Mexican pesos ($10 USD) per main dish
  • Come here for: Mexican meets American Cuisine 

This cute and creative restaurant in Sayulita oozes beach appeal. You are seated under white umbrellas and surrounded by palm trees. The welcoming sounds of chill jazz add to the awesome vibe. 

We arrived just in time for their dinner menu. Upon recommendation, I decided to try the Tuna Medallion. Dan chose the Mustard Salmon Fillet. My tuna was delicious – perfectly sealed in coriander seeds and dried chili. Yum! Dan’s salmon was prepared in an old mustard sauce with capers melted with every bite. 

They have some fantastic cocktail combinations. I tried the Copal Shamanic Cocktail. A refreshing blend of tequila, kiwi, and homemade rosemary syrup. Fresh bliss! For dessert, the smooth and velvety Chocolate Mousse was the perfect decadence. Dan sipped a fruity Mango Margarita. Divine! 

The servers at Chaman Creative Kitchen go out of their way to ensure your meal is excellent and you enjoy your time with them. There are several vegetarian options alongside a super kids menu. What a way to start our best restaurants in Sayulita journey! 

2. El Itacate – Most Unique Burrito (for cheese lovers!)

Eating our cheese burrito at El Itacate, Sayulita
Eating our cheese burrito at El Itacate, Sayulita! Trust me, it’s delicious!
  • Location: Half a block from the main plaza, Google Maps location here 
  • Price Point: 180 pesos ($9 USD) for their famous cheese-wrapped burrito (Itacate)
  • Come here for: A burrito with melted/grilled cheese as the tortilla!

El Itecate is a small streetside restaurant located in Sayulita that is famous for its unique burrito. In fact, instead of using a corn or flour tortilla, at El Itacate use a freshly cooked wrap made entirely of melted cheese. I myself love cheese, so when I found out this existed, I just had to try it.

Cheese cooking at El Itacate, Sayulita
The cheese cooking away! This is the outer wrap of the burrito – no corn tortilla is needed here!

The Itacates, as they’re called, cost 185 Mexican pesos ($9 USD), and you can get the filling of your choice. They had chicken, seafood, prime rib, and flank steak. El Itacate is also famous for its steak, so that’s what I always get.

The best part about this meal is that I usually only eat half and get the other half to go – they are that big! Cheese burrito breakfast the next morning? Yes, please!

Besides the food, this small restaurant is casual and offers tons of other authentic Mexican dishes at an affordable price. The service is quick, and they also offer a variety of ice-cold beers and cocktails. If you can, grab one of the tables out front on the street. From here, you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of Sayulita’s main street. It’s a fun place to people-watch.

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3. Miscelanea Sayulita – Best Pastries and Baked Goods

Shakshuka from Miscelanea Sayulita in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Miscelanea Sayulita
Pastries from Miscelanea Sayulita in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Miscelanea Sayulita
  • Location: In town, one block from the main plaza and two blocks from the beach. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: Around 250 MXN ($13 USD) for a main dish
  • Come here for: Perfect Brunch and Pastries 

When you fancy a healthy breakfast or brunch with an artisanal twist Micelanea is the place to go! The fresh and stylish décor is met with a super relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant in Sayulita attracts many people, so, you may have to wait a bit for a table. I promise it is worth it!  

We were seated at an intimate spot on the outside patio. There is a variety of freshly prepared healthy options, from scrumptious açai bowls to garden-fresh salads, super sandwiches, and decadent pastries. We each ordered a cappuccino while browsing the menu. Really great coffee! I loved the herbal tea selection, too. 

I decided to try the gluten-free blueberry banana pancakes. The pancakes were fluffy, served with fresh blueberries, sliced banana, and a berry compote. Very yum! Dan decided to try the Chilaquiles verdes y Pancakes de Elote (Corn Pancakes). He loved every bite!  

I grabbed a freshly baked croissant on my way out to enjoy it on the beach. My favorite part about this restaurant in Sayulita is the use of simple, fresh ingredients to make super tasty dishes! 

4. La Rustica Sayulita – Best Pasta and Italian Cuisine

pizza from La Rustica Sayulita in Salyulita, Mexico
Photo credit: pizza at La Rustica Sayulita
  • Location: Right in the heart of downtown, just meters from the Plaza. Google Maps location here.  
  • Price Point: Average 300 Mexican pesos ($15 USD) for a dinner main dish
  • Come here for: Italian Cuisine and Pizza! 

