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Costa Rica Travel Photo Gallery

Last updated : May 26th, 2019

costa rica travel photos

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Costa Rica was shorter lived for us than most countries we visit with only spending two weeks there. However, it was really an enjoyable place to travel as it had beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, the cutest wildlife, as well as cloud forests to explore. Here are our highlights presented through our Costa Rica travel photos.
Puerto Viejo and Cahuita National Park
In terms of wildlife and pristine beaches, Puerto Viejo and it’s neighboring national park called Cahuita, top the list. Read our guide to Puerto Viejo here. 

renting bikes in puerto viejo
We rented bikes to explore the beaches near the town of Puerto Viejo

puerto viejo Costa rica travel photos
Riding bikes on the beach! Not as easy as it looks!

a fav photo of all our Costa Rica travel photos
A beautiful beach near Puerto Veijo

beaches near puerto veijo
Can’t get enough of the beaches

sloths in cahuita national park
Sloths are everywhere in Cahuita National Park, they are the cutest animal!

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beaches near puerto veijo make for great cost rica travel photos
…and another beach…

puerto viejo beaches
The beach is right in the town of Puerto Viejo!

cahuita national park wildlife
Howler Monkeys climbing over our heads at Cahuita Nationl Park. Read about our time there, here!

spiders in cahuita national park
Cute animals but also lots of spiders in the national park

Read about our experience in Cahuita National Park here!

San Jose

San Jose is the capital city of Costa Rica. Here we learned abou the history of the country as well as enjoyed the local culture (we also had the best ice cream ever!) Read about how to get the most out of this unique city here. 

San jose had lots of great costa rica travel photos
Political statues right downtown.

san jose ice cream
Cinnamon and who know what else flavored ice cream. The best ice cream ever!

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sign in San jose costa rica
Brand new sign in the city of San Jose.

the streets of san jose
Gorgeous city streets

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A school in San Jose


Last but not least on our travels in Costa Rica was the beautiful Monteverde. Monteverde is higher up in altitude and therefore boasts a magical cloud forest. If you love nature then this place is for you.

monteverde cloud forest costa rica travel photos
Coatis in the forest. They remind me of a cross between a raccoon and a monkey.

monteverde hanging bridge
The hanging bridge in the Monteverde Cloud Forest

monteverde cloud forest
Exploring the cloud forest – literally walking through the clouds!

costa rica travel photos of the cloud forest in monteverde
More exploring the cloud forest

hotels in monteverde
The garden at our beautiful Hotel

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the finca tree in monteverde
The tree was super fun to climb

the finca tree monteverde costa rica travel photos
Trying not to slip while insdie the finca tree

We hope you liked our Costa Rica travel photos and they inspiring for your own travels!

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