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robbed in brazil

South America Safety Tips

Traveling South America has been the best time of my life and I want others to enjoy it as much as me! After 9 months here, I have thought of my top tips for staying safe while traveling (especially as a female) and here they are!

Costa Rica to Nicaragua Bus and Border Crossing Guide

Getting from Costa Rica to Nicaragua by land is not always so difficult depending on where you are coming from. We recently just made the journey from Monteverde to San Read more…

Exploring Brazilian Cities – Sao Paulo and Curitiba

I can’t even count how many times other backpackers told us Sao Paulo is just a “boring big city” – and we have proven them wrong! We found the interest and cultural intrigue in Brazil’s most modern and large cities .

Guide to Choosing the Best Camera for Travel

choose the best camera for travel

This is a beginners guide to choosing the best camera for travel. It includes info on the specs you want and the ones you don’t. It also includes a list Read more…

10 Best Latin American Cities You Need to Check Out

Want to know the 10 best Latin American cities to visit on your trip? Then reading this post is a must as we put our heart and souls into picking Read more…

Santa Ana Volcano Hike – Everything you Need to Know

santa ana volcano hike crater

The Santa Ana Volcano hike is the main attraction in Santa Ana, El Salvador. We heard so many amazing things about it so we just had to do the hike Read more…

Complete Guide to Ilha Grande, Brazil

This top travel destination for those who visit Rio de Janeiro has very little information available to english speaking tourists. We have created a complete travel guide (based on our mistakes) so you can have the relaxing time we hoped for on Brazil’s most beautiful island.

Peru Travel Guide: Everything to plan your trip

hiking in huaraz had to be the peru travel guide

Peru Travel Guide Thinking of going to Peru soon? Well, this is the perfect place to start! This is a complete Peru Travel Guide which includes vital information for traveling Read more…

Destinationless Travel

Hey! Welcome to our blog! Earning an income online can take time, so before that we had to get creative with our budget. It is easier than you might think Read more…

Travel Advice

Travel Advice Let’s be honest, nobody likes long flights with long layovers to get around the world. It’s stressful, tiring, and boring all at the same time! These tips won’t Read more…

Skydiving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Ahhh, finally we arrived in Santa Cruz and managed to find a nice hostel with a pool! After our long journey from Brazil we were in need of some RNR (rest and recovery) and Read more…

Armed Escort to Buy Water – Guatemala City

GUEST POST by Liam O’Neill: Liam O’Neill is a fellow backpacker originally from Australia that we met in Rio De Janeiro on New Years Eve. He has been traveling much longer than us (16 months) and has great stories! Here is his guestpost about the time he needed an armed guard to buy a bottle of water.