If you want a great way to spend your evening, then La Rustica Sayulita is the place to go! We arrived on a gorgeous evening to the sounds of a house DJ spinning his decks. The sounds of chitter-chatter and laughter echoed across this restaurant in Sayulita. 

We were promptly seated by our friendly and efficient server. Of course, a refreshing cocktail was in order, and the margaritas did not disappoint.  

The Palomitas de Camaron was my starter of choice. Super fresh and bursting with seafood flavor! Crispy deep-fried shrimp served with homemade habanero aioli and parmesan cheese. Delicious! Dan tried the Mejillones. Mussels sauteed in white wine, garlic, parsley, and cream. 

Pizza was a must for our main course. I ordered the La Princesa. An epic combination of vegetarian ingredients. Dan opted for the El Rey. With pepperoni, ham, and salami on one pizza. You cannot go wrong! Moreover, the bases were light and crispy. Extremely moreish! With that said, we’ve been told it’s the best pasta in town, so next time we visit we will be sure to try it.

Who can refuse a Chocolate Volcano served with Wakika vanilla ice cream for dessert? Too divine! We enjoyed one more margarita while listening to the DJ! Undoubtedly, one of the best restaurants in Sayulita! 

Hot Tip: La Rustica also serves a really delicious eggs benedict for breakfast, and the green juice is amazing, too.

5. Pizza Venezia – Best Pizza

Pizza from Pizza Venezia in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Pizza Venezia
Ensalada Sayulita from Pizza Venezia in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Pizza Venezia
  • Location: North side of town. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: Around 200 MXN ($10 USD) for a pizza (with daily deals!) 
  • Come here for: Pizza! 

You cannot miss the bright green and yellow exterior of this epic Italian restaurant in Sayulita. We decided to sit on the pavement and enjoy some street nightlife activity. 

We ordered the shrimp salad to start. The portion is enormous and more than enough for two. Then, we shared a large vegetarian pizza. Again, a fair size and packed with fresh toppings. Every bite had the mozzarella cheese stretching for miles. The wood-oven baked crust was perfect. Indeed, a scrumptious pizza-eating experience!  

Next time, I’m definitely going to try the Calzone. We saw these coming out of the kitchen, making our mouths water. In addition, there is a fabulous pasta selection alongside gluten-free options.  

We sat back, our appetites satisfied with a beer in hand. It is important to note that they do not sell alcohol. However, you can bring your own along. To our delight, we were treated to an array of street performers, including flame throwers, drummers, and flute players.  

So, where to eat in Sayulita for dinner and street show? Pop into Pizza Venezia

6. Yah Yah Café – Best Breakfast Bagels

A delicious bagel at Yah Yah Cafe, Sayulita
The bagels at Yah Yah are out of this world! Try them!
  • Location: Just a couple of blocks up the hill from the center of town. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: Around 100 MXN ($5 USD) for a bagel, bowl, or waffle
  • Come here for: Café style cuisine/breakfast bagels!

This charming and quaint coffee bar and café are a must-visit! Tastefully decorated with coffee and pastries straight from heaven. Equally, Yah Yah Café offers various delicious healthy meals and sweet treats. 

I have to comment on the artistic talent of the barista. Gorgeous mandala, flower, and animal designs swirling in shades of brown. The cappuccinos are stunning! I felt terrible sipping the design away! Even so, it was a super cup of coffee.  

Dan and I have been here many times and always opt for the breakfast bagels. They have a huge selection and you can even tailor your bagel to have egg white or add ingredients like avocado. The bagels are huge, and one is perfect way to fuel up before a busy day exploring all of the different things to do in Sayulita.

Besides the bagels, the smoothies are sublime! Made with orchard-fresh fruit and coconut. I had the mango and Dan the Pina Colada.  

The sweet waffles also look incredible. Packed with fresh fruit and a generous chocolate drizzle. When I fancy a sweet treat, I’ll return to Yah Yah Café.  

There are several café-style restaurants in Sayulita. Don’t miss this one – it’s one of my personal favorites! 

7. Coco’s Beach Club – Best Beach Bar

Seafood dish from Coco Sayulita Club in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Coco Sayulita Club
  • Location: On the beach. Google Maps location here
  • Price Point: Average 250 MXN ($13 USD) for a main dish 
  • Come here for: Mexican Cuisine/Beach Bar Vibes 

The beach is always fabulous for enjoying the sun and tasty lunch. For this reason, Coco’s Beach Bar is an excellent restaurant in Sayulita. There is an upper deck to absorb the gorgeous ocean view while you indulge in a delicious lunch or you can choose to sit with your toes in the sand downstairs.

