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Robbed in Brazil – How Travel Changed 

What really happens after you get robbed at gunpoint.

Robbed in Brazil at Gunpoint

Today we surrendered our valuable things to a robber threatening us with a gun in Brazil.

Brazil to Bolivia by Land – Border Crossing and Transport Guide

brazil to bolivia train

Traveling from Brazil to Bolivia by land can be difficult without the right information. That’s why I wrote this guide with everything you need to know before you tackle this Read more…

Backpacking in Brazil – Know Before You Go

These are a few tips that would have saved me a lot of hassle, money, and embarrassment should someone told me before starting our two months of travel in Brazil.

Brazil Highlights: Our Top 15

brazil highlights

After backpacking in Brazil for two months we had tons of amazing experiences! We have managed to narrow them down to our top 15 Brazil highlights including useful info to help you Read more…

Exploring Brazilian Cities – Sao Paulo and Curitiba

I can’t even count how many times other backpackers told us Sao Paulo is just a “boring big city” – and we have proven them wrong! We found the interest and cultural intrigue in Brazil’s most modern and large cities .

Complete Guide to Ilha Grande, Brazil

ilha grande was one of our brazil highlights

This top travel destination for those who visit Rio de Janeiro has very little information available to english speaking tourists. We have created a complete travel guide (based on our mistakes) so you can have the relaxing time we hoped for on Brazil’s most beautiful island.

5 CRAZIEST Things you can do in La Paz, Bolivia

The city landscape of La Paz, Bolivia

If you’re traveling to La Paz, Bolivia and have an adventurous spirit, then this list of crazy things to do in La Paz is perfect for you! Below are my Read more…

Things to do in Baños, Ecuador – A Guide for any Adrenaline Junkie

Bailey smiles in the water while canyoning in Banos, Ecuador

If you’re headed to Baños, Ecuador, you’re in the right place! This blog includes everything you should know before you go including 12 fun things to do in Banos! Baños Read more…

Colombia Travel Guide: Everything to Plan Your Trip

Are you thinking of visiting Colombia? Well, you should! Let this Colombia travel guide help you plan your trip, prepare properly, and also inspire you to finally book the trip!  I Read more…