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27 Fun Things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica (Our Favorite Activities!)

27 Fun Things to do in Tamarindo, Costa Rica (Our Favorite Activities!)

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Tamarindo is a must-visit beach town, but in a country with so many amazing places to see, what makes it stand out? Well, let me help! Of course, Tamarindo’s beautiful beaches are a big draw, but there’s so much more here.

After living in Costa Rica, Tamarindo quickly became one of our favorite places to come back to again and again. But I was overwhelmed when I first visited because there was just that much to do and see.

This is exactly why I’ve written this blog! I’ve narrowed it down to the absolute best things to do in and around Tamarindo that made us fall in love with the place and hopefully will give you insider knowledge to make the most of your time here!

Our Favorite Things to do and See in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

1. Sunset sail/catamaran cruise

A lady relaxes with a drink in hand on a cruise in Tamarindo, Costa rica
Just relax and enjoy the views and the drinks!

Nothing says vacation like getting out on the ocean to enjoy the views with a drink in hand. This specific sunset cruise is the most popular in Tamarindo because it takes place aboard a 40-foot catamaran in the beautiful Tamarindo Bay.

I’m all for a sunset cruise and we were looking for something that was well-rated and would be a fun experience. Luckily this cruise delivered and the HUNDREDS of 5-star reviews were super encouraging when we booked!

The cruise starts at 1 pm with the journey to a sheltered cove where we could hop off the boat to swim, snorkel, kayak, or paddleboard. Then when we got back on board it was time for a delicious meal with chicken fajitas, fruit and veggies, and some seriously good homemade banana bread.

The cruise lasts for 5 hours in total finishing with the grand finale of a dramatic sunset over Tamarindo. It includes an open bar, water activities in the cove, and a delicious meal for only $90 USD. The best part is that the boat is capped at 36 people – unlike other cruises that have 50!

2. Surfing (beginners and pros!)

Bailey learning to surf in Tamarindo
Bailey surfing in Tamarindo!

Tamarindo is arguably the best place to learn how to surf! The calm waters of Tamarindo Beach have soft waves perfect if you’ve never tried surfing before. In fact, your chances of standing up are greatly increased because of this!

This two-hour surf lesson in Tamarindo is top-rated with 2,000 five-star reviews! Although I didn’t do this lesson (I am well past that stage), the reviews and mentions of the instructors speak for themselves. Don’t get stuck with a grumpy instructor (very common on afternoon lessons) who will make you feel less confident. 

Surf lessons are available any day of the week and the one we recommend is 2 hours long and only $56 USD for a group lesson or $90 USD for a private lesson. If you have no experience, I don’t recommend just renting a board and giving it a go on your own. There are rocks hidden beneath the water and the local instructors know where to go to avoid them.

If you consider yourself an experienced surfer, the ultimate place to surf near Tamarindo is Witch’s Rock. This well-known reef break is arguably the best surf spot in Costa Rica, and it attracts a lot of famous faces. It’s around an hour’s drive north and then you’ll need a boat to get out there.

3. Visit Playa Grande

Playa Grande, Tamarindo, Costa Rica
Playa Grande at low tide with no one around!

Tamarindo Beach is the most popular beach in the area – but it’s often overcrowded. Instead, we recommend taking a walk over to Playa Grande to relax without the crowds (or horse poop!).

Playa Grande is a pristine beach located next to Tamarindo Beach. Although the beach is separated from Tamarindo by the river, water taxis take you across for only 1,000 Colones ($2 USD).

Once on Playa Grande, you’ll have miles of open beach to explore as well as a cool village called Palm Beach Estates. Here you’ll find a lot of beautiful hotels as well as places to eat and drink. I like the craft beer at Las Olas Brewing Playa Grande and the banana bread ice cream sandwich at Cafe Mar Azul is as delicious as it sounds!

If you love turtles, keep an eye out on Playa Grande. Although you do need some luck, we saw a baby walking to the ocean when we went the other day!

4. Drink craft beer at Volcano Brewing Co. 

Two beers sit on a table at the beach at Volcano Brewing Co in Tamarindo
Mmm cold beer on the beach!

The craft beer industry in Costa Rica is thriving, with breweries popping up all over the place including in Tamarindo! Volcano Brewing Co. is a must for craft beer lovers like myself. I love grabbing a drink at their beachside restaurant and pub with live music and sunshine. 

