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Patagonia Highlights: Some of the most beautiful places on earth

The views just on the Mount Fitzroy hike!

Patagonia Highlights Few places in the world are so diverse and beautiful as Patagonia. Located in the south of South America and shared by both Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is Read more…

Torres del Paine Camping Guide

Torres del Paine camping spot 1

Torres del Paine Camping Guide The Torres del Paine is one of the most spectacular hikes in Latin America! The 1 to 9-day hike takes you through some of Patagonia’s Read more…

Torres del Paine Photos

Torres del Paine Photos

We did the W-trek last year and it was one of our highlights during our travels throughout South America. Check out our favorite Torres del Paine photos below. Planning a Read more…

Chile Highlights

If you are going to Chile these are the absolute best things to do and places you CANNOT miss. We loved this country.

A Week in Santiago, Chile Over Christmas

​Before going to Santiago, everyone we met said it was somewhat of a “boring city” with “not much to do.” This is a common misconception. If you give the city the right amount of time it really captures you, I could easily live there.

The Most Unique City it Chile: Valparaiso

This UNESCO World Hertitage site is unlike anywhere else in the world. It is a city of graffiti covered buildings built on extremely steep hills on the coast. Take me back!!!

Hitchhiking and then White Water Rafting in Futaleufu, Chile

​The small town of Futaleufu is in the heart of the lake region in Chile. It is nestled between various rivers and lakes which makes it a popular destination for Read more…

Torres del Paine W Trek – Complete Guide

In the last couple of months the booking system for the famous Torres del Paine “W-Trek” has changed. Our guide is a complete how to for this trek ans includes current information.

Our Journey to the Marble Caves, Patagonia

​After spending the best part of a week viewing some of the largest glaciers in the world and conquering some amazing treks, we set our sites on a less traveled Read more…

Torres del Paine 5-day Hike: Bailey’s Story

​​After 79.5 hours on buses, 5105 km, 6 different cities, and 14 days we made it Puerto Natales in time for our Torres del Paine trek! It had been a Read more…