Chile Highlights

A few weeks of hiking, eating, hitch-hiking, busing, and drinking our way through Chile we have come up with our top 8 experiences in this incredible country:

1. Torres del Paine “W” trek – This hike is known internationally and for good reason. It was a five day, four night trek with breathtaking views.

2. Boating through the Marble Caves – These colourful caves were beautiful, we have never seen anything like them.

3. Hitch-hiking through the lake region – Buses are expensive and infrequent so hitch-hiking was the best way to get around, and it was a great experience. The people of Chile are truely the kindest in the world and this makes hitch-hiking here safe and enjoyable.

4. Staying in a small Hospedajes – Much of the accomodation in the remote areas of Chile are just houses with extra rooms; although the owners typically speak no Spanish they are truly very accomodating and kind. The rooms are decently priced, very clean, and usually include awesome home-cooked meals (or just a small fee extra.)

5. Rafting in Futaleufu – Rafting class 5 rapids was exhilarating! Some of the best rafting in the world is offered here. The town is also very interesting with so many friendly locals and various outdoor things to do.

6. Walking the Streets of Valparaiso – A city full of colour and culture! So beautiful in a hippie/grungy way. The nightlife, markets, and history was all great.

7. Exploring Santiago – Truely a liveable city which boasts various areas parks, top notch food (street food and restaurants), as well as an interesting political history. Definitely worth a visit.

8. Flying out of Santiago – sounds a little silly, but the view from the airplane of the Andes was incredible!

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