The day we visited, the weather was perfect. Of course, we took advantage of the upper deck. We began our meal with a refreshing Lemonade beverage. Cooled us down straight away.  

For our lunch, I ordered the Fish Tacos. Very tasty! The fish was fresh, and the condiments were just the right amount of spice. Dan opted for the Octopus Ceviche. The octopus was prepared well. Not too rubbery and flavorsome.  

Keeping our margarita restaurant testing going. We enjoyed one after our delicious meal. A very refreshing and well-mixed margarita. Always a great choice on a hot Mexican day! 

My favorite part was the setting. You need to take a moment to absorb where you are every now and then! An exquisite view and excellent food right on the beach. Amazing!  

8. Si Senor – Restaurant with the Best View

Food from Si Senior in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Si Senior
Cocktail from Si Senior in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Si Senior Sayulita
  • Location: South side of town right on the ocean at Boutique Amor Hotel.
  • Price Point: Average 450 MXN ($23 USD) for a main dinner dish, they have packages including wine for two for 1,700 MXN ($85 USD)
  • Come here for: a Romantic dinner right on the water

Si Senor gives a meal with a view a whole new meaning. This restaurant in Sayulita is on the beach, and the beautiful blue ocean is your view. While you can sit in the restaurant or at the bar. You really want to sit on the deck on the water’s edge. 

We sat in a prime spot, under the trees. So peaceful! I could not help but notice the talented barman getting extremely creative with their drinks and cocktails. We even saw a flame or two happening. The drinks selection is superb. The bartenders are a heap of fun and know how to mix a cocktail! 

After an epic drink, an excellent meal was in order. We started with the guacamole to share. The avocado was really fresh. However, it did lack a little flavor. Despite this, it was enjoyable.  

For our mains, I tucked into the Mixed Molcajete. An assortment of meat, seafood, grilled cactus, and ranchera sauce. Wow, the combination was delicious! Dan ordered the Chicken Enmoladas. Succulent chicken smothered in a red mole. Too yum! 

Our server was fabulous, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Certainly, one of the best restaurants in Sayulita, with a view to behold! 

9. Mary’s – Best Authentic Mexican Food

  • Location: One block from the plaza in town center. Google Maps location here.  
  • Price Point: Around 35 MXN (1.75 USD) for one taco
  • Come here for: Amazing Mexican Cuisine, the fish tacos are amazing!

Of course, one of the best things to do in Mexico is to eat authentic Mexican food. Mary’s is a small and humble restaurant in Sayulita serving just that. Besides the brightly colored flower tablecloths, which I loved, the menu has all your Mexican favorites. Some travelers urged us to try the tacos. So thrilled we did!  

I ordered Mary’s Taco. Packed with grilled shrimp, cheese, avocados, and poblano pepper slices. Dan’s Olea’s Tacos were bursting with garlic shrimp, cheese, guacamole, and chipotle dressing. Both fresh and scrumptious! 

The refreshing Hibiscus water settled our morish meal. The owner and staff are prompt to create a comfortable sitting area for larger groups. Our server was great, going the extra mile to ensure our time at Mary’s was memorable.  

My favorite part was the authenticity of the menu. Simple, delicious Mexican food. Everything from Nachos, Salsas, Empanadas to Quesadillas. Dan and I agreed the tacos are phenomenal! Mary’s reminded me how delicious street food is!

10. Organi-K – Best Healthy Food  

Eating a poke bowl at Organi-K
Healthy food to cure the hangover? Yes, please!
  • Location: Just past the bridge heading to the north side of town. Google Maps location here.
  • Price point: 170 MXN ($8.50 USD) for a Poke or Acai Bowl, about 120 MXN ($6 USD) for a toast
  • Come here for: Healthy fresh food!

It can be easy to find yourself eating a lot of tacos, cheese burritos, and other not-so-healthy food while in Sayulita. Luckily, Sayulita has many healthy options, and one of my favorites is Organi-K for fresh poke bowls.

My favorite bowl was their original Poke Bowl, but I also loved the acai bowls – especially for breakfast.

The cafe is entirely plastic-free to so you’re also supporting a great sustainable business in Sayulita. They even have straws made of avocado scraps!

A poke bowl at Organi-K costs 170 pesos ($8.50 USD). For the quality, these are great prices in my opinion!

The atmosphere of this restaurant is relaxed and chill. You can get your food to go or enjoy it in the garden under a thatched roof. It’s definitely one of the cuter restaurants in Sayulita that’s a great break from tacos and tequila!

