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Colombia Travel Photo Gallery

San Andres Island Colombia

Colombia was unforgettable and partly because of it’s beauty. Here are some of our favorite pictures from our time in Colombia!

San Andres Island, Colombia – Visitors Guide

things to do San Andres Island

San Andres was probably the best place in Colombia we went, and we didn’t even plan on going there originally! I am so glad we did though as it felt like a true vacation. It would be impossible to outdo the experiences on the island, flawless beaches, amazing scuba, cocktails, sun, and snorkeling! It is one place that I can easily say I will be back to one day.

Visiting Cartagena – A Detailed Guide 

free walking tour Cartagena

Read up on my first impression and how to get the most out of your time in Cartagena

Santa Marta, Colombia – A Detailed Guide

Santa Marta is a very interesting city in Colombia. Here is my tips to explore the city itself and then get yourself to the nearby attractions of Minca, Tayrona, and Taganga!

Taganga, Colombia – A Detailed Guide

sunset taganga

Taganga, Colombia is a small fishing village only 10 minutes from Santa Marta, a place where beautiful lush green covered mountains meet a beautiful horse shoe shaped bay. Regardless of what Read more…

San Gil, Colombia – A Detailed Guide

bungee san gil

San Gil offers so much more than just adventures, it was one of the most relaxed places in Colombia I have been. Check out my guide for all the info!

Tayrona National Park – A Detailed Guide

Tayrona National Park is a must see and one of my Colombian highlights! The pictures speak for themselves.

A Coffee Farm and Pozo Azul, Minca

Minca is a small town 40 minutes from Santa Marta, Colombia famous for the gorgeous mountain views, coffee farms, and Pozo Azul! This is our guide on how to check it out yourself.

What to Do in Guatape – A Detailed Guide

medellin to guatape

What to do in Guatape as well as all the info to get you there and back.

Guide to Medellin, Colombia

towers of light medellin

Is Medellin, Colombia safe? Where should I stay? All this and more is answered in our travel guide to Medellin

Southern Colombia Guide – Get “Off the Beaten Track”

get to cocora valley

Ipiales, Popayan, and Salento – these cities feature one of the most beautiful churches in the world, gorgeous colonial streets, and the world glass coffee region. Needless to say, they are worth checking out!