They had four types of beer available the last time I was there, which included an IPA and a Pale Ale. Both were delicious, and I certainly had a few too many. I also had lunch at the brewery and highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich!

5. Turtle nesting tour 

A bay turtle walks to the ocean in Tamarindo
Look at how cute this little guy is!

The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is prime turtle-spotting territory! Many of the beaches are nesting grounds for turtles who come ashore in the evenings to lay eggs.

The best way to have a chance of seeing turtles is on this turtle nesting tour. It takes you from Tamarindo to secluded beaches near Playa Grande to watch for turtles coming onto the beaches. It’s common to see both Olive Ridley and Green Pacific turtles either laying eggs on the beach or little babies hatching and making their way to the ocean.

I’ve seen a few baby turtles and moms laying eggs while living in Costa Rica and every time is so special. It’s one of the best things to do in Tamarindo in my opinion!

This tour costs $46 USD and runs from mid-November to mid-April when you have the best chance of seeing turtles. There are no flashlights or flash photos allowed (could disturb the turtles), but our guide had a special red light flashlight so we could still watch in the dark.

6. Go ziplining 

Ziplining in Tamarindo
Off Bailey goes!

While there are lots of places to zipline across Costa Rica, going in Tamarindo is fun because you fly above the canopy of trees with wide-open views.

I took this ziplining tour that’s on a private reserve just outside of Tamarindo. There were 7 ziplines that our group took on. I’d rate the course as probably a 3/10 for difficulty, but closer to a 9/10 for the spectacular views!

While I’ve been ziplining before, there were lots of first-timers on this tour – including kids! The guides were good at helping anyone who was nervous and even rode tandem with a couple of the younger kids. It costs $65 USD and is available daily including next-day bookings if you want to get in last minute! Plus it only lasts 1-2 hours, so you can easily fit it into a busy vacation schedule.

7. Eat authentic Italian at Antichi Sapori Tamarindo

Eating Italian food at Antichi Sapori Tamarindo on a night out in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
How good does that food look!?

During our visits to Tamarindo, we ate A LOT of good food, but nothing compared to the delicious Italian food at Antichi Sapori Tamarindo. This small restaurant only has a few tables and it’s owned by a couple from Sicily. The husband serves, the wife cooks and the food is top-notch authentic Italian.

The moment we walked in and smelled freshly baked bread and simmering sauces, I knew we were in for an amazing meal. I had the seafood pasta during our last visit, and Bailey had the pistachio gnocchi. Both were amazing, and we also had wine and finished with homemade cannolis.

This is our go-to for dinner anytime we’re in Tamarindo and we usually try to go a couple of times when we’re in town, it’s that good!

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8. Visit the APAMI Wildlife Rescue Center (Monkey Park Foundation)

A monkey at the Monkey Park Foundation
How cute is he?!

On a whim, we dropped into the APAMI Wildlife Rescue Center and I’m so glad we did! This isn’t a traditional zoo, but instead a place set up by the Monkey Park Foundation to rescue, rehabilitate, and release animals back into the wild.

This rescue was really well run, very clean, and works with wildlife experts and conservation specialists. The guides are so knowledgeable and the $36 USD admission cost includes a tour through the park to learn about the animals. There are tours specifically geared toward kids and families too!

We saw monkeys, jaguars, macaws, and more. What you will see changes depending on what animals the rescue has taken in. We definitely got a laugh from all the birds talking to us saying “Hola!”

I’d say this is a bit of a hidden gem as depending on when you go, you can have the entire place to yourself! It didn’t feel touristy and we liked that our admission fee went directly to help the animals we saw. Just remember to bring bug spray – or buy some from the shop here as you’ll need it!

The rescue is located about 30 minutes from Tamarindo and you can either drive yourself or take a taxi which should cost around $20 USD.

9. Watch the sunset from the comfort of a beach club (and then party!)

Sunset drinks at Ocho Bar, Tamarindo
The amazing view from Ocho Beach Club

I think the beach clubs in Tamarindo have to be enjoyed at sunset at least once while you’re in Tamarindo. There’s usually great live music, delicious cocktails, and then the setting sun – basically paradise!

My favorite is Ocho Beach Bar on the southern end of Tamarindo. Honestly, the drinks here are so good – especially the sangria! Also, the service is amazing, and it’s the first place I have been in Costa Rica that brought us free shots for having to wait too long for drinks. Another great beach club, and my second favorite, is El Be. They also have great cocktails and a more central location.

