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What is The New York Pass, and is it worth it?

What is The New York Pass, and is it worth it?

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If you’re determined to see as much as humanly possible on your trip to the Big Apple, then having The New York Pass is a must! 

With a New York Pass in hand, you’ll have access to over 100 attractions for up to 10 days. And we’re talking about New York’s must-see sights, like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, Yankee Stadium, and much, MUCH, more. You’ll even have access to tours all over the city – from walking tours, to bikes, buses, and even a cruise!

I hate to break it to you, but New York is an expensive city. So, buying a city attraction pass in NYC is one of the best ways to save money while sightseeing in NYC. The New York Pass is one of the best-known and most cost-effective options. Plus, the more you see, the more you save!

If you’ve always dreamed of traveling to New York and want to take in all that this amazing city has to offer, then it’s definitely worth considering the New York Pass! We’ll take you through all the ins and outs of this pass after using it on our most recent trip to New York.

1. What is the New York Pass? 

Binoculars and a view of New York City from the Empire State Building
The Empire State Building!
A man inside the 911 museum looks at a steal beam that fell during the World Trade center terrorist attack
9/11 Museum

The New York Pass is a sightseeing pass designed to save you money when visiting attractions in NYC. It covers all kinds of sights from famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty to bus and walking tours of Manhattan, or entry to tons of museums. And since there’s sooo much to do in New York, buying a pass can definitely save you money.

The pass is valid for a set number of days, and you can visit as many attractions as you can during that time. You also get discounts at some of the gift shops, which is a nice bonus, especially if you’re planning on taking home some souvenirs.

The price of the New York Pass depends on the length of time that you choose. The options are as follows:

  • $319 USD for 5 days 
  • $339 USD for 6 days 
  • $359 USD for 7 days 
  • $399 USD for 10 days 

We used the New York Pass on our first visit to New York and it worked out really well for us. I liked the fact that I just had to pay one lump sum and then pretty much all of my sightseeing costs were covered! It made budgeting so much easier, which is a big bonus when you’re in an expensive city like New York.

I was in New York City for a week so I got a 6-day New York Pass, and I definitely felt that it was worth it. But I love that they have different prices for the different number of days, so even if you are spending only four days in NYC, or less, they have a pass for you!

2. How does the New York Pass work?

Dinosaur skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC
Dinosaur skeleton at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC

You can buy a New York Pass online, and it’s valid for a set amount of consecutive days. You can choose a 1-7 day pass, or a 10-day pass. 

Once you have your pass, you get access to all of the 100+ attractions it covers. There’s no limit to how many attractions you can visit while your pass is valid, so you can visit as many as time allows. 

Your pass will be delivered to your phone. It’s activated the first time you use it, and then valid for however many days you bought the pass for. When you arrive at one of your chosen attractions, all you need to do is show the pass on your phone to gain entry. It’s super easy!

The pass also comes with a free digital guide so you can check out all of the entry requirements for the attractions before you go, and make reservations if necessary. This is super handy, especially with activities like visiting the Statue of Liberty that tend to book up pretty far in advance.

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3. New York Pass vs. CityPASS® NYC vs. Go City

The Brooklyn Bridge as seen from a cruise in New York City
Circle Line Cruises!
The High Line Trail with views of the skyscrapers in NYC
The High Line Tour was so much fun!

There are so many different passes available in New York that it can be tough to choose. The biggest difference between the New York Pass and the CityPASS® NYC or Go City is that the other passes are based on a certain number of attractions, whereas the New York Pass is based on a certain number of days. 


So with the CityPASS® NYC, you get access to five attractions in total for a set price of $138 USD. Two of those attractions are pre-selected: the Empire State Building Observation Deck, and the American Museum of Natural History. Then you get to choose three more attractions from a list of six options, which are: 

  • Ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island 
  • Top of the Rock Observation Deck 
  • A Circle Line sightseeing cruise
  • 9/11 Memorial and Museum 
  • Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum
  • The Guggenheim Museum 

The CityPASS® NYC is valid for nine days after first use, so you don’t need to cram visits to all of these attractions into a couple of days. With that being said, there’s no limit on how many times you can use the pass in a single day, so you can make it work for your schedule! 

Go City 

Meanwhile, with the pass by Go City, you can choose a pass that covers between 2-10 attractions. You can choose from a list of over 40 attractions and tours. The price depends on how many choices you want. This one is valid for 60 days after you first activate it. 

The pass by Go City is definitely a good option if you’ve got a few specific attractions or activities in mind. The price varies depending on how many attractions you want it to cover: it costs $79 USD for two attractions and up to $264 USD for 10. 

We have a full breakdown here on the pass by Go City if you choose this option instead!

New York Pass

The New York Pass differs from the CityPASS® and passes by Go City because there’s no limit on the number of attractions you can visit. Instead, you choose how many days you want the pass to be valid for, and the price varies accordingly. Then, you can visit as many of the attractions that the pass covers as you can during that time. 

