Torres del Paine Photos

Torres del Paine Photos

We did the W-trek last year and it was one of our highlights during our travels throughout South America. Check out our favorite Torres del Paine photos below.
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one of our fav torres del paine photos
A bright and sunny day in the Torres – the weather changes within seconds.

a photo of the torres del paine
A shower in the Torres

torres del paine photos of the sunrise
Watching the sunrise over the Torres on our final day!

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more torres del paine photos
The famous Torres! If you can’t do the whole W-trek then a day trip to this viewpoint would be well worth it.

our favorite torres sunrise picture
Our fav sunrise pic

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wildlife in the torres
This sneaky fox is known not only to take the campers’ food, but also their shoes and clothing – keep your stuff in a tree or in a bag!

rivers in the torres photos
Rivers were our source of drinking water. They were plentiful and super clean.

more hiking the torres del paine photos
Hiking to the Torres on our final day.

cold on the torrres
This photo was moments after our arrival and it was COLD! I was thinking “what have I gotten myself into?!?”

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glacier grey torres del paine photos
Glacier day, this view was only meters from our first campsite.

hiking the torres
All smiles!

more photos of hiking in the torres del paine
Taking a short break on our longest day of hiking to try and cool our aching feet.

favorite torres del paine photos
One of our fav Torres del Paine photos

bridges in the Torres
These bridges were nerve racking but also so fun to walk across.

a beautiful photo from the Torres del Paine
Simply beautiful

cooking in the torres
Campemento Frances had the best facilities and even let us cool on our platforms!

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hiking in the torres
8 hours a day more or less of walking

torres del paine photos are the best
More smiles

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hiking along the trails in the torres del paine

relaxing in the torres del paine
Relaxing after a long day of hiking. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of this trek.

gorgeous photos of the torres del paine
More of the gorgeous views along the way

another one of the best torres del paine photos
Posing for the camera!

The Torres del Paine W-trek was an incredible experience and our Torres del Paine photos don’t even begin to capture the beauty we saw in real life. If you need help planning your own trip or have any questions please comment below.
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