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The World’s Largest Salt Flat

Last updated : June 2nd, 2019

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We spent nearly 6 weeks in Bolivia (yes I know that’s a long time) and we found our favourite thing, the world’s largest salt flat! Honestly, not only was it our best experience in Bolivia, but it would definitely make our top ten list for all of South America. The pictures alone will explain to you why. (See below the tips for pictures and details of our remarkable experience.)

There is already a ton of information out there on experiencing the world’s largest Salt Flat, but these are our quick, to-the-point, tips:

1. We went from Uyuni back to Uyuni, skipping the option of ending in San Pedro de Atacama because we heard that it is not that amazing and super expensive, not to mention out of the way of our planned route of travel.  We paid 650 bolivianos each not including the park entrance fee of 150 bolivianos. Talking to other travellers this is the cheapest you could get at this time of year (April.) Make sure you negotiate and tell them you are asking around before you make a final decision, sometimes they give you a lower price as you start to walk out the door.

2.Make sure your chosen travel agency guarantees maximum 6 guests, it is already squishy with 6 and some try to put 7 on a tour and that would be utterly uncomfortable.

3. Bring music, movies, books or anything to do in the car. There is actually a lot of driving.

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4.Bring a couple snacks just in case, but the food provided is pretty satisfying.  Bring water and wine. You can buy alcohol and water in some places but it’s much cheaper just to bring your own.

5. There are so many tour agencies in Uyuni and I honestly think they all offer the nearly same thing. We went with Andes Salt Expeditions and were quite happy because even though we paid for a Spanish speaking guide we got an English speaking guide (usually you pay double for this.) Food was great and accommodation was nice with double or triple rooms only.

6. Try to get a good group of people together to book with, your group will make your trip so much more fun.

7. Pack warm clothes, flip flops (for reflection photos), sunscreen, and lip balm.

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Here is our journey which I believe is best described by the remarkable pictures we took: 

The train graveyard. The first stop on the tour only 5 minutes from Uyuni.
The second stop was a small village where the salt factories were, along with the cutest dog and kid

Bolivian children are the cutestClassic Salt Flat photosGroup jumping shot fail

The island in the middle of the largest salt flats.
Salt flat reflection photo at sunset – photo credit: Nic Tsang
The worlds largest salt flat Photo credit: Nic Tsang t
The pink lake
Llama’s everywhere!
A stream near the pink lake
Flamingos in the lagoon
At 5,000m
Geisers steaming at sunrise
We ended the trip off with hot springs!

Hope this has inspired you to visit Bolivia’s gem, the worlds largest salt flat!

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