Photos of Perth, Australia

photos of perth australia

Photos of Perth, Australia

We just finished spending 5 weeks in Perth. During our five weeks in Perth, we did a lot of exploring in the surrounding area as well as the city itself. And as such, we managed to take some incredible photos. We hope these photos of Perth, Australia showcase how much Perth has to offer and maybe inspires a trip to Western Australia’s capital city.

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Rottnest Island

No visit to Perth would be complete without a trip to Rottnest Island, and therefore, no collections of photos of Perth, Australia would be complete with Rottnest Island as well. It is a beautiful island famous for secluded, white sandy beaches, and of course, the Quokka!

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photos of perth australia

photos of rottnest island island in Perth Australia

the lookout on rottnest island

beautiful photos of perth australia

bike riding on rottnest island in perth australia

beautiful view on rottnest island

exploring rottnest island

the ocean on rottnest island


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The Secret Garden

On the other end of the popularity spectrum is the unknown Secret Garden. The Secret Garden is so special because it is still relatively a secret! This garden is beautiful and quiet and seemingly untouched. A visit there also makes for some great photo opportunities!

the secret garden photos of perth australia

the secret garden perth in absolutely beautiful

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Perth City

Perth itself is actually a pretty city these days. In the last couple of years, the downtown area has been redone and now presents a pretty area to hang out on any given evening. Of course, our photos of Perth, Australia wouldn’t be complete without photos of the city itself!

perth city elizabath quay

beaches in perth city

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Penguin Island

Only 30 minutes from Perth city center is an island which is home to over 10,000 tiny penguins. Visitors can easily access the island with a quick and cheap ferry ride. On the island, it is possible to see the penguins, snorkel, swim, or go for a walk to some great viewpoints. Penguin Island makes for an easy and fun day trip!

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penguin island in perth

penguin island is gorgeous

cute penguins on perth's penguin island

the walkways on perth's penguin island


Margaret River

Margaret River is a small town of its own, so it may not belong to our collection of photos from Perth. But, many people visit Margaret River from Perth and it was so beautiful that we just couldn’t resist but to include the photos anyways!

There is so much to do in Margaret River. From visiting caves to surfing to wine tours, there is something for everyone! Just check out these awesome pictures!

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beahes near margaret river

lake cave in margaret river

the forests of margaret river

on a wine tour in margaret river

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The Swan Valley

One of our favorite things is tasting wine, and a wine tour is the best way to do that! The Swan Valley in Perth is a region which produces many award-winning wines. We went on a wine tour while we were there and had a great time. Our photos prove it!

enjoying the swan valley in perth

sampling wine in the swan valley

wine in the swan valley in perth

red wine grapes in the swan valley


Black Diamond Lake

Many people don’t know that only two hours from Perth is one of the bluest lakes you will ever see! It was simply gorgeous, and the best part was you could swim there too!

black diamond lake near perth

black diamond lake is actually turquoise

swimming in black diamond lake

the beach at black diamond lake

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We hope you liked some of our photos of Perth, Australia and maybe it has inspired you to check it out for yourself!


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