Peru Travel Photo Gallery

I remember crossing the border from Bolivia to Peru and talking with Daniel about how we would only spend 3-4 weeks in Peru. Well, we were very wrong. From the Amazon jungle to hiking 5,000m high in the Andes, Peru had us busy and entertained! Here are some of our favorite pictures from our 10 weeks there featured in our very own Peru Travel Photo Gallery.

peru travel photo gallery huayhuash circuit

On the Huayhuash hike in Northern Peru, this was where we camped on the second night

Rainbow mountain peru

The one day hike to Rainbow Mountain just outside of Cusco

huayhuash trek in peru

Another amazing viewpoint from the Huayhuash Circuit

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mancora peru

Swimming with the sea turtles in Mancora.

peru travel photo gallery

These puppies stole our hearts. They were living at where we volunteered in the jungle for about two weeks.

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peru amazon peru travel photo gallery

A Caiman, smaller and less aggressive than the crocodile’s we are usually see in Darwin. This is in the Amazon jungle.

animal photos peru

In the Amazon

spider amazon peru

Another shot from our night walk in the Amazon

peru jungle

An albino Caiman, super rare and we were lucky to see it especially during the day!


macaws peru travel photo gallery

Macaws of the Peruvian Amazon.

peru travel photo gallery sunset

An Amazon river shot, stunning.

rainbow mountain outside of cusco

Hiking up to Rainbow Mountain…before it started snowing!

cusco peru

A view of Cusco

cusco peru travel photo gallery

Cusco’s main plaza, always a busy place.

lima peru

Downtown Lima in the main plaza


lima peru travel photos

The sea lions we swam with just of the coast of Lima. 10,000 of them live on this island!

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lima church

The only church in Peru which allows photos to be taken inside

mancora sea turtles

Selfie with the sea turtles in Mancora. These guys were not scared of people at all and would just swim right into you.

Machu Picchu Peru inka city

And we can’t forget the fabulous Machu Picchu!

Machu Picchi peru photo travel gallery

Photobombed by a llama at Machu Picchu, classic Peru.

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Colca canyon

Hiking down the Colca Canyon in Southern Peru

peru travel photo gallery llama

Llamas and Alpacas are everywhere in Peru!

arequipa peru

The city of Arequipa.

arequipa peru architecture

Another picture of Arequipa. The building in this picture is made from volcanic ash

arequipa peru central square

Arequipa was a beautiful city

colca canyon tour

Another one while hiking the Colca Canyon. The Colca Canyon is only a couple hours from the cityof Arequipa.

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colca canyon peru

The Colca Canyon!

salkantay trek lake

A lake along the Salkantay Trek on our 4 day journey to Machu Picchu.

salkantay trek hike

Garbage bag princess! Staying dry from the rain on the Salkantay Trek.

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the final peru travel photo gallery picture

We have to finish our Peru Travel Photo Gallery with another Machu Picchu picture!