Brazil – Know Before You Go

These are a few tips that would have saved me a lot of hassle, money, and embarrassment should someone told me before starting our two months of travel in Brazil.

Samaipata – Bolivia’s ‘Little Switzerland”

After enjoying absolute perfect weather by the pool for nearly a week in Santa Cruz we finally mustered up the motivation to hit the road again. We took a three hour mini Read more…

Skydiving in Santa Cruz

Ahhh finally we arrived in Santa Cruz and managed to find a nice hostel with a pool. After our long journey from Brazil we were in need of some rnr (rest and recovery) and Read more…

The Death Train Bolivia: A good mode of transport or not? 

on the death train bolivia

The Death Train Bolivia Our time in Brazil had come to an end and after two months we were looking forward to a change (and a much cheaper country to travel.) Brazil Read more…

Top 15 Brazil Experiences

After backpacking Brazil for two months we have narrowed down the best times we had. Follow the title links for more information on each experience.  1. New Years Eve celebration Read more…

Brazilian Hospitality 

After a full week of partying and drinking in the 40 degree Rio de Janeiro heat for Carnival, it was time to give our livers a rest and hit the road – next Read more…

So you wanna go to Carnival!?

We thought carnival was a “once in a lifetime” type of experience, but after going we have already talked about returning again one day.

Pre-Carnaval Celebrations in the Vibrant Salvador 

It was a toss up, do we spend Brazil’s biggest and most famous festival in Salvador or in Rio? We chose Rio, but we made sure we spent pre-carnaval in Salvador. Salvador was crazy – in the most unique and culturally vibrant ways you can imagine.

Brazil’s Beautiful National Park – Chapada Diamantina

From our first moments entering the park I thought “this place is sick,” it reminded me so much of Darwin, huge rock formations surrounded by fresh water swimming pools – but without the worry of Crocs (and I don’t mean the tacky shoes nobody should ever wear)!

Armed Escort to Buy Water – Guatemala City

GUEST POST by Liam O’Neill: Liam O’Neill is a fellow backpacker originally from Australia that we met in Rio De Janeiro on New Years Eve. He has been traveling much longer than us (16 months) and has great stories! Here is his guestpost about the time he needed an armed guard to buy a bottle of water.

Robbed in Brazil 

Today we surrendered our valuable things to a robber threatening us with a gun in Brazil.

A Colonial Town Bordering a Beach Haven City – Olinda and Recife

Olinda makes you feel like you have gone back in time – a couple kilometres away Recife is an example of a modern, busy, Northeastern Brazilan city. The convientely neighbouring cities make for a great “two-for-one” travel destination.