The New York Pass is definitely a good option if you’ve got a ton of energy and want to see and do as much as you can while you’re in the city. If you use it several times a day for multiple days in a row, you’ll rack up some pretty significant savings! 

4. What attractions can you visit with New York Pass?

The New York Pass covers a TON of different attractions! It includes many of the best and most famous things to do in New York City, like visiting the Empire State Building observation deck, taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, paying your respects at the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, and cycling around Central Park (either on your own or with a tour – the choice is yours!).

Observation Decks

Views of Central Park from the the Top of the Rock Observation deck in NYC
Top of the Rock has one of the best views of Central Park!
The Hudson river sits behind the city as seen from the Empire State Building in NYC
Empire State Building view!

As well as the Empire State Building, you can also visit the city’s other awesome observation decks, including The Edge, the One World Observatory, and Top of the Rock. I actually only went to Top of the Rock because it was included in my New York Pass, and it ended up being one of my favorite experiences in the city.

Visiting observation decks in New York is a must-do, simply because there’s nothing like seeing the city’s famous skyline from above. Each one offers a different experience, so if you’ve booked the New York Pass, why not visit as many as you can? 


The intrepid ship docked in NYC which is the floating Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
The Intrepid ship docked in NYC which is the floating Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

New York City is home to some of the best museums in the USA, so you’ve got to check out at least one of them while you’re here! There really is a museum for everyone in New York, whether you want to learn about history, art, science, nature, architecture, or even spies!

The New York Pass grants you entry to a ton of museums, including: 

  • The Museum of Modern Art
  • The American Museum of Natural History
  • The Guggenheim 
  • Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum 
  • Museum of Sex
  • Museum of Arts and Design
  • Museum of Chinese in America
  • South Street Seaport Museum
  • International Center of Photography Museum
  • Museum of Jewish Heritage
  • New York Hall of Science
  • El Museo del Barrio
  • Skyscraper Museum
  • Staten Island Children’s Museum
  • Fotografiska New York
  • Artechouse NYC
  • New York Historical Society Museum
  • Whitney Museum of American Art

Walking Tours

Bailey poses for a photo at Times Square in New York City
Times Square!

Another thing we really like about the New York Pass is that it gives you access to a ton of walking tours. Walking tours are a great way to get to know any city, but especially New York, which is famously one of the most walkable cities in the US.

So if you want to pound the pavement like a true New Yorker, you can use the pass to take a walking tour of the following areas:

  • Chelsea, the Meatpacking District, and the High Line 
  • Chinatown
  • Dumbo and the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Broadway and Times Square
  • Wall Street
  • Marvel and DC superhero filming locations 
  • Little Italy
  • Central Park movie locations 

You really do get so much more out of a trip to New York by taking a walking tour versus just wandering around these neighborhoods on your own. We definitely felt like we got our money’s worth having a local guide show us around so we found the best spots and could return to our favorites on our own! It’s such a bonus that so many walking tours are included in the pass.  

Bus and Attraction Tours

Old clock on the streets of New York City
Explore NYC with ease!
Empire State Building as seen from the streets of New York City
It’s a great way to get around Manhattan!

The New York Pass also includes a 1-day Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off tour, which is such a great way to get around town. It helps you get your bearings in this HUGE city and cover a lot of ground if you’re not here for long. 

We used our New York Passes to do both the uptown and downtown bus circuits when we were in New York and had such a great time. The commentary you get along the way is super interesting, and it was nice not to have to walk in the heat! 

You can also use the pass to book a bus tour that takes you to Williamsburg, the Bronx, and Queens to learn more about the less touristy parts of New York that have become cultural powerhouses. 

Or, you can opt for The Ride bus tour, which is basically like a Broadway show on wheels! There are lots of surprise performances at the stops along the way, ranging from ballet dancing to rapping. Meanwhile, on board the bus there are floor-to-ceiling glass windows so you get a first class view of the city as you cruise around!

You can also use the pass to take tours of iconic NYC buildings including Yankee Stadium, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Rockefeller Center. 

If you want to get some exercise in (and burn off the calories from all that New York pizza!), there’s also the option to take a cycling tour of Harlem or Central Park.

Or if you’re anything like me and want to get out on the water, there’s the option to take a Circle Line cruise to admire the skyline. I highly recommend going for the sunset cruise if you can as the golden light reflecting off the buildings is amazing! 

Basically, the New York Pass is like an all-access, all-inclusive ticket to the Big Apple!

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5. Is the New York Pass worth it? 

The Rockefeller Center in New York City
The Rockefeller Center in New York City
Bailey and Daniel take a selfie in Central Park, New York City
Central Park!

Yes! The New York Pass saves you a ton of money when you’re doing a lot of sightseeing. I got a 6-day pass and I’m pretty sure it saved me a couple hundred dollars or more!

