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Guide to Choosing the Best Camera for Travel

choose the best camera for travel

This is a beginners guide to choosing the best camera for travel. It includes info on the specs you want and the ones you don’t. It also includes a list Read more…

Photos of Perth, Australia

photos of perth australia

Photos of Perth, Australia We just finished spending 5 weeks in Perth. During our five weeks in Perth, we did a lot of exploring in the surrounding area as well as Read more…

Hong Kong Photo Gallery

hong kong photo gallery of the city

It isn’t very usual for us to have enough photos from only one city to be able to post an entire Photo Gallery, however, Hong Kong was different. Hong Kong Read more…

Cuba Photo Gallery

Cuba was such an incredibly unique country! From amazing architecture in Havana to the beautiful countryside of Vianles, there was an opportunity for a great photo at every turn. This Read more…

Costa Rica Travel Photo Gallery

costa rica travel photos

Costa Rica was shorter lived for us than most countries we visit with only spending two weeks there. However, it was really an enjoyable place to travel as it had Read more…

Peru Travel Photo Gallery

I remember crossing the border from Bolivia to Peru and talking with Daniel about how we would only spend 3-4 weeks in Peru. Well, we were very wrong. From the Read more…

Ecuador Travel Photo Gallery

From some of the craziest birds we have ever seen to repelling down waterfalls to street parades, Ecuador was such an amazing country with something for everyone! We are really excited about this album just because of the sheer diversity it displays.

Colombia Travel Photo Gallery

San Andres Island Colombia

Colombia was unforgettable and partly because of it’s beauty. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our time in Colombia!