Cuba Photo Gallery

Cuba was such an incredibly unique country! From amazing architecture in Havana to the beautiful countryside of Vianles, there was an opportunity for a great photo at every turn. This is our Cuba photo gallery displaying some of our favorite photos from our recent trip to Cuba.

The Beauty that is Havana

a picture of Havana in our Cuba Photo gallery

A view of Havana from the Christ statue.

photos of Cuba

A vintage car drives past the Capital in Old Havana

riding in the open air bus

Riding around Havana in the open-air bus

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Cuba photo gallery

The Capital building in Old Havana

Our Cuba photo gallery

The main square in Old Havana

Cuba photo Gallery

A car drives through the empty streets

Another view of Havana

riding in a vintage car Havana

Riding around Havana in a vintage car!

riding in a vintage car

More in the fancy car! Taking a tour in one of these beautiful cars is not as expensive as you would think, read more about it here!

exploring Old Havana

A typical street photo in Old Havana

Old Havana, Central square

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The People of Cuba

the people of cuba photography

It was great photographing the people of Cuba, every face had a story to tell.

cuba photo gallery favorite pictures

Cubans just going about their daily lives.

Photo's of Cuba

A man buys monthly rations at a government owned store

Cuba photos

The government salary isn’t enough so some ride Tuk Tuk’s for extra cash

Cuba photo gallery

An old man sells cigars on the street

Photos of Cuba

Two Cubans share a beer in the street on a vintage car

Cuba photo gallery

An old couple asks for directions

Cuba photo gallery

A taxi driver works the streets in a vintage car

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Havana by Night

Old Havana photos

The views from the Central Park Hotel, Old Havana

Old Havana photos

Hotels and old cars

A taxi driver waits alone late at night

A beautiful sunset in Old Havana

Old Havana photos

Such a beautiful city with so much to offer – Old Havana


The Streets of Central Havana

The streets of Central Havana

A beautiful car in an old street

Daily life for the people of Havana

old havana back street

Another great street shot in a back street of Havana

Cuba Photos

Bailey walks with the locals in Central Havana

Cuba Photos

People are always around in Central Havana without a tourist in site!

new havana

New Havana!

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The Country side of Vinales

Photos of Vinales

A Cuban cigar farmer rolls a cigar for us

getting around in Vinales

A mode of transportation in Vinales (the cigar region of Cuba)

A farmer walks through Vinales with a rifle while a lady waits for the bus

Cuba photo Gallery

A ride through the countryside in Vinales

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I hope you guys enjoyed our Cuba Photo Gallery! Travelling Cuba was an amazing experience and one we will never forget. I hope this gallery has inspired you to visit! We have made many other photo galleries from around the globe andย you can view them here