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Planning to visit Alberta?! We have the inside scoop because not only did Bailey grow up here, but we also lived in the small town of Canmore, only 20 minutes from Banff. And since her family still lives in Alberta, we’re always finding new adventures during our visits.

In the Albertan winters, you’ll freeze with extremely low temperatures, but that means amazing skiing and snowboarding. The summer brings warmer weather and fantastic hiking, biking, and sightseeing!

We’ve gone on road trips, toured major cities, and hiked rugged trails, and have written all about our time in Alberta in the blogs below.

This page is an overview of content that we’ve created after traveling around Alberta for years. We hope you enjoy these articles and that you’ll consider visiting this beautiful area for yourself!


Planning a Trip to Alberta

Top Places to Visit in Alberta

Must-Do Activities in Alberta

Road Trips around Alberta

Below are our favorite road trips that we’ve taken from Alberta. We’ve included stops for sightseeing and eating along the way, and you can always cater these trips to fit your needs. Also, these can be reversed if you’re looking to end in certain parts of Alberta.

Road Trips from Calgary

Calgary Road Trip Essentials

Road Trips from Edmonton

Other Alberta Road Trips