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11. Anchor Cafe – Best Cafe

Avocado toast with poached egg from Anchor Cafe in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Anchor Cafe
  • Location: In town one block from the Plaza. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: About 120 MXN ($6 USD) for a breakfast dish or smoothie 
  • Come here for: Healthy café style breakfast and lunch 

What a fantastic café bursting with healthy meals and goodness! I loved the location of this small café. It’s close to the town center. Yet, secluded from the hustle and bustle. In addition, the WIFI connection is excellent which was great for us to do a little blogging while enjoying our coffee.

A scorcher of a day meant we had to try a Cold Brew. Dan’s Vanilla Coconut Cold Brew was delicious with a tropical twist. I felt super refreshed after my Lemon Cold Brew.  

The enticing Bagel selection got our mouths watering. A freshly baked bagel stuffed with an array of fresh, exciting fillings. I ordered the Portobello and Dan the Serrano Golden. Truly scrumptious! 

To keep our healthy kick going and my energy levels up. I enjoyed the Protein smoothie while Dan the Coral option. Both are packed with high-energy, high-protein ingredients. Very yum!  

Again, my favorite part was the simple healthy ingredients. Furthermore, the meals were all popping with color. Just like the flags in the streets!  

Get to one of the best restaurants in Sayulita for the freshest and healthiest meals. Anchor Café is waiting to spoil you the healthy way! The only thing to note is that this cafe is small and seating is limited, so be prepared to wait for a table or get your food to-go and enjoy it at the Plaza just down the road.

12. YamBak brewery – Best Pub Food (and beer!) 

food and beer at YamBak brewery in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: YamBak Sayulita
  • Location: Right at the Plaza. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: 150 MXN+ ($7.50 USD) for a meal. Expect to pay about 70 MXN ($3.50 USD) for a pint of their craft beer. 
  • Come here for: Pub food and snacks with craft beer.

I love craft beer, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that Sayulita has its own craft brewery. They serve everything from delicious IPAs to refreshing lagers… yum! A beer at YamBak is undoubtedly more expensive than other local bears at around 100 MXN ($5 USD) for a half liter. However, they have lots of deals they post on their Facebook, and it’s still cheap for quality craft beer!

Yam Bak Brewery is the place to go if you too love craft beer. However, it’s also one of the best places to party in Sayulita, with live music and DJs from Thursday to Saturday. On top of that, they serve all that typical pub food that you might be missing from back home. The burgers are juicy and they also have a large sandwich menu to choose from. The bar snack, like fries, are also great to enjoy with your beer.

While this might not be the most gourmet restaurant in Sayulita, the atmosphere and beer selection are top-notch, making it a place I’ve returned to time and time again.

13. Burrito Revolution – Best Burritos

Mahi Mahi Burritos from Burrito Revolution in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Burrito Revolution
Fish Tacos at Burrito Revolution in Sayulita, Mexico
Photo credit: Burrito Revolution
  • Location: In town near the plaza. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: Average 140 MXN ($7 USD) for a burrito or other main
  • Come here for: Burritos! 

Get your burrito and nacho groove on! Burrito Revolution is a spectacular street food-style restaurant in Sayulita. We realized we had not had nachos and burritos for a while. So, stumbling upon this little gem during our wonderings was perfect. 

We ordered some nachos to share while waiting for our Shrimp Burritos. I forgot just how tasty nachos are. Also, they are fun to eat in a street food setting. These nachos are layered with generous helpings of salsa and cheese.  

The burritos were outstanding! Packed to the brim with fresh ingredients. Definitely, the best chipotle and cilantro sauce we have had in Sayulita thus far. A lip-smacking and finger-licking eating experience. Perfect lunch! We washed our meal down with an ice-cold beer. 

There are great vegetarian options available, and the vibe is chilled. Our server was prompt and friendly. On your daily wonderings, pop into one of the best restaurants in Sayulita for the tastiest burritos in town! 

14. Tacos Al Pastor Tal – Best Street Food

Al Pastor street tacos in Sayulita
Get in my belly!
  • Location: About two blocks from the plaza. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: About 30 MXN ($1.50 USD) for one taco.
  • Come here for: Tacos! 

Join fellow travelers and locals at Tacos Al Pastor for the most delicious tacos! We loved this genuine street-side vibey restaurant in Sayulita. While I can appreciate thought-out décor, sometimes keeping it simple and humble is the way to go! 

