My Favorite Travel Blog Tools

After only having my travel blog for about a year did I then begin to realize that simply creating a website isn’t enough. There are many posts out there about “how to start a travel blog” but most posts tell you basic info only on setting up the blog – not on how to run it! So, in this post, I want to share some common travel blog tools I use to help maintain and run my blog. These are websites I use on a regular basis to track the progress of my site and ensure everything is running the way it should be to optimize traffic and user experience.

Now, my blog isn’t famous and it doesn’t make me lots of money, however, it’s certainly on its way. But it wasn’t always like that and it took meeting a web designer in a hostel to change the direction of my blog. It all started with being introduced to a few simple tools that helped me help myself. Here are my secrets.

Google Console

This tool is 100% free and you guessed it, is provided by Google. If you to want your travel blog to make money, traffic from Google searches is some of the most valuable traffic you can get. Using this tool is simple and can help you identify keywords that are driving traffic to your blog. Giving Google your site map will make for easier navigation and also tell you if you have any site errors like 404’s. Using Google Console is a must in order to keep your website user friendly and to help Google crawl your pages easier.

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Google AdWords

Writing each blog post around a high traffic search term is essential to driving organic search traffic to your blog. Google AdWords makes choosing the right search term easy! On Google AdWords go to the Keyword Planner section where it will seem as if you are setting up a Google Ad, but you can just use the Keyword Research tool for free! This research tool gives you the monthly search numbers to specific keywords so you can drive the most traffic to your travel blog.

MOZ Keyword Research

In conjunction to Google AdWords, using MOZ Keyword researcher gives you a few other tools like the difficulty of that keyword and also the opportunity a keyword has. Finding keywords with low difficulty will make your chances of moving up in Google dramatically better. It is free to use although there are limitations until you subscribe. MOZ does a 30 day trial that can help you better understand your website and it is well worth it.

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This cool website has all sorts of analytics including exactly where your posts are in Google rankings, how many keywords are in the top 100 and what countries you are most popular in. It will let you know if your posts are moving up or down in the search terms and estimates your monthly traffic. I use this alot and for the most part, it is free.

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MOZ Domain Authority Checker

This tool will let you know how well your blog is doing. If you plan on writing guest posts for other people’s websites you can also theirs to see their ranking. MOZ created the DA and PA so I like to use their site for the most accurate results.

WordPress Business Plan

Upgrade your website provider, if you are using WordPress you will only get SEO tools on the business subscription and this is really a great tool. It allows you to install plugins like Yoast which can help get you keywording right, check your blogs readability, and even help fix any other website issues.

I hope this helps you as much as it did to me so please feel free to let me know in the comments!

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