The Drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt

the drive from queenstown to mt hutt

The other day we made the drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt for a weekend ski trip in Mt Hutt. While skiing at Mt Hutt was awesome, the drive was almost as great as Mt Hutt itself.

The Drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt

New Zealand is famous for road trips simply because the scenery that you see along the way is breathtaking! Driving from Queenstown to Mt Hutt was no different. The drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt isn’t a short drive, in fact, it takes about 5 hours. But, it is a very beautiful drive with many great places to stop along the way.

The other weekend we decided to leave Queenstown for the weekend and head to Mt Hutt to do some skiing and snowboarding. We had a great time hitting the slopes, but we also had a great time on the drive! Here is everything you need to know about the drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt including some awesome places to stop along the way!

the drive from queenstown to mt hutt

Why drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt?

If you are like us, and are enjoying a working holiday in the most beautiful town of Queenstown, then you may want a weekend getaway! Mt Hutt is an awesome option in the winter as the Mt Hutt ski field is included in the same season ski pass as the Remarkables and Coronet. So, you can hit the slopes for free and get to check out one more ski field at the same time.

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the beautiful mt hutt
Snowboarding at Mt Hutt was a blast, but so was the drive to get there!

How far is the drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt?

It takes about 5 hours, or 413 km from Queenstown to the town of Methven which is the closest town to Mt Hutt. From Methven, Mt Hutt is another 30 min drive up the mountain or 20 km.


Things to know about the drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt

The road is a single lane going in each direction for most of the drive with only occasional passing lanes. Sometimes this means you can get stuck behind a line of very slow vehicles that can’t pass due to the windy roads.

Snow chains should be carried in the winter for the climb up the mountain from Methven to Mt Hutt as well as in case severe conditions occur on the highway.

Police are everywhere along this stretch of road. They are looking for speeders and hide very well – so don’t speed!


Where to stop along the way

While there are endless amounts of possibilities of places to stop along the drive from Queenstown to Mt Hutt, these are a few of my favourites:

1. Lake Pukaki lookout onto Mount Cook

lake pukaki and mount cook

The view from the edge of Lake Pukaki looking out at Mount Cook has to be one of the most beautiful views in New Zealand.

I don’t need to tell you where it is, because you will know as soon as you drive around that last corner and see the stunning view! There are many places to pull over off of the highway to take some pictures and enjoy the view.

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2. The Church of Good Shepard

the church of good shepard

This church has become a famous tourist attraction in New Zealand. It is located right in the town centre of Lake Tekapo. You can explore in or around the church, and don’t forget to take some pictures! A visit to the Good Shepard is free and on Sundays they often hold Mass.


3. Cromwell Wineries

Not far from Queenstown there is the town of Cromwell. In and around Cromwell are some awesome wineries. Stop for a gourmet lunch or a wine tasting or two!


4. Omarama Clay Cliffs

exploring the omarama clay cliffs

We decided to check out these cliffs on a whim, and we’re sure glad that we did because they were actually really neat! You have to drive about 10 km out of the way to get to the Omarama Clay Cliffs but when you get there you will be greeted with some awesome views and cliffs to explore.


3. Lake Tekapo Hot Springs

If you want to enjoy a view while relaxing then the Lake Tekapo Springs are the places to do so. Entrance costs $27 per adult and $ 15 per child.


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If you make a full road trip out of the journey from Queenstown to Mt Hutt, then it will be an enjoyable drive! Make sure to give yourself plenty of time though, without stops the drive takes 5 hours, but with stops give yourself 7 hours or so.

Do you like road trips? Where did you go on your favourite road trip? Let us know in the comments!

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The beautiful drive from queenstown to mt hutt

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