In my experience, the best authentic Mexican flavors are hidden in these quaint restaurants in Sayulita. Your sense of smell will guide you to Tacos Al Pastor. They prepare their meat on a shawarma machine using hot coals. The delicious aroma wafts down the streets! 

As per recommendation, we both ordered the Pork Tacos (Al Pastor.) The meat was out of this world. Tender yet crispy in parts from the hot coals. You cannot beat meat prepared this way! Moreover, the condiments were fresh and the sauces very tasty! 

The owner is passionate about his offerings and culinary roots. Furthermore, he engages with all his patrons. My favorite part was experiencing genuine Sayulita hospitality. Also, the scrumptious tacos completed a fabulous and memorable evening! 

15. Barracuda Sayulita – Best Seafood Restaurant

Fresh seafood in Sayulita, Mexico
  • Location: In town. Google Maps location here.
  • Price Point: no menu online or prices on trip advisor 
  • Come here for: Mexican Cuisine/Seafood 

We were wondering where to eat in Sayulita to enjoy one last lunch before we travel on. Barracuda was an excellent choice. A gorgeous restaurant in Sayulita, located in the heart of town. It was beautiful to sit on the sidewalk, immersed in the bustling vibe. 

Definitely, seafood was the way to go! For our starters, the guacamole hit the spot. I ordered the Tuna Sashimi as my main. Super fresh and melts in your mouth! Dan opted for the Clam Chowder. The chowder arrived in a pumpernickel bread bowl with garlic toast. Such an innovative presentation idea! 

Of course, we had to order our margaritas. Our choice of the Cadillac margarita was exceptional. The barman really knows how to mix and present an excellent cocktail. 

Barracuda was a superb choice for our last lunch. Our server was efficient and had a great sense of humor. In addition, our meals were delivered timeously, as were our drinks. 

My favorite part was sitting on the sidewalk with Dan. Sipping our margaritas and watching the people pass us by once last time.  

Note: There are two other Barracuda locations, one in San Pancho and one in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, Barracuda is also one of the best restaurants in Puerto Vallarta!

Where to Stay in Sayulita, Mexico

Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas
Imagine having this view! Photo credit: Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas

Choosing a place to stay in Sayulita is almost as hard as picking what to do once you arrive – there are so many choices! Luckily there are a few places that stand out from the rest.

On top of that, there’s something for everyone’s budget! For a full breakdown, we have this guide on where to stay in Sayulita or you can check out our top picks below.

Luxury – $$$

If you’re looking for a dreamy vacation and budget isn’t an issue, there are some excellent choices in Sayulita. Hotel Boutique Siete Lunas is our top pick as this beautiful hotel is located just a few minutes from town (you can easily walk), so it’s more peaceful and scenic. This hotel is located on the hillside looking out over the ocean near Playa Los Muertos. There are amazing views from every room and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

Rooms are typically $300-$400 USD in peak season, but you can find the best deals on

Mid-range – $$

If being close to all that Sayulita has to offer and having lots of room is important, I highly recommend Aurinko Bungalows. These one and two-bedroom apartments are located within stumbling distance from the plaza – making shopping, restaurants, and beach days easy! On top of that, they have a pool (much needed), and all the rooms have AC. Rates are typically around the $130 USD mark. Unfortunately, it’s often fully booked, so you’ll want to reserve a room as far in advance as you can!

Another alternative is Nuiya Hoteles Centro which is within walking distance of Sayulita Beach but tends to be quieter at night than hotels closer to the main plaza. Every room has a little patio – perfect for that cup of coffee before starting the day! There’s an outdoor pool and the rooms are clean and comfortable. Rates start at $115 USD in the busy season which is a great deal for a place like this. You can check availability on

Budget – $

For budget travelers, Casa Love is an excellent option. It’s just steps from the beach – so close that you hear the ocean at night! This budget hotel is ideal if location and price are your must-haves as prices start at $93 USD even in the busy season! You can book a room right here.

If you don’t mind the hostel life, La Redonda Sayulita Hostal is the way to go. This hostel is perfect for social travelers who want to meet people, and it’s located in the heart of town, only one block from the beach. Dorm beds are about $25 USD a night and breakfast can be added on for an extra $2 USD. You can book on either or

Thanks for reading!

Bailey drinks a huge cocktail in Sayulita, Mexico
Thanks for reading!

The best restaurants in Sayulita have exceeded our expectations. From delicious food and beautiful presentation to top-notch service. This stunning seaside town is growing with travelers and restaurants alike. Furthermore, the prices in several restaurants in Sayulita are excellent value for money. Wow, what an epic seaside town adventure! 

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