Sao Paulo Day 1

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We made it to São Paulo! I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by the city. My most recent places of travel in Asia and Indonnesia have left me with the false impression that overseas airports are crowded, busy, and hectic with people hassling you at every turn to use their taxi or exchange your money etc. 

The airport in São Paulo was just like an airport in Canada and it was refreshing. I felt safe, organised, and the staff were helpful. Instead of taking an expensive taxi to our hostel, Daniel and I decided to try the airport shuttle bus. It was 45.50BRL each ($1 Canadian is approx 2.2BRL at the moment.) The staff were helpful and although the bus didn’t take us right to our hostel it took us to a close by train station where we took a 19BRL taxi to our hostel.

We aren’t not staying right in the city centre but in an area called Hienopolis which appears to be an upper class area (with the exception of our hostel which is the dumpiest building in the entire area.)

Sitting in our closet of a hostel room drinking vodka 🙂

We went for a walk to the Mall which was HUGE! We had dinner there at a little diner. The cool thing here is that nobody really knows we are tourists until they speak Portuguese to us and we don’t have a clue. At the restaurant only one server could somewhat speak English and the menu was all in Portuguese. We figured out a good meal and besides them confusing my vodka for just a Pepsi all was good. A chef even came out and spoke to us to make sure we were happy. The whole staff just watched us eat as well, I don’t think they get many tourists in the area so this was different for them.

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Finally we found a supermarket where we bought some vodka and mix. When we went to pay the guy at the til said something in Portuguese while pointing at the vodka bottle. I thought maybe he was asking for ID but Daniel just said “only English” and the man obviously didn’t speak any English and just rang everything thru anyways.


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