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Best Things to do in South Korea as a Solo Female Traveler

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South Korea might not be your first thought for solo female travel – but it definitely should be! We take a look at what the country has to offer for those females going it alone! Here are the best things to do in South Korea!

South Korea will not disappoint.
South Korea will not disappoint!

It’s astonishing to note that almost half the population of South Korea travels abroad annually. Sometimes, you see so many of them enjoying the delights of the tourist hot spots of the world that you wonder if their country is really that bad! Well, it most certainly is not, with a rich culture and heritage and some beautiful sights and attractions that perhaps the locals often overlook. Added to that, it’s also a very hospitable, safe, and friendly country which makes it a perfect destination for solo female travelers.

While it might not be your first thought when it comes to a solo travel option, an experience in South Korea will quickly change your mind. They’re polite to a fault in this fascinating country and will kill you with kindness, going out of their way to help you – even with the language barrier. Agness and Cez from the travel blog eTramping are currently roaming around parts of Asia, and their guest post is all about the best things to do in South Korea as a solo female traveler.

Best Things to do in South Korea as a Solo Female Traveler

Explore Seoul

The Lotte World Tower in Seoul.
The Lotte World Tower in Seoul.

It’s highly likely that this megalopolis of a city will be your first port of call as you fly into the country. You will no doubt use Seoul as a staging point to explore the rest of South Korea, but Seoul has so much going for it you should take the time to get involved, especially if you’re staying here for longer and you’re on a tight budget. As with many cities in Asia, it’s a juxtaposition between ancient and modern, and you’ll find something to cater to every palette.

Bustling night markets, trendy bars, old temples, and towering skyscrapers battle to grab your attention – not to mention some world-class shopping and stylish neighborhoods like Gangnam (yes – THAT Gangnam). And when you’re done sightseeing and shopping, treat yourself to that famous Korean spa wellness culture. You’re going to need it!

One of the best ways to explore all of the city’s top attractions is on a sightseeing tour. This particular tour only costs $80 USD and includes stopping at the Ginseng Shopping Center, the bustling Namdaemun Market, exploring the shops and historical sites on Insadong Street, learning about South Korea’s history and politics at Cheongwadae Sarangchae, walking through the royal Gyeongbokgung Palace, and appreciating the importance of the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple.

You also will get to ride the Namsan Cable Car and wow at the sights from the top! To me, for the convenience of transport and an English-speaking guide along with the many stops included, this tour is hard to beat!

You can book this full-day experience online in advance here!

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace and grounds are stunning.
The palace and grounds are stunning.

Situated in the heart of the capital, this extremely difficult-to-pronounce palace is the largest and most important in the country. Think of the Forbidden City in Beijing and you’re on the right lines. As such, it deserves an entry here on its own. Gyeongbokgung is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the royal palace of the Joseon dynasty, dating back to 1395. It is easily one of the best things to do in South Korea.

Within the complex you’ll discover an abundance of beautiful gates, buildings, and pavilions, as well as two museums – so there will be plenty to keep you occupied during your visit. Don’t miss the changing of the guard on the hour, too.

This English history walking tour of Gyeongbokgung Palace only costs $30 USD so it’s an affordable activity that you can’t afford to miss!

Hot Tip: You can visit both Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village on your own. But, if you want more information consider joining a half-day walking tour with a knowledgeable guide!

This particular half-day walking tour is done by an expat who will teach you all about the Joseon Dynasty. Additional stops include the National Folk Museum of Korea and Bukchon Hanok Village. Expect to pay around $78 USD per person.

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Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park is one of the best things do in south korea for a solo traveler
Funky rock formations await.

South Korea is overflowing with national parks – there are 22 of them to be exact – and one of the best just happens to be a stone’s throw from the capital. Bukhansan National Park is well worth a day hike on one of its many trails, through dense forest punctuated with dramatic peaks and hidden temples.

And if you’re at all concerned about hiking alone, you’ll find that many other solo female travelers are looking for companions to visit the great outdoors, but such is the popularity of the pastime – you’ll rarely be alone anyway.

You could also join one of the many different organized tours to Bukhansan National Park that depart from Seoul but one of the most popular choices is this private hiking tour to Bukhansan Peak! An expert mountain guide will help guide you to the top which sits at 836.5 meters (2,744 feet) and while getting the top will be a challenge the scenery from the top is just magnificent!

Hahoe Folk Village

A traditional folk village in South Korea.
A traditional folk village in South Korea.

