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My Top 5 Reasons to Visit Nicaragua

reasons to visit nicaragua

Nicaragua was an amazing country to travel. This blog is about my top 5 reasons to visit Nicaragua which describe why I loved travelling there so much!

But first a little story…

My Top 5 Reasons to Visit Nicaragua

Nicaragua, for me, stole the show in Central America. That moment I crossed the border from Costa Rica I was in love. And to be honest it wasn’t the fairy-tale entry you may be thinking of. In fact, we arrived at one of the busiest bus terminals in the country.
Entering a new country with nothing but a backpack and passport, especially in countries in Latin America can bring on mixed emotions. You feel excited but nervous at the same time. Your heart rate rises and your senses heighten. But, it took only one moment to make my heart rate slow and smile stretch across my face as we entered Nicaragua.
After a long bus ride to the Rivas bus terminal in Nicaragua, we still had a few hours to wait until the next bus departed on the last leg of our journey. Taking advantage of the busy bus terminal, I headed to the food stand. The man at the food stand was barely 5 feet tall, he had a few teeth and the ones that remained where stained orange. Despite this, his smile was stretched from ear to ear. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself and I instantly felt at ease!

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reasons to visit Nicaragua blog
Me just after buying the chicken!

He was my first contact in Nicaragua and after ordering a meal with my broken Spanish he cooked me up some flame grilled chicken and wished me a wonderful time in his country. Despite this only being a small encounter it made me think that would like it in Nicaragua!
This small moment was just the beginning of an amazing trip through Nicaragua. Lately, I have been thinking back to my time there and given the recent troubles the country is facing I felt that I needed to share some positive things about the country and the 5 reasons to visit Nicaragua.

5 Reasons to Visit Nicaragua

1. The People

My story above is only one minor encounter during our trip but it set the tone for the rest of our stay. The people of Nicaragua are humble and are always too willing to help. With our broken Spanish language skills, we moved through the country with the help of locals. We ate amazing foods that the locals were proud to show off to us. We met some amazing people and we got to know the country of Nicaragua by the locals on the streets. In the smaller towns this was more common than the bigger cities but regardless of where you were in Nicaragua, a friendly smile was never far away.

reasons to visit Nicaragua
Sharing a taxi with a local couple so they could enjoy a free ride! And yes, the lady is sitting on her husband’s lap!

2. The Beaches

Nicaragua is truly a spectacular place and the beaches are no exception. Despite coming from Australia (the land of amazing beaches) I was still so impressed by Nicaragua’s coastline. I spent many days surfing the warm waters and relaxing on the beautiful white sandy beaches. With that beautiful tropical climate and favourable surf, Nicaragua will impress even the biggest beach snob!
The best beaches on the mainland were in the south around San Juan del Sur, but for a true island paradise head to the Corn Islands to the east!
For more information on the beautiful Corn Islands check out this Guide to the Corn Islands, Nicaragua

Why Nicaragua
A beach all to ourselves!
reasons to travel Nicaragua
One of the best sunsets I have seen! -San Juan del Sur
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3. It’s Affordable to Travel

Nicaragua is one of Central America’s cheapest countries and as such, is great for anyone on a tight budget! Local intercity buses are known as “chicken buses” and they are only around $1 per person.  A hostel will only set you back $8-$12 a night.
Eating is also really cheap with a local restaurant charging around $3 for a full meal that includes dessert! Fresh produce from the markets is even cheaper and for around $5 you can leave with a bag filled with amazing fruits and vegetables.

why travel through Nicaragua
Nicaragua’s cheap transport…Chicken Busses!

4. Endless Adventure

If you’re into adventure activities then Nicaragua has something for you! The entire region is built around outdoor activities and with the stunning coastline, huge volcanoes, and tropical climate it’s not hard to find something that interests you.
For me though, the unique and downright crazy volcano boarding in Leon stole the show (this is a must do activity in Nicaragua!) Imagine sliding down the steep edge of an active volcano in the middle of paradise! To say the least, it was epic…and a little scary!

Reasons to visit Nicaragua
It sure looks high from the top!
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Why travel Nicaragua
Surfing in San Juan del Sur

5. The Scenery

When you imagine Nicaragua, imagine pristine beaches, thick green rain-forests filled with huge waterfalls, massive volcanoes, breathtaking sunsets, and colonial cities! Now, doesn’t that just sound like the most spectacular mix of sites to see and places to visit? Exploring Nicaragua is truly magical, and if you’re into photography or just love gazing at our earth truly spectacular creations then Nicaragua should be at the top of your bucket list!
Some of my favourite sites where the San Ramon waterfall on Ometepe island, the Masaya Volcano near Granada, and the sunsets at San Juan del Sur! The scenery is incredible and definitely one of the best reasons to visit Nicaragua.

Why go to Nicaragua
Exploring the many waterfalls of Ometepe Island! – San Ramon Waterfall
Why travel Nicaragua
Did we mention the volcanoes! – Ometepe Island

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Nicaragua is truly a shining star in Central America and it’s no wonder it is so popular among international visitors. Despite the problems facing the country now, it’s important to remember how special this place is and pray that Nicaragua returns to the peaceful country it once was!
I really hope you enjoyed my top 5 reasons to visit Nicaragua and would love to hear about your trip in the comments!
If you have any updates on the current situation in Nicaragua please leave us a comment below so we can keep our readers up to date and safe…thanks!

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