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robbed in brazil

Backpacking in Brazil – Know Before You Go

backpacking in brazil is amazing

These are a few tips that would have saved me a lot of hassle, money, and embarrassment should someone told me before starting our two months of travel in Brazil.

Brazil Highlights: Our Top 15

brazil highlights

After backpacking in Brazil for two months we had tons of amazing experiences! We have managed to narrow them down to our top 15 Brazil highlights including useful info to help you Read more…

Things to do in Natal: Dune Buggies, Beaches, and Cashews

things to do in natal brazil

A travel guide and stories about Brazil’s Northeastern holiday cities of Fortaleza and Natal.

The Death Train Bolivia: A good mode of transport or not? 

on the death train bolivia

The Death Train Bolivia Our time in Brazil had come to an end and after two months we were looking forward to a change (and a much cheaper country to travel.) Brazil Read more…

Exploring Brazilian Cities – Sao Paulo and Curitiba

I can’t even count how many times other backpackers told us Sao Paulo is just a “boring big city” – and we have proven them wrong! We found the interest and cultural intrigue in Brazil’s most modern and large cities .

Peru Travel Guide: Everything to plan your trip

hiking in huaraz had to be the peru travel guide

Peru Travel Guide Thinking of going to Peru soon? Well, this is the perfect place to start! This is a complete Peru Travel Guide which includes vital information for traveling Read more…

Bolivia Travel Guide – Everything you Need to Know

The salt flats in my Bolivia travel blog

Bolivia Travel Guide This is a complete Bolivia Travel Guide and includes lots of relevant information such as the best ATM’s, best things to do and places to visit, visa Read more…