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robbed in brazil

Robbed in Brazil – How Travel Changed 

What really happens after you get robbed at gunpoint.

Robbed in Brazil at Gunpoint

Today we surrendered our valuable things to a robber threatening us with a gun in Brazil.

One of Central America’s Most Dangerous Borders

Chicken bus from nicaragua to el Salvador

Since entering Central America we had the impression that night buses were behind us. We could now cruise down the road to our next location in only a few hours. Read more…

Reasons to Travel Alone: Why You Should Try it at least Once

There are so many reasons to travel alone, it is time to embrace the beauty of your solo journey.

Backpacking in Brazil – Know Before You Go

backpacking in brazil is amazing

These are a few tips that would have saved me a lot of hassle, money, and embarrassment should someone told me before starting our two months of travel in Brazil.

Brazil Highlights: Our Top 15

brazil highlights

After backpacking in Brazil for two months we had tons of amazing experiences! We have managed to narrow them down to our top 15 Brazil highlights including useful info to help you Read more…

The Good with the Bad: An Encounter with Bed Bugs

Whille travelling, especially backpacking on a budget, somethings go right and somethings go wrong. This is a story of a bad situation only made worse with bed bugs on only Read more…

The Best Palenque Waterfalls – A Detailed Guide

The beauty that is Roberto Barrios

Complete Guide to the best Palenque waterfalls Palenque is a cute town that has some amazing waterfalls nearby. There are quite a few and it can be confusing to know Read more…

Kolkata to Agra – An Epic Trip to the Grand Taj Mahal

Kolkata to Agra to see the Taj Mahal

When you have the privilege to live in a culturally diverse country like India where one state is so different than the other, it makes you a great traveler! With Read more…

Things to do in Natal: Dune Buggies, Beaches, and Cashews

things to do in natal brazil

A travel guide and stories about Brazil’s Northeastern holiday cities of Fortaleza and Natal.

The Death Train Bolivia: A good mode of transport or not? 

on the death train bolivia

The Death Train Bolivia Our time in Brazil had come to an end and after two months we were looking forward to a change (and a much cheaper country to travel.) Brazil Read more…

South America Safety Tips

Traveling South America has been the best time of my life and I want others to enjoy it as much as me! After 9 months here, I have thought of my top tips for staying safe while traveling (especially as a female) and here they are!