For example, over the course of three days in New York you might do the following:

Day 1: 

  • Buy a 1-day hop-on hop-off bus ticket – $72 USD
  • Visit the Empire State Building Observation Deck – $48 USD
  • Take a cycling tour of Central Park – $49 USD

Day 2: 

  • See the 9/11 Memorial and Museum – $33 USD
  • Go up to the One World Observatory – $48 USD
  • Take a Circle Line Cruise – $49 USD

Day 3: 

  • Take the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty – $25 USD
  • Visit the Museum of Modern Art – $25 USD 

These activities would cost you $349 USD if you booked them all separately, but a 3-day New York Pass costs $249, saving you $100 USD, so it’s definitely worth it. 

Of course, that is just a sample itinerary but all of these attractions are super popular things to do in New York. In fact, we did almost all of them while we were in the city.

You could potentially fit even more into three days, and if you choose a pass with a longer duration, you would save even more money. As I said earlier, I’m pretty sure our 6-day passes saved us at least $200 USD each! If you choose the 6-day pass like me, check out our ideal 6-Day New York Itinerary for a step-by-step guide on the best things to do and see!

Plus, having a New York Pass even motivated me to try some new things while I was in the city. For example, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with Madame Tussauds, but I ended up having a blast! And I also took a Circle Line Cruise and went to the Top of the Rock because I had the pass, which were both awesome experiences. 

Other Things to do While You’re in New York City

Daniel with his pizza at the Chelsea Market on our food tour
This was one of the best slices we tried in NYC!
bailey walks along the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City
A must-do!

While a New York Pass helps you get into some of the best attractions in the city, there’s no shortage of things to do in New York! I mean you could spend weeks here and still not see a fraction of what the Big Apple has to offer. But if you only have a few days and want some ideas of other must-do activities, here are our recommendations:

  • Eat pizza! – New York was home to the first pizzeria in the US way back in the early 1900s and it’s still something this city is known for. I dare say the pizza here is legendary! Top pizza joints include John’s of Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village and we loved 2 Bros Pizza. Food tours aren’t included in a New York Pass, so make sure to book a food tour of Chelsea Market to try lots of treats!
  • Fly above NYC – Exploring on the ground is fun, but to truly appreciate the New York skyline, take to the air! Joining a helicopter flight in NYC gives you a front-row seat (or hopefully a window seat!) to all the iconic sights like the Empire State Building, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty. We chose this 15-minute helicopter flight that flew over Manhattan and it was a highlight, if not THE highlight of our whole trip!

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Where to Stay in New York City

Bailey with her luggage in New york City
Ready to check in!

New York City is huge – there is just no other way to put it! Even Manhattan (the area you’ll want to base yourself in) is a lot bigger than you think. That’s why choosing the right hotel in the right location is so important during your stay in New York.

Below, we’ve simplified it all for you by choosing a couple of the very best hotels available in the city. All three of these options have ideal locations close to attractions and the subway system. They all have amazing reviews, too, so just choose the one in your budget category and you’ll be ready to pack your bags!

Motto by Hilton – $$$

Motto by Hilton is a gorgeous hotel located in the Chelsea neighborhood only 600 meters from the Flatiron Building. The hotel features modern decor that has “speakeasy vibes”. In fact, they have a beautiful bar onsite that looks like the perfect place to sip an Old Fashioned. There are a variety of rooms on offer including some that are a little more budget-friendly, and some that are pure luxury with city views!

Prices start from about $400 USD per night plus tax. You can check prices and availability for Motto by Hilton online here!

Delta Hotels by Marriott New York Times Square – $$

Delta Hotels by Marriott New York Times Square is where we stayed the last time we visited New York, and honestly, we loved it! This hotel is the perfect combination of comfort and value for money. It was clean, modern, and our room had all of the amenities we needed for an enjoyable stay (air conditioning, k-cup coffee maker, steamer, large shower, big windows, etc). Plus, the location is ideal – it’s only a couple blocks from Times Square!

Prices do range, but they do go as low as $200 USD per night plus tax depending on the time of year and day of the week. You can check prices and book online here!

Nap York Central Park Sleep Station – $

For those traveling on a tight budget, Nap York is a budget hostel that’s an ideal choice. Although affordable, this property is immaculate and offers a ton of amenities for a great stay including air conditioning and a shared kitchen. The rooms are modern and the location is about as central as it gets! This property only offers dorm rooms, but they are affordable at as little as $150 USD per night.

You can check prices and book Nap York online on either or Hostelworld.

Thanks for reading!

Daniel and Bailey take a selfie in Brooklyn Heights with views of Manhattan in the background
Thanks for reading!

If you’re planning a trip to NYC, especially for the first time, The New York Pass is totally worth it! It gives you the freedom to set your own agenda with over 100 top sights and experiences to choose from. It’s definitely a money-saver and a way to see as much of NYC as you can. We don’t regret buying our passes at all, so if you’re interested you can grab your New York Pass here!

We hope this guide has made planning for your trip to New York a bit easier. For more travel inspiration, have a look at our other blogs about the USA. We also tons of blogs on traveling in Canada. Here are some links to get you started!

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