After the sunset, the nightlife starts! It’s no secret that Tamarindo is a party town. It’s one of the many reasons many people come here. If you’re not sure where to go, one of the most popular bars is Pacifico Bar in the heart of town. The bar plays mostly reggaeton and Spanish music, and the vibe is good, especially if you want to meet people. 

Another bar to stop into is Rumors Tamarindo which is more of a laid-back cocktail bar. El Garito is a bit hidden down an alley, but worth it for a night out with great music, black light artwork, and rave vibes!

10. Visit Rio Celeste

Rio Celeste Waterfall, Costa Rica
I think this is my favorite waterfall in Costa Rica!

One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Costa Rica is within reach of Tamarindo. Rio Celeste is a natural phenomenon where the water is literally Gatorade blue! Basically there’s a specific mineral covering rocks at the bottom of the river that can’t absorb blue and when the sun hits the rocks, it reflects that blue color.

While that’s the scientific explanation, the local legend is that after the gods finished painting the sky blue, they washed the paintbrushes in the river and the color of the sky blended with the water. Love that!

To see the waterfall, follow the Rio Celeste Trail for 30 minutes. Then there’s a steep set of stairs (I’d say a couple hundred!) to reach the base of the waterfall. Most people only go about halfway down as you can see it pretty well from there. We kept walking the entire trail as there are lots of viewpoints along the way and it’s through a stunning lush jungle. Expect about a 3-hour hike (there and back) to do the full trail.

Since Rio Celeste is 2.5-3 hours from Tamarindo, I recommend leaving early if you have a rental car so you can arrive at the park around opening time at 8 am before it gets busy. The entrance fee is $12 USD. 

If you don’t want to drive, there is a good tour that takes care of everything for you. This specific tour from Tamarindo leaves at 6:30 am and includes a visit to Llanos de Cortez Waterfall (another one worth seeing!), a guided walk to Rio Celeste, and a stop at a local sloth sanctuary. Lunch and transport are also included in the $145 USD cost.

11. All-day Guachipelin Adventure Tour with Fun Activities

Guachipelin Adventure Volcano tour
Photo credit: Native’s Way Costa Rica

In Tamarindo, you’ll notice a lot of tour companies selling full-day combo tours that involve multiple activities. These are a great way to fit lots of the best things around Tamarindo into one convenient package … but you need to choose the right tour!

None of the tours are as highly rated as the Guachipelin Adventure Combo Tour. This epic full-day adventure includes ziplining, river tubing, horseback riding, a visit to natural hot springs, a volcanic mud bath, and a buffet lunch. It’s so popular because, with all those activities, the tour only costs $135 USD for the self-drive option (what we did) or $161 USD for the included transport. 

The tour takes place north of Tamarindo in Parque Nacional Rincon de la Vieja. It’s seriously a day to remember and everyone on our tour had a blast – from kids to adults. You can read some of the hundreds of 5-star reviews here!

12. Shop at a local market

A lady shops at the TAMA Market in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
There are around 30 stalls at the Tama Market!

Bailey and I love getting in a bit of shopping while we’re here and luckily Tamarindo has some great markets.

The Tama Market pops up every Saturday from 8 am until 2 pm behind Plaza Tamarindo near the skatepark It’s a great place to pick up some fruits and veggies, jewelry, and food. I recommend coming here for breakfast or lunch and also grabbing an amazing cold brew coffee. I even picked up a really good sunscreen made with natural products that I use all the time!  

For the night owls among us, The Tamarindo Moonlight Market is open on Thursday nights from 6-9pm. Grab some food from one of the stalls and then enjoy live music and performances. There are the usual handmade souvenirs so you might find something to take home as a memento too.

13. Visit nearby beaches 

PLaya Flamingo in the morning in Costa Rica
Playa Flamingo is a beautiful beach for swimming!

I’ll start by saying that both Playa Tamarindo and Playa Grande are beautiful, but if you’re looking for something a bit quieter, then it’s worth driving just outside town. Some of the best nearby beaches are: 

Playa Langosta: This beach is only 4 minutes from Tamarindo so you can easily catch the bus or take a cheap taxi or Uber to the beach. Playa Langosta is a great place to go and watch the sunset since the beach faces west!

Playa Flamingo: It’s 45 minutes north of Tamarindo and a beautiful drive up the coast. Not only is Playa Flamingo much less crowded than Tamarindo, but in my opinion, the beach is so much nicer. Head down for the day and enjoy lunch. A great place is Coco Loco which is right on the sand! 