South Korea is filled with ancient settlements all offering a glimpse into the past, with many being remarkably well preserved while continuing the century’s old traditions of their ancestors. One such place is the Hahoe Folk Village, which is one of the most well-preserved and popular attractions of its kind, as well as being a UNESCO world heritage site.

Located on the banks of the Nakdong River, the village is a vitally important cultural and historic hub, known for its architecture, literature, and beautiful surroundings.

If you visit one folk village (and you should) make it this one. This private guided tour of Hahoe Folk Village includes a round-trip transfer to and from your hotel in Seoul and admission to the Hahoe Mask Museum and the Confucian School of Byeongsan Seowon. The tour lasts upwards of 12 hours so it’s a long day but it will be well worth it to see such a special place!

Take a cooking class

The famous Jeonju bibimbap
The famous Jeonju bibimbap

Much like an organized hike to explore the beautiful Korean countryside, enrolling in a cooking class is a great way to learn about the country’s culture while making new friends at the same time. The beauty is they’re available all over South Korea, and there are tons of great choices in Seoul like this Secret Food Tour but head to Jeonju for the real food lover’s paradise.

Here you’ll learn about the secrets of Korean cuisine while meeting fellow solo travelers and potential friends for life. You’ll also eat your weight in delicious food too – which is always a bonus!

This particular private food tour combines exploring the culinary delights of Jeonju and a tour of the Jeonju Hanok Village which is quite large and can be confusing to tour without the knowledge of a guide.

You will get to enjoy tasting lots of street food from the Nambu Market such as blood sausage hot-pot, moju (sweet rice wine), grilled pig intestine and skin, and torched beef sushi. A Bibimbab lunch is also included. It is a pricey tour at $423 USD but it does include the round-trip transportation to Jeonju which is 3 hours away.


The rolling green tea fields of Boseong.
Visiting the rolling green tea fields of Boseong is one of the best things to do in South Korea!

What girl doesn’t love a good tea?! If you’re looking for the very best, then you need to head to Boseong in the south of the country. Not only is this the main tea-producing province in Korea, but it’s also one of the most beautiful and serene places you can visit here.

With vivid green fields and hills as far as the eye can see the whole region is a delight to the senses. Enjoy the green tea festival in May, but year-round this is a wonderful place to visit, soothe your soul and quiet your mind. And drink copious amounts of tea, of course!

From Seoul, Boseong is 305 kilometers (190 miles), and the best way to get there is by train. The fast train will take a little under 5 hours whereas the slow train will be more like 6 or 7 hours.

If you are coming from Buson it’s around 200 kilometers (124 miles) and the bus will take you roughly 4 hours to get to Boseong. There is also this guided tour option that costs $300 USD and heads directly to the Boseong Green Tea Plantation.

Once you are done enjoying the scenery at the tea farm the tour continues by visiting Suncheon Bay National Garden and Suncheon Bay Wetland in Jeollanam-do. A delicious lunch and dinner are conveniently included so all you have to worry about is taking in the beautiful views.

In my opinion, the price is super fair for a tour of this nature so it’s definitely something you should book if you’re departing from Buson. You can do so online in advance here!

Jeju Island

Dramatic stuff on Jeju south korea
Dramatic stuff on Jeju.

A favorite holiday destination for locals and tourists alike, Jeju Island sits off the south coast of the country. It’s known as the Hawaii of South Korea, as it’s an ever-changing landscape sculpted from volcanic activity over thousands of years. As well as having stunning beaches, charming villages, and bountiful national parks, it’s also home to the largest lava tunnel in the world – the Manjanggul Cave.

Jeju is also (in)famous for being a honeymoon and marriage magnet – but don’t let that put you off. One of the best and most fascinating of all the Jeju Island points of interest is seeing the Haenyeo – skilled female divers who gather sea creatures without the aid of oxygen. One thing is for sure – the girl power is strong in this country, and there’s no better time to visit as a solo female traveler!.

A perfect way to combine a visit to the places mentioned above is on this Jeju Island East Bus Tour. The day kicks off with a tranquil stroll through Jeolmul Natural Forest Resort lined with cedar trees. Next, soak up the culture inside Seongeup Folk Village before heading to Gwangchigi Beach for impressive coastline views of Jeju Island.

The latter half of the day includes watching the women’s diver show on Seongsan Ilchulbong and walking through the Manjanggul Lava Tube where you are sure to see lava stalagmites.

You can book this Jeju Island East Bus Tour here online in advance. It lasts 8 hours, includes lunch, and costs $96 USD.

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