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Skydiving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Last updated : June 2nd, 2019

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Ahhh, finally we arrived in Santa Cruz and managed to find a nice hostel with a pool! After our long journey from Brazil we were in need of some RNR (rest and recovery) and what a better place for it.

Santa Cruz is lower in altitude than the rest of Bolivia so the weather was perfect for a few days sipping beers by the pool, but I also had something else in mind.

Where I spent most of my time

While we were in Brazil I was researching skydive clubs in Bolivia and found one just outside of Santa Cruz. After making contact with them the weekend was all set for a few jumps!

The drop zone was rather small and was owned by an ex Bolivian military paratrooper. Most of the fun jumpers were also ex-military and friends of the owner. I guess after leaving the military they couldn’t leave the fun of skydiving.

The drop zone was located on a big field with a grassed runway and a small packing shed, This drop zone was the first in Bolivia with only one other. Bolivia isn’t apart of any skydive association and hence has no rules or licenses and this made me kinda nervous – oh and they all only spoke Spanish, except for the pilot who spoke basic English. But after spending an hour having my licenses checked and a thorough briefing with a translator (the pilot) the plane was fueled and we were in the sky!

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Perfect day for it!
Sunset load on the last day

This drop zone really reminded me of home, it was a family not a business and after the sun went down the beers flowed and the home cooked Bolivian soup filled my belly.

The authentic experience you get from hanging with locals is truly priceless and if you travel a country and don’t bother meeting the people you will never know what makes the country and culture great.

It’s also true that the skydiving community is one filled with awesome people who share a passion for the sky and you will never feel unwelcome.

Nothing beats this!

Santa Cruz was a chilled time for us and apart from skydiving, we spent the rest of our time drinking and enjoying the pool it was a much-needed rest.

Some people might think “why would you need a rest your on holiday?” Well, backpacking isn’t all sunshine and roses there’s a lot behind the scenes people don’t see from no sleep to diarrhea for a month all while planning your next move for the cheapest price possible – but it is a challenge we love!

So, even if you hear us talk about some shocking experiences like getting robbed or spending 2.5 days on buses and trains, we love it all!


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