Colombia Travel Photo Gallery

Colombia was unforgettable and partly because of it’s beauty. Here are some of our favorite pictures of Colombia all together in our Colombia Travel Photo Gallery! All pictures are ours and there are links in the descriptions to our blog posts related to each image! Enjoy!

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Colombia Travel Photo Gallery

Historical Center, Cartagena


sunset taganga

Beach sunset, Taganga


San Andres Island

The eastern coast, San Andres Island


get to tayrona national park and enjoy its beautiful beaches

Juan Cabo beach, Tayrona National Park 


Pozo Azul Minca

Pozo Azul, Minca


el penol guatape

The view of El Penol, Guatape

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sunset san andres

The sunset, San Andres Island

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Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley, Salento


historical center Cartagena

Historical center, Cartagena


best view in Colombia

The view from El Penol, Guatape


pablado nightlife medellin

The streets of Pablado, Medellin


juan cabo beach tayrona

Juan Cabo beach, Tayrona National Park

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get to cocora valley

Cocora Valley, Salento


las lajas ipiales

Las Lajas, Ipiales


bungee san gil

Bungee jumping, San Gil


medellin to guatape

Exploring the town, Guatape


towers of light medellin

Towers of Light, Medellin

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