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Margaret River Wine Tour: Know Before You Go

Margaret River Wine Tour: Know Before You Go

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Margaret River Wine Tour

The region of Margaret River has always been one of my favorite places to get away. The fresh air, stunning coastline and breathtaking forests make it a local gem that for many years remained off the tourist track. However, in more recent times, Margaret River has exploded as one of the country’s most popular wine regions with thousands of people joining a Margaret River wine tour each year.

Visiting the wineries is a great way to explore the countryside and also get cultured on Australian wines. With most wineries offering cellar door tastings and great food, a visit to Margaret River without visiting at least a few wineries would be such a shame. Due to the distance between the estates and the fact drinking wine and driving don’t mix, visiting the wineries in the area is best done on a Margaret River wine tour.

My partner Bailey and I are so passionate about wine that we have actually done 3 Margaret River wine tours and as such have a good insight and tips to those thinking of joining one. So in this post, I will touch on everything you need to know before going on your Margaret River wine tour.

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Margaret River Wine tours range in price depending on a few things however most full day tours cost around $150 and half days around $100. I highly recommend doing a full day tour to get the best experience.

Margaret River wine tours

Sampling some wine

What to Expect on a Margaret River Wine Tour

Almost all tours offer very similar experiences so here’s what you can expect on a typical half and full day tour!

Pick up – All the tours int Margaret River pick up from your hotel and from there your guide will explain the day ahead. On a good tour, your guide will also begin to educate you on the Margaret River wine region and explain its history and perfect weather conditions that mirror Bordeaux in France!

The Wineries – Of course, all Margaret River Wine tours take you to wineries, however, all tours take you to their own mix. Depending on whether you are on a half or full day will depend on the amount you visit. A full day tour would usually include 5 to 6 wineries and a half day 3 to 4. I really recommend picking a wine tour that visits the Leeuwin Estate winery to try Australia’s best Chardonnay!

Lunch – All full day tours will include a lunch or at least a lunch stop at one of the wineries. A popular choice seems to be the Watershed and I can say the food is amazing! On one tour we did (the one we recommend below) we also got a platter of cheese, salamis, olives, and crackers etc.

Other stops – The Margaret River wine region is also famous for both cheese and chocolate and stops to the Margaret River Dairy Company and Chocolate factory are a neat touch. Finding a tour with these is a great way to see everything food and drink related the region offers.

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Margaret river wine tour

The vines are beautiful

 Tips for having a great day/What to bring

  • Don’t rush into drinking lots right away, the full day tour is long so pacing yourself is recommended
  • All the wineries offer drinking water, however, most people (including me) forget to drink it while there is wine in front of them. So bringing a bottle to keep in the car is a great way to stay hydrated
  • Some people get so caught up in the tastings that they forget to explore the wineries. So put down that glass and don’t be shy to walk down the vineyards. The photos you get are spectacular!
  • Bringing some sunscreen is a good idea. Although you don’t spend large amounts of time in the sun it really doesn’t take a lot in the Aussie sun!
  • As mentioned above it is a long day and starting in with a big breakfast really helps!
Margaret River wine tours

Exploring a vineyard

Our Recommendation

After doing three tours I can honestly say I like our full day tour with Margaret River Tours the best. The reasons I recommend their tour is the mix of the great information provided, professional guide, great wineries visited, and of course the number of wines we tasted.

I did the full day tour that went from 9:30 to around 5 pm and at all the stops had plenty of time to explore the many art galleries and gardens that accompany the wineries.

The tour included an amazing lunch at the Watershed, snacks, a visit to the dairy and chocolate factories, and visits to 6 wineries with great tastings including Australia’s best Chardonnay at the “Leeuwin Estate.” The bottle retails at $100 so make sure you enjoy every sip! The information I got from this tour was fantastic and until I did this tour I had no idea of the history of Margaret River. The whole day was fun and I left the tour happy, tired, and a little tipsy all at the same time!

Check out Margaret River Tours’ website here!

The gardens on our margaret River wine tour

Exploring the gardens!

Our Favourite Wineries

Leeuwin Estate – This spectacular winery is famous for its almost perfect Chardonnay and after trying it I can certainly agree!

Stella Bella – This cute little winery offered a great selection of wines and friendly, knowledgeable staff!

Watershed – The watershed is the perfect place for lunch, and after having the Beef and Pork Ragu I was amazed! Also, this is a great place to get amongst the vines and take some great shots!

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The water shed is a Margaret river wine tour stop

The Watershed!

Of all the trips out of Perth, visiting Margaret River is a favorite and I recommend it to anyone wanting to get away and enjoy the amazing countryside. It’s safe to safe Margaret River is leaving its mark in the wine community and the quality is impressive. Everyone who is a self-confessed wine connoisseur or just loves a social drink with friends should join a Margaret River wine tour!

Margaret River offers a lot more than wine tours so check out our blog on “Things to do in Margaret River” and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of your tour or this post in the comments below!

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