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The Secret Garden in Perth – Visitors Guide

The Secret Garden in Perth – Visitors Guide

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Note: As of 2022, the Perth Secret Garden is permanently closed.

The Secret Garden in Perth is a breathtaking wetland located in one of Perth’s northern suburbs. Nicknamed “The Secret Garden” due to the fact that its location for many years remained a mystery. Still to this day, thousands of people search its location online or ask friends for for more information – it’s one of the best things to do in Perth.

When I first saw pictures of this “secret garden” in Perth last year I was shocked! I had lived in Perth for over 23 years and not once had this beautiful wonderland crossed my path. I never once heard a whisper of its existence.

I was in South America at the time when I first saw photos of The Secret Garden. I decided that day that my next trip to Perth would involve a visit to The Secret Garden. And well, here I am now about to share my experience as well as everything you need to know to visit The Secret Garden in Perth for yourself!

Amazing views at the secret Garden perth

Bailey enjoy the view….and the swans!

A First Impression

From the moment I entered The Secret Garden in Perth I was speechless. The vines blushed green, filled with life they grew towards the sky then hung down like drapes. Black swans swam through the small lake completely unfazed by our presence. The sounds of only birds filled the air, and once in the garden the outside world disappeared. Alone, we wandered the Gardens with grace trying not to disturb its natural beauty. It is the type of beauty that can only occur with many years of slow formation, without disruption. A rare occurrence in modern times so close to a big city.

Couple photos at the secret garden in Perth

The day wouldn’t be complete without a cute couple photo!

The blacks swans at the secret garden

The Black Swans!

Getting to the Secret Garden in Perth

Getting to the Secret Garden in Perth is best done with a car and its address is 20 Careniup Ave, Perth, W.A. However, if like many visitors to Perth you don’t have a car, you’re going to need to use public transport!

First off, you will need to get yourself to the Perth Underground train station in the city. This can be done via hundreds of buses or via the train. From Perth Underground get on the Joondalup Line and head north to Stirling Station (3 stops). Once there you will need to catch bus number 424 from Stirling Station Stand 8 to Careniup Ave (12 stops). Once off the bus, use the map below (or Google Maps) to find the car park entrance!

For exact instructions on getting to The Secret Garden in Perth from your location, use this journey planner!

getting to the secret garden in perth

Screenshot from the App “Maps.Me”

Helpful Info

Bring Boots or old shoes

Visiting the Secret Garden in Perth during all months is amazing, however, it’s important to be aware that after any rain it does get muddy! Bringing boots is ideal, but let’s be honest, most won’t have them so just bring shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Even on the summer day I went, Perth hadn’t had rain for over two weeks (summer 2017 was a strange year, it never rains in summer) but some areas were still a little muddy.

Visit During the week

Visiting during the week will likely mean having the place all to yourself! If you plan on getting some amazing photos like I did, I highly recommend it.

Watch for snakes

As with wandering through any undeveloped in Australia, you need to be cautious of snakes. There is a sign at the car park entrance warning visitors so it’s best to keep your eyes out and stick to the paths.

there are snakes at the secret garden in Perth

Please watch your step!

Bring your Camera

It goes without saying, however if you do have that fancy camera at home collecting dust this is the place to use it!
Secret Garden

Overall the Secret Garden in Perth is really worth a visit. Other than the cost of transport, visiting is completely free! The secret Garden truly is unique and a place that still to this day many Perth locals have not yet seen. I really hope this guide has inspired you to visit the Secret Garden in Perth and has helped you get there. Just please remember that preserving its beauty should be your number one priority!



Sunday 18th of February 2018

Wow this place is absolutely beautiful! All of that greenery is amazing!

Destinationless Travel

Monday 19th of February 2018

Yes, it was beautiful! I can only imagine how pretty it will look in the spring with tons of flowers everywhere!


Tuesday 13th of February 2018

So beautiful! Looks like a cool place :)

Destinationless Travel

Monday 19th of February 2018

It was a really neat place to check out. Many locals don't even know about it!