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Apps for Travelers – 7 Best

Last updated : June 2nd, 2019

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​#1. Maps.me

This amazing app is our top pick and I wouldn’t leave home without it. Maps.me allows for easy navigation around cities and is perfect for planning your travel route. With downloadable maps that won’t kill your phone’s memory having no wifi is no problem. However, what really gives this app it’s number 1 status is it’s on map display of all things relevant to travel. From hostels, banks, restaurants, supermarkets all the way down to landmarks. This app makes it easy to find whatever it is you’re looking for. This is our top pic for apps for travelers.


Maps.me is our top apps for travelers


#2. Hostelworld

Okay, so its a pretty common app but for good reason. For backpackers, Hostelworld is a one stop shop for… well you guessed it hostels! Being the most popular place to find accommodation for backpackers it has the most up to date reviews. This makes choosing the right place easy.

Hostelworld has many filters such as price, location in the city, rating and hostel features in addition to many currencies to view prices in. All this makes Hosteworld very user friendly and our second choice in apps for travelers.

Another great addition to apps for travelers
Hostel World


#3. Google Translate

Now there is nobody in the world that speaks every language, so traveling with this app can make daily life in a foreign country that little bit easier. Google Translate works offline once you have downloaded a language making it perfect for travelers relying on wifi for Internet. The app also has a reading feature that can quickly translate any menu or sign using your phones camera. With quality translations that make sense to foreigners as well as the ability to rate translations this already amazing app is constantly improving.

Another great addition to apps for travelers

#4. Xe Currency

Traveling in places like South America or Asia, currencies  are constantly changing as you hop from country to country. With all the dodgy money changers in the world this app will making sure you get a fair deal in any city. Xe Currency has updated rates for every currency in the world. It offers an offline feature where you can download the last known currency rates of that day for easy use with limited wifi.


The best apps for travelers needs a currency exchange

#5. Skyscanner

If your after cheap flights, Skyscanner is the website to visit so it’s no wonder the app is in our top 7 apps for travelers. Skyscanner uses hundreds of other websites and airlines to find the cheapest flight possible and so far I haven’t found one cheaper elsewhere. The app is easy to use and offers a price alert feature which will notify you anytime the cost of a flight changes, this can save you time and money. However, Skyscanner no longer only offers flights, with hotels and car hire now available  it covers all your transport and accommodation needs.

Best apps for travel flight booking site

#6. Skype

An already popular app at home for free face to face conversations – however this app has changed. Now offering Skype credit, it is even easier to call that member of the family that refuses to use modern technology. Skype credit uses landlines in the two countries involved to give you cheap calls anywhere in the world. From pre-paid credit to plans starting from $3 a month for 100 minutes, calling your bank or grandmother won’t be such a hassel.

Best apps for travel

#7. Duolingo

Last on our list of best apps for travel is this free and incredible app which is perfect for any traveler who wants to learn the local lingo. Although not a replacement for proper language lessons, this app is perfect for learning the basics in a fun way. Working like any game you must complete certain levels before advancing and with an online feature that allows you to compete with your friends Duolingo is perfect for backpackers.


Learning Spanish was easy with Duo Lingo!

Hope you enjoyed list of apps for travelers, please feel free to leave us feedback on this post.
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