4 Incredible Cities to Visit in the Baltic Sea Region

It has been 5 years since Dan and I first met on our travels in Europe. We missed out on a ton when we were there so another trip to Europe is definitely coming in the future. This is Guest Post about the Baltic Sea region in Europe. While we haven’t been to the Baltic Sea region yet ourselves, this post definitely sparks our interest about a few different places we may have never thought about visiting beforehand! 

The Baltic Sea region is a place often misunderstood by the international community. The perception that Northern Europe is simply cold and barren is easy to fall into – and, to be sure, it is a cold part of the world for much of the year. However, it’s also a beautiful region filled with interesting cities.

The Baltic Sea itself is an immense body of water bordered, or surrounded, by eight different countries. Naturally, that means there are a lot of remarkable coastal destinations around the sea, and we’re highlighting a few of them here!

Tallinn, Estonia

Estonia isn’t usually at the top of the list of European countries when people are thinking about where to travel. That’s by no fault of its own, it’s a smaller nation that isn’t particularly well-known for any one thing, and thus it’s frequently overlooked.

What you may notice however if you do further research on this particular topic – of Baltic Sea destinations – is that the city of Tallinn is actually considered a must-see city in this region.

In addition to being the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn is known mostly for its preserved medieval beauty. While there is a more modern center of the city, it has remarkable old sections full of cobblestone roads and a variety of architectural influences from throughout history.

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Perhaps most charming of all, most of the Old Town is pedestrian traffic only, making it both easy and relaxing to explore.

Riga, Latvia

Somewhat like Estonia, Latvia doesn’t commonly come up on travel lists. It’s another smaller country without a major distinguishing characteristic on the international scene. But the city of Riga is another that comes up rather often when you start looking into the best or prettiest places to visit on the Baltic Sea.

Riga actually also mirrors Tallinn in that it has a pedestrian-only medieval Old Town, which is a popular stop among visitors. However, it’s a larger city as well, said to be home to about a third of Latvia’s population and thus a little more active than Tallinn.

The city is known primarily for culture, featuring a blend of artistic building designs as well as a number of museums. However, there are also plenty of places you can simply explore. The Central Market is somewhat legendary, the city park is very pleasant, and walks along the Daugava River are lovely. For evenings, Riga also has a bustling nightlife scene, centered at Livu Square in Old Town.

Kaliningrad, Russia

Kaliningrad is the main city in a province of the same name in the part of Russia that’s separated and located entirely within Europe.

Marked by remnants of numerous historical eras, as well as good access to some surprisingly gorgeous Baltic beaches, it’s a very interesting European city with a little bit of everything to offer.

In 2018, Kaliningrad ought to be a fun place to visit, because it’s one of the Russian cities that will be hosting World Cup matches. In particular, it’s hosting a match between England and Belgium that many are eyeing as one of the most promising contests of the tournament. Belgium is being given an outside shot at the Cup title,

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while England is looking to regain some international strength after establishing a poor record in international tournaments of late.

Europeans will flock to this match given that Kaliningrad is more accessible than the other host cities, and it should boost the city in a lot of fun ways. An event like this can make a city permanently more fun to visit thereafter.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is undoubtedly the most famous city on this list, and likely the only one most readers will have thought of visiting beforehand. It’s the capital of Denmark, and a city situated on two coastal islands and just across the sea from Malmo, Sweden. Even looking at a map without any images you can begin to imagine how picturesque it is in places.

As a fairly busy and well-known capital city, Copenhagen is packed with activity. You can visit museums, take castle tours of the surrounding area, explore numerous markets and public squares, and, as with the other cities listed here, enjoy some medieval sights.

The main attraction in Copenhagen, however, might actually be the local amusement park. Tivoli Gardens is considered a must for visitors. Having been founded in the 1840s, it’s not your standard modern amusement park, but rather a place packed with charm and history. There are rides, to be sure, but also beautiful buildings and outdoor areas, incredible places to eat, and occasional events. As tourist attractions go, it’s really one of the gems of Northern Europe.

Tallin, Riga, Kaliningrad, and Copenhagen are just a few of the amazing places to visit in the Baltic Sea region. Have you been to this part of the world and where was your favourite city?

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