Skydiving in Puerto Vallarta – All You Need to Know

Skydiving in Puerto Vallarta has to be one the most amazing experience the city has to offer. Beautiful beach landings, amazing sunsets, and not to mention the best views you could possibly ask for! For most people, working up the courage to make their first jump out of an airplane can be daunting (trust me I’ve been there), especially in another country.

I skydive solo for a hobby. I am rather new to the sport and to date have only completed 31 solo jumps. To you that might sound like a lot, but in reality it’s not. Skydiving is a sport where thousands of jumps are required to be considered “experienced.” I am an Australian “A license” holder and have jumped at 4 different drop zones around the world. Due to the fact that I am new to the sport, safety is a huge concern to me and jumping around safe people is the most important thing!

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The majority of people reading this will likely be contemplating doing a tandem jump (jumping attached to an experienced instructor) and with that, probably have a few questions. So, in this post I want to give an unbiased review of skydiving in Puerto Vallarta touching on safety, atmosphere, and much more. The company that offers skydiving in Puerto Vallarta is called Vallarta Skydive. In no way is this a sponsored post, this is just my experience to provide you with relevant information. 

Daniel skydiving in Puerto Vallarta
Me, skydiving in Puerto Vallarta

The Safety of Skydiving in Puerto Vallarta

Skydive Puerto Vallarta is a very safe and professional place to skydive. They follow the USPA (United States Parachute Association) standards. When choosing a place to skydive, making sure that they follow the safety standards of a governing body is important as it sets the standards for equipment maintenance, licenses, training and many other factors in the sport.

As for me, from the moment I contacted the team at Skydive Vallarta about jumping solo again after an 8 month break, I was asked many questions in order to determine the necessary steps/training to get me in the sky again. I met with the owner upon my arrival and sat down to discuss some of my experiences and check my licenses before a coach took me for a 3 hour training refresher. Since I hadn’t jumped in a while, Skydive Vallarta’s concern about my safety was a huge relief and a testament to their focus on safety as a company. Getting to know the jumpers more, I found out that the experience the tandem instructors had was huge (with one guy having over 16,000 jumps!)

Skydive Puerto Vallarta’s equipment was all well maintained. Equipment pre-checks before taking off as well as in the plane took place to ensure jumping was very safe. With this combined with the years of experience from the team, my time skydiving in Puerto Vallarta a fun memory which I won’t forget.

skydive puerto vallarta
After my first landing in Puerto Vallarta
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The View

As far as places to skydive, Puerto Vallarta is up there with one of the most breathtaking views! From 12,000 feet you get some great views of the surrounding mountains and beautiful beaches. One thing I loved about jumping there was landing on the beach! During the time I spent skydiving in Puerto Vallarta, I witnessed many tandems jumping out at different locations so they could land right out the front of the customer’s hotel! It was really amazing to see the families watching as their loved ones came in to land!

the views at skydive vallarta
The views from above are simply amazing! Photo credit, Skydive Vallarta
tandem skydiving in Puerto Vallarta
A tandem landing at sunset!

My favorite time to jump is always at sunset. The beautiful red and yellow array of color that fills the sky only adds to the experience and makes for the best landing photos.

skydive landing in puerto vallarta
Sunset landings in Puerto Vallarta

The Team

One thing that makes skydiving in Puerto Vallarta so amazing is the people. The friendly atmosphere and welcoming smiles at Skydive Vallarta made everyone who jumped have an amazing time even before they got into the plane! Most of the jumpers had spent a lot of time jumping in the United States and all spoke fluent English. With the tens of thousands of jumps between them, the crew at Skydive Puerto Vallarta are, in my opinion, professionals in the sport.

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Overall, I believe you won’t find a more professional skydive club than Skydive Vallarta. We all want to push the limits and experience amazing things and here you can do that knowing you’re in great hands. I love the sport of skydiving and will be something I continue to do for a long time. However, for most people it is a bucket list experience, you know, that thing you do once and never again – like me with my first jump! But no matter what your reasons, skydiving in Puerto Vallarta is one experience you will never forget!

If you have any more questions I will leave you with the link to Skydive Vallarta’s website here. Through the website you can contact one of their professional staff and get any questions you may have answered before you book your jump! And please let me know if this article was helpful and don’t forget to let me know how your jump went!


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