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From some of the craziest birds we have ever seen to repelling down waterfalls to street parades, Ecuador was such an amazing country with something for everyone! We are really excited about our Ecuador travel photo gallery just because of the sheer diversity it displays. Hope you enjoy our photos of Ecuador and it sparks a bit of interest.

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What to do in Quito
A parade, Quito
photos of ecuador
Downtown, Quito
Quilotoa Crater, a couple hours from Quito
blue footed boobies
A blue footed Booby, Isla de la Plata
frigit birds ecuador
Ruta de las Cascadas, Banos
ecuador travel photo gallery
Canyoning,  Banos
canyoning banos
The view from the top of the island, Isla de la Plata
Whale watching, Isla de la Plata
ecuador pictures blue footed boobies
Exploring the island by boat, Isla de la Plata
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ecuador pictures isla de la plata
Frigit Birds, Isla de la Plata
blue footed booby
A dancing Blue Footed Booby, Isla de la Plata
humpback whale watching ecuador
More whale watching, Isla de la Plata
ecuador pictures quito
A main park, Quito

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