São Paulo and Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil

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We spent our second day in São Paulo waking the city to get money out of an ATM and then to buy a bus ticket. I know it doesn’t sound that interesting but at the beginning of a trip there is always a lot of sorting out that needs to happen. Plus, the ATM was a 2.5km walk one-way and when we got there Daniel forgot his PIN number so we had to make two trips. That day we walked a total of about 15km of the city which turned out to be a really good way to check everything out.

São Paulo street art (it is literally EVERYWHERE)

After finally getting some cash, we booked our bus for the following afternoon to get us to Foz Do Iguacu which is where the famous Iguacu Falls are. Then we took the train back to our hostel from the bus station. I must say, I’m quite proud of us for navigating São Paulo’s train system especially when we couldnt ask anyone for help due to the language barrier. 

The next day we survived the very long 16hr bus ride leaving us sleepless at 6am in a new city. We took a taxi to our hostel and left our backpacks there while we made the most of our day and ventured to check out the Falls. 

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Iguacu Falls, Brazil

We caught the local bus to the Falls which was definitely the cheapest option but also very easy. The Falls were beautiful! Unfortunately it was really crowded and it made it somewhat difficult to enjoy the experience when we were constantly being pushed around and fighting for a a spot at the front. We had heard the Falls are better from the Argentina side (the Falls are on the border of Brazil and Argentina so you can see them from either country.) Our next step is Argentina to see the Falls from there which should be fun! 


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