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New Zealand Trip Planner

New Zealand Trip Planning by Destinationless Travel

Hey! Thanks for considering us to take care of your once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand! 

We are Dan and Bailey, the creators behind this travel blog, Destinationless Travel. We understand that planning a trip to a new country as well as keeping up with work, family, and social commitments can be hard.

So let US do it for YOU!

We spent more than a year travelling and writing travel guides in NZ and consider ourselves experts. We literally studied the country! Our trip planning service puts that knowledge in your hands.

We will create a day-by-day itinerary personalized to your interests, bucket-list, budget, and style of travel.

Daniel and Bailey from destinationless Travel

Why use a NZ trip planner!

“I wanted to go to New Zealand, but it just seemed too hard to plan.”

That’s what my friend said to me recently when we were talking about her chosen honeymoon destination.

She ended up going to Greece instead just for the simple fact that planning a holiday in NZ seemed too confusing. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with going to Greece, but it’s a shame she missed out on New Zealand only because planning seemed like too much!

But this got me thinking, New Zealand really is a challenge when it comes to the ‘trip planning stage’.

Sure, it’s a small country but there’s just so much to see and do that it can be hard to narrow down your search – it can be overwhelming!

And, I can see why! That’s why we’ve decided to offer a personalized New Zealand trip planner service!

For those with only a couple of weeks in NZ, having an itinerary built especially for you by an expert will save you time, money, and stress for a couple of reasons:

1) You don’t need to spend countless hours researching! We’ll lay out your day-by-day plan mentioning all the best things to do on that particular day with other options so you can just enjoy your trip.

2) You won’t miss out! We know that the busy season in New Zealand can’t cater to every traveler, but luckily, we know what books up and when so you’ll be ahead of the crowds. 

3) Important logistics are taken care of. We can help you book a rental car, buses, ferries, and even provide exact routes for road trips (which roads to take and which to miss!) We’ll also provide personal recommendations based on your budget for accommodation (whether that be camping or hotels!)

Mt taranaki

Why Choose Us!

At the end 2017 we packed our bags and flew to New Zealand with one goal, to travel as far as we could see as much as we could and document it all. 

Throughout 2018 and into 2019 we traveled the country with our trusty van “Betsy” enjoying so many amazing activities, lakes, viewpoints, and hikes. In this time we got really good at travelling in New Zealand. We made lots of mistakes, great memories, but best of all, learned from the entire experience.

We also began writing about these experiences on our rather new travel blog and it began to take off, so we just kept going! 

In fact, we are now one of the biggest personal travel blogs in New Zealand! 

Of course, all of our New Zealand blogs are free to read, but by using our New Zealand trip planner service you’ll get all of our knowledge in your very own personal New Zealand itinerary.

And the best part is that it is completely done by us! You will get personal recommendations from us based on our extensive experience. No need to deal with a large company, agency, or customer service employees – it’ll just be us, Dan and Bailey!

How it all works!

Our New Zealand trip planning service works best with as much notice as possible. New Zealand is a popular place to travel and things book up fast! For best results, 6-8 months in advance is a good amount of time, especially if you’re traveling during school holidays or in the summer peak season of December, January, or February.

1. Our “get to know you” questionnaire

Once you’re interested in our service, you can add your email below and we’ll send you a detailed survey so we can get to know you!

This survey will include things like your NZ bucket list experiences (if you don’t have any don’t worry, we have lots), level of fitness, hobbies, budget, method of travel, and time frame. 

We will also need either your exact travel dates or intended travel dates so we can include the best things to do in that season, what’s going to be open, the risks of road closures, how far you need to book in advance, and much more!

New Zealand’s a tricky place to travel in any season, but each have their own issues that we know all about and how to get around! 

2. Clear up any missing details and pay

Once we receive your completed survey we’ll read over it and get back to you with any more specific questions we have. This is so we can get your itinerary perfect!

This is also when you’ll be required to pay for the itinerary. We will include easy payment options (like Paypal) and instructions in our email.

3. Receive your custom NZ itinerary!

Within a week of receiving payment, we’ll have your itinerary complete! This is when you get to take a look at your custom-made New Zealand itinerary.

It’ll include an exact route to travel (with alternatives) and a day-by-day plans with loads of suggestions based on your survey answers. These include things like:

Activities you can do – All the hikes, activities, and tours that your survey has helped us know that you’ll love. We’ll also include links to the best tour operators so you book with the right company easily online. Alongside our main recommendations will be a few other options so you always have choices!

Hotel recommendations – We’ll send you a few of the best hotels based on your travel budget with links to easily book them online in advance. 

Rental car and Motorhome tips – We know where to get the cheapest and best campervan rental, motorhome rental, and car rental. We’ll recommend what we think is best for your trip and how to book. We’re also partnered with some local rental companies directly and can offer our trip planning service users exclusive discounts!

Budget saving tips – No matter your budget, it’s always good to save money!

Safety – Some safety tips depending on how your traveling or where. 

4. Adjustments and clarification

If there is something on your itinerary you don’t like, we are happy to work with you to make it right! We can also clarify any questions you may have about booking or your itinerary.

Kiwi Motorhomes driving around New Zealand

What does it all cost?

The below prices are for your completed custom-made New Zealand travel itinerary based on the length of itinerary you require. The price also includes follow-up emails to make adjustments and answer any questions you may have after receiving your itinerary!

7-days or less: $299 NZD

Up to 14-days: $349 NZD

Up to 21-days long: $399 NZD

Trips longer than 21 days will be quoted. You can email us at destinationlesstravel (a) to get a price!

Click the button below to start your questionnaire!​

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