Playa Avellanas: This gorgeous beach is perfect for swimming or surfing. It’s 30 minutes from Tamarindo and much less crowded because you’ll need a car to get here.

14. Mangroves Boat Safari to Spot Wildlife

The mangroves in Tamarindo!
It’s like a different world!

Las Baulas National Park is an often-overlooked spot north of Tamarindo that feels like a different planet! So if you’re looking for a unique experience that doesn’t require traveling outside Tamarindo, this is it.

This tour through the mangroves gets you up close to some of the creatures that call this area home – if you want to see large crocodiles, this is where to go! The boat safari tour lasts about 2 hours and while we usually try to go for the earliest tour possible (wildlife is more active in the morning and it isn’t as hot), the boat is covered, so there’s shade if you do want a later start time.

Ivan was a great guide and boat captain as we navigated through the mangroves. He even brought fresh pineapple from his backyard for us to snack on! It’s a good tour for families or anyone who doesn’t want to travel too far as it starts right at the river mouth in Tamarindo (although hotel pickup is included!).

The boat tour costs $45 USD and often books up in advance because it’s so popular. So do yourself a favor and grab tickets as soon as you can!

15. ATV tours

Riding an ATV in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
This is so much fun!

I might be a bit of an ATV tour junkie after taking 5 (and counting!) ATV tours in Costa Rica. I love how it gives you a unique way to literally get off the beaten path!

This specific tour in Tamarindo is one of the cheapest and best-rated. It lasts for 2 hours and see if you can spot wildlife as you have fun driving an ATV through the jungles and on beaches. We stopped at Pirates’ Bay Beach and Puerto Viejo Beach, and sometimes there’s a stop at a third beach if there’s time!

The highlight for us was splashing through rivers and getting a little muddy! While I’ve driven an ATV before, most people on the tour were newbies. There’s instruction before you head out and it’s really simple once you get the hang of it. The tour starts at $95 USD, but there are lots of different add-ons for other activities.

Why We Book Tours with Viator

Viator is a trusted online booking system for tours around the world! We almost always book our tours using Viator for a couple of reasons:

  • Free cancellation on most tours – Most of the tours on Viator allow you to cancel and get a full refund up to 24 hours in advance. This is handy in case plans change, or if booking an outdoor activity, the weather forecast is looking grim.
  • Reserve now and pay later – You can secure your spot on some of the most popular tours well in advance and not pay until closer to the day of the tour.
  • Lowest price guarantee – If you happen to find the same tour at a lower price elsewhere, Viator will refund you the price difference.
  • Pay in your chosen currency – Avoid costly international transaction fees by choosing to pay in your home currency.
  • Peace of mind – When booking with tour operators you find in person on the street or in small booking offices, you are often promised one thing and given another. This online platform holds tour operators accountable with a written description of inclusions as well as the opportunity for customers to leave reviews.

Check out the Viator website here! Or, for more info, read our detailed review about Viator here.

16. Eat at the El Mercadito de Tamarindo Food and Cocktail Market

El Mercadito de Tamarindo Food and Cocktail Market
How beautiful is El Mercadito?

For outdoor dining with seemingly endless options, the El Mercadito de Tamarindo Food and Cocktail Market is the perfect place to visit. It’s basically a huge outdoor food court with around 15 restaurants, bars, and cafes (I did not count them all!). The decor is gorgeous, and it feels like a fancy restaurant.

There’s Italian, seafood, steak, burgers, traditional Costa Rican food, and more. Plus there are places to grab cocktails or ice cream for dessert. We liked that we could come here with friends and everyone could grab whatever food they wanted and then meet at a table to all eat together.

17. Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park

Boiling mud pot in Rincon de la Vieja national park, Guanacaste,
Boiling mud pot in Rincon de la Vieja National Park.

One of the best places to get away from the crowds and see a different side of Costa Rica is Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park. It’s just over 2 hours from Tamarindo and has its own volcano, boiling mud, and fantastic hiking trails.

Our favorites include the trail to the Las Pailas (boiling mud pots). This is an easy walk that takes around 20 minutes each way. Another cool hike is the Catarata La Cangreja trail, leading to a waterfall.

The park costs $15 USD to enter and you must purchase tickets from the official website before going.

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park is also where you’ll find the Rio Negro Hot Springs as well as adventure centers offering horseback riding, ziplining, and tubing which you’ll visit if you book the Guachipelin Adventure Combo Tour I talked about earlier!

