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Hong Kong Photo Gallery

Hong Kong Photo Gallery

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It isn’t very usual for us to have enough photos from only one city to be able to post an entire Photo Gallery, however, Hong Kong was different. Hong Kong was such an incredible city with a variety of things to do that after only six days we had tons of amazing shots to share! This is our Hong Kong Photo Gallery including descriptions and links to get more information on what we did while we were there.

We hope this Hong Kong Photo Gallery inspires you to check out Hong Kong for yourself in the near future!

Hong Kong Photo Gallery

Exploring the City

One of our favorite pastimes is just exploring a place. Walking around with no sense of direction or end destination allows us to people watch and take in our surroundings. There was always so much going on in Hong Kong that exploring the city was never boring. From the business central district to the busy local streets of Mong Kok, each different area of Hong Kong showcases a different side to the city.

hong kong photo gallery of the city

Markets often line the streets in Hong Kong

exploring hong kong city

victoria harbour hong kong photo gallery

The view of Victoria Harbor from Kowloon

parks in Hong Kong Photo

Kowloon Park

the streets of Hong Kong

enjoying Hong Kong Photo

Morning walks along the harbor. Unfortunately smog is a common problem in Hong Kong obscuring some amazing views.

Victoria Peak Skyline

Victoria Peak has to be the most popular tourist destination in Hong Kong and therefore had to be included in our Hong Kong Photo Gallery! Victoria Peak is a lookout over Victoria Harbor from about 400m above the city. It offers both spectacular day and night views. Even with the smog the views are breathtaking.

hong kong photo gallery of victoria peak
victoria peak at night view
victoria peak view photo gallery
view of hong kong from victoria peak photo

Nan Lian Garden

The Nan Lain Garden in Hong Kong is a photographer’s dream! The traditional Chinese architecture is within a perfectly manicured garden and set against a background of city skyscrapers. We spent a couple of hours exploring the garden and looking at the scenery. It is a super easy place to get to and is also FREE!

If you are after some more free things to do in Hong Kong or budget-wise activities, then check out this article here!
Hong Kong photo gallery Nan Lian Garrdens
exploring the nan lian gardens
the beautiful nan lian garden
hong kong photo of the nan lian gardens

Food in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the food capitals of the world! After visiting for myself, I could easily see why it earned this title. Trying new food and exploring the lively markets consumed much of our time in Hong Kong. So naturally, this Hong Kong Photo Gallery wouldn’t be complete without a large section on the food!

fish balls in Hong Kong

A typical street stand in Hong Kong serving what the locals would consider “snacks.” On this particular occasion we ordered fish balls!

hong kong photo gallery of food

Dim Sums were some of our favorite food to eat while in Hong Kong. Since they come in so many different styles and flavors there is always something new to try.

roasted goose in Hong Kong is amazing!

Roasted Goose is a favorite among the locals. It is similar tasting to duck, except all dark meat and served with apricot sauce. Roasted Goose was a dish we both loved!

fish market in Hong Kong

A seafood market serving everything fresh (alive.)

more food in hong kong

This Eel is meant to be food, but this market stall owner grabbed it out of the water to show us a closer look.

photos of the fish market in hong kong

A fish stall. In Hong Kong the fish head is more expensive than the entire fish body!

photo of markets in hong kong

dumpling in hong kong photo gallery

More Dim Sums!

Hike the Dragon’s Back Trail

Many people don’t know that Hong Kong actually has some amazing hiking trails and beaches. We hiked a popular trail called the Dragon’s Back which gives views of several bays. It is an easy trail that if followed correctly can lead to “Big Wave Beach.” Escaping the city for one day and being in nature was a great change for us during our visit!

the drangon's back trail view in hong kong photo gallery

A great view!

hiking the dragon's back trail
photo on the Dragon's Back Trail
For more detailed information on things to do in Hong Kong read this complete guide here!

Our Hong Kong Photo Gallery pretty much sums up our time in Hong Kong. It was interesting, diverse, adventure-filled, and culturally rich. Overall, Hong Kong surpassed our expectations and was a wonderful travel destination. We hope that our Hong Kong Photo Gallery has inspired some desire within you to book a trip for yourself!

-Dan and Bailey