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The best beach in Brazil? – Pipa

Last updated : June 2nd, 2019

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Natal had really welcomed us and it was hard to leave especially since I didn’t know much about our next destination called Pipa. We had looked at hostels online and found one a short walk from the beach but nestled in a little area surrounded by forest, so I was excited to take a break and enjoy some quiet days after our busy time in Natal.

The town of Pipa is located only 90 mins from Natal and is the perfect place to unwind, enjoy nature and maybe even do some yoga. Due to strict laws no there are no high rise buildings giving the town a unique look compared with the rest of Brazil’s beach towns. Our first impression was “oh just another beach town” but after checking in to the Lagarto na Banana hostel we quickly realised we were going to really enjoy this place.

Our hostel really was in the jungle! Our expectations where blown away, the hostel was like no other we had been to before. The place was situated on a large patch of land just outside the main town. It is covered with trees, filled with areas to play music or hang around in hammocks,  and there is even a swimming pool. They offered free yoga most mornings and some afternoons, day trips and all sorts of other classes. Every night they offered a vegetarian group dinner for R$15 and breakfast was a buffet of fruit, breads, cous cous, tea and coffee. If you do go to Pipa do not be detoured about the location as Pipa is a small town so the walk to the town centre is only 10 mins. We had a fabulous time staying at Lagarto na Banana.

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Lagarto na Banana Hostel

Our first day in Pipa was spent enjoying the cool vibe of the hostel and swimming in the pool. That night we joined everyone for drinks while other hostel guests and staff played live music (you must try the house cocktail it is amazing and is only R$7.)

Lagarto na Banana Hostel

Our second day involved a trip to the central beach, this main beach is located right in the middle of town and is the most popular with holiday makers. It is filled with locals selling anything from bikinis to fresh oysters. If you’re after a quiet time and enjoying more of an authentic cultural experience then head to Praia do Amor, this beach is popular with local surfers and is also closest to the hostel so it makes for a nice quick dip.

Our last day in Pipa involved an early morning to the dolphin beach and as the name suggests this beach is popular with people and Dolphins. This beach is located only a 10 minute walk from central beach and is the perfect place to swim with wild Dolphins, unfortunately for us we didn’t see them and had to leave to catch the bus but what we found out later that first thing in the morning is not the best time to see them as they are spotted more regularly later in the day (just watch the tide times as you cannot walk to and from this beach at high tide).

Dolphin Beach

Pipa has been the hardest town to leave since we started our trip so please leave yourself enough time to really get to know the place! The hostel really grew on us and was just as much an experience as the beaches and night life. We only had 2 nights and it was no where near enough time and left with sad faces as we walked to catch the bus.

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