If you’d rather not venture on the trails alone, this guided hiking tour is a good choice. It’s a full-day tour that really immerses you in the park as you hike past cracks in the earth that let out volcanic gases, volcanic craters, and bubbling mud pools. Then there’s a chance to swim at the base of Oropendola Waterfall and warm up at the natural hot springs.

18. Scuba diving

A sea turtle while diving at Bat Island
A beautiful sea turtle!

There are some fantastic dive spots in Costa Rica near Tamarindo that beginners and advanced divers will love! I’ll let you on some local lingo if you plan on diving here – you might hear about “the Cats and the Bats” … well, that’s the nickname for the Catalina Islands and Bat Island! The rock formations around the islands are amazing, but the real draw is the marine life.

By far, we’ve found the best diving in Tamarindo is out to Bat Island to swim with bull sharks. This is a fantastic opportunity for Advanced Open Water certified divers to challenge themselves and swim with large sharks. The tour includes two dives, one at Bat Island (where the bull sharks are) and the second near Playa del Coco, where you can see manta rays, turtles, and other ocean life. 

If swimming with sharks sounds too scary, or you’re not advanced certified, you can always do this Catalina Island Diving Tour. Here you can dive with turtles, manta rays, small reef sharks, and lots of fish. It’s a top-notch dive spot, and any diving license is ok! 

If you just want to experience diving, you can also do this half-day dive course for $250 USD that has you learning the basics in a pool before diving in the ocean. Although you won’t get certified, it’s a great introduction with 5 hours of training and a dive to 11 meters (36 feet). 

19. Snorkeling

A yellow pufferfish while Snorkeling at the Catalina Islands
A yellow pufferfish while snorkeling at the Catalina Islands!

Diving isn’t for everyone, but snorkeling is a good option! While you won’t see as much as diving below the surface, we still saw lots of colorful fish and even a reef shark when we went!

Snorkeling tours like this half-day one head out to the Catalina Islands to snorkel some of the shallow reefs in the area. You’re guaranteed to see lots of fish, including snapper and pufferfish, as well as sea turtles and maybe even reef sharks if you’re lucky. Our group even spotted dolphins! We’ve heard other groups have been lucky enough to see whales during whale watching season too.

There’s snorkeling at two different spots (the second was our favorite) and overall it’s a great experience that lasts for 5 hours and includes fresh fruit on the boat and all the equipment for only $95 USD.

20. Sports fishing

Onshore fishing in Costa Rica
Trawling for tuna!

Fishing charters are popular in Costa Rica for destinations right on the coast. I took a charter in Santa Teresa and loved it! We caught so much tuna that we threw a lot back. But Tamarindo is another good spot.

In Tamarindo, there are inshore and offshore charters. Inshore charters only go a few miles off the coast and tend to fish for small tuna, snapper, wahoo, and dorado. Inshore tours are typically only half days (4 hours). This specific tour costs $600 USD for three people

On an offshore charter, the tour lasts for 7-9 hours and you can fish for sailfish and marlin. Of course, the tour can also go inshore, so you can mix it up depending on what’s working.

Although there is no “season” for fishing in Tamarindo, there are better times of the month depending on ocean currents, availability of baitfish, and water temperature. However, you can catch fish all year round! Please be aware that you need a fishing license in Costa Rica. This costs $17 USD for 8 days – however, it’s not policed heavily. In fact, when I did my tour, I had no idea about the license. 

21. Horseback riding

Two people ride a horse on Tamarindo Beach
I would go more often but Bailey is allergic!

If you’ve dreamed about horseback riding along the beach, Tamarindo is the perfect spot! All up and down the beach, you’ll find people offering these tours for about $40 USD for an hour ride – although the price can be negotiated.

If you’re on a romantic getaway or traveling as a family, I’d say splurge just a little more for this private horseback riding experience. You won’t be stuck with any other riders and it’s so much better to enjoy the experience with just your group. While Bailey is allergic to horses, she braved a ride because the setting was just too perfect – go at sunset if you can!

22. Whitewater rafting

Pacuare River white water rafting
The Pacuare River is one of the most famous in Costa Rica!

The thrill of whitewater rafting has to be experienced at least once in your life. It’s a great way to see the countryside as well as get the heart racing. 

