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Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is a place I called home for a long time. We’re fortunate to visit regularly, and while many people only pass through on their way to other destinations, it’s definitely worth sticking around.

In the summer, Edmonton is known for throwing some pretty epic festivals! We like to enjoy the beautiful weather while strolling through the parks or seeing the city from the Edmonton Riverboat. Winter brings its own set of fun activities like ice skating and skiing, but there are plenty of museums, galleries, and even the West Edmonton Mall to explore too!

Due to its central location, Edmonton gets a lot of visitors, and we strongly encourage tourists to spend a few days here to enjoy all this city has to offer. Check out our blogs below to learn even more about Edmonton.

Planning Essentials for Edmonton

These blogs are a great starting point for anyone planning a trip to Edmonton. They include our tips on when to visit, where to eat, and our favorite things to do.

Edmonton Road Trips

If getting out on the open road is your idea of fun, then check out the road trips we’ve taken to and from Edmonton below! We’ve been all over Alberta and BC, so if you’ve got the time, then we highly suggest these routes.

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