In Tamarindo, you can do this tour down the Tenorio River and paddle down Class III and IV rapids on a thrilling adventure. The tour is one of the top-rated whitewater rafting tours in all of Costa Rica!

There are the rapids to navigate, but there are also calmer sections where you can spot wildlife and then it ends with a 12-foot (3.6-meter) drop over Cascabel Falls! All in, it’s about 2.5 hours on the river, but the tour is a full-day option with a traditional Costa Rican meal and transport included.

I personally haven’t been whitewater rafting in Tamarindo. However, I have ventured down the Pacuare River from Puerto Viejo, which was so much fun! Tamarindo is next on my list!

23. Go boutique shopping 

Boutique shopping in Tamarindo
You could spend a lot of time shopping with all the options in Tamarindo!

One of Bailey’s favorite things about Tamarindo is all the boutique shopping! There are lots of places to pick up unique clothing all over town – especially a new bathing suit. 

Prices for boutique goods are generally high, but bathing suits are available for around $50 USD for a top and bottom. I paid $40 USD for a really nice men’s shirt, and the best part is, it reminds me of Tamarindo every time I wear it!

24. Go SUP

Paddle boarding in Tamarindo
It takes a little bit of getting used to!

At low tide, Tamarindo Beach is calm enough to stand up paddleboard. I actually gave it a go one day and had a lot of fun. With very little wind or currents, it was a breeze paddling up and down the beach as well as out around the bay.  

SUP rentals cost $20 USD for 2 hours or $40 USD for an entire day. I picked up my board from Kelly’s Surf Shop – but there are lots of places along the beach. No need to book in advance either, they have lots of boards!

25. Sunday Funday Beach and Pool Crawl

A dj plays at a pool party in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
DJ by the pool!

Party lovers this one is for you! The Sunday Funday Beach and Pool Crawl is the best daytime party in Tamarindo. Beginning as early as 12 pm, the party doesn’t finish until 8 pm. You’ll hop on a party bus to visit 3 bars with discounts at each stop and free shots or welcome drinks. We especially loved the sunset bonfire to finish off the night!

The best part is that this 8-hour party only costs $50 USD if you book in advance. That includes transport, food and drink discounts, free drinks, games, and the sunset bonfire.

26. La Leona waterfall

La Leona Waterfall River

Next up on this epic list of things to do in Tamarindo is another one of Costa Rica’s most popular and stunning waterfalls. La Leona Waterfall is located near Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park in the town of Curubandé – about 20 minutes from Liberia.

As we found out on our visit, the only way to see the waterfall is as part of a guided tour. The waterfall is located in a canyon so there’s special safety gear needed and a guide to get you here. Luckily, tours are very cheap so this is perfect if you’re traveling on a budget!

This La Leona Waterfall hike is only $45 USD! We had to drive ourselves to the meeting point in Curubandé, but then everything was taken care of. We jumped in a 4WD to get to the start of the trail. The 3.7-mile (6-km) hike is moderate, but expect to be climbing over rocks, hanging onto ropes, and doing some swimming to reach the waterfall!

La Leona Waterfall is more beautiful in person and it’s in the running for one of the highlights of Costa Rica for us. Our guide even showed us a natural waterslide which was so much fun! Then the tour finishes with fresh fruit and ice cream. The tour only had room for 10 people, so it’s best to book ahead of time.

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27. Go out for a delicious brunch

Breakfast at NOI Cafe in Tamarindo
How good does the food at NOI Cafe look!

I think brunch is the most important meal of the day in Tamarindo – especially if you were out partying the night before! Luckily, Tamarindo is filled with delicious brunch places.

My personal favorite was a small cafe called NOI Bistro. This place was busy every day we walked past and eventually we tried their brunch and wow! They serve everything from pancakes to eggs and smoothie bowls. Oh, and their coffee is amazing and comes in a really big mug!

If you want something a little cheaper, Nalu is a gluten-free cafe that has an amazing breakfast bagel priced at only 2,500 Colones ($4 USD). If you love cold brew coffee, this is also the place to go. The prices are so good that we ate here quite a few times.

Thanks for reading!

Bailey and Daniel Take a selfie in Tamarindo
Thanks for reading! (Yes, we once spent a Christmas in Tamarindo!)

Hopefully, this list has been helpful as you plan a visit to Tamarindo! Whether you’ve been before or this will be your first time, there’s certainly no shortage of awesome things to do in Tamarindo. Despite being a beach town, the surrounding landscape provides the perfect playground for a